House of Seven Winds - Ah Ladi

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The Basics[edit]

Name: Ah Ladi


High Concept: Street Rat
Trouble: “These guys don’t appreciate I’m broke!”
Free: Obligation to the Kalou Princess
Free: Soft Spot for Fellow Destitutes
Free: Kěwàng the Magpie


+4 Athletics
+3 Burglary, Stealth
+2 Empathy, Fight, Notice
+1 Chi, Deceive, Rapport, Will

Refresh: 1
Physical Stress: [1] [2]
Mental Stress: [1] [2] [3]


Ladi had the misfortune to be orphaned young, and his parents weren’t exactly salubrious types to being with. Consequently, he grew up on the streets, stealing to survive, with the help of his pet magpie Kěwàng. Then, one day he stumbled upon a sheaf of papers detailing how to learn martial arts, which made his life easier - the Cat Claw isn’t just a fighting technique but excellent for climbing walls (or stopping falls down same).

Except as when he reached the end, another scroll would appear in his lodgings (whichever they happened to be at the time), etcetera. It worried him, because in Ladi’s experience, nothing came his way for free. Eventually, Ladi met his mysterious mentor, Gui of the Kalou clan, who explained the price of his teachings: aiding the clan princess Kalou Xie, expected to come to the city shortly…


One Jump Ahead: May use Athletics instead of Chi for tests to determine Chi Armor.

Soft as a Whisper: Do not grant a free invoke to an opponent when failing to use Stealth to create an advantage.

Word on the Street: May use Burglary in place of Contacts when dealing with urchins, beggars, and thieves.

Kung Fu[edit]

Jianghu Rank: 1

Styles: Hidden Bird, Hidden Cat (Forest Phoenix/Leopard)

Hidden Bird Form
Few can match the Hidden Bird stylist for fluid defense and opportunistic attacks. Moving easily throughout any terrain, they use constant motion and evasion to keep opponents off-balance. Kicks, sweeps, nerve strikes, and other attacks that keep foes at a distance and disadvantaged are favored. What they lack in raw power, Hidden Bird practitioners make up for in grace and technique.

Hidden Cat Form
Hidden Cat stylists concentrate on becoming one with the battlefield. They use obstacles, terrain, and even their opponents to aid their movement, attacks, and defenses. Practitioners learn to springboard off walls, slide over and under obstacles, and perform similar maneuvers even as they attack and defend. Practitioners seem to blend into the chaos and rhythm of a fight until the moment they act. If an opponent ever loses track of the Hidden Cat, it is usually too late.

Bird Sings to Heaven: You may use Chi instead of Physique to determine extra stress boxes and consequences. This is in addition to the Armor bonus from having high Chi. If Chi and Physique are the same rating, you may instead reduce physical stress taken by 2 shifts once per session.

Camouflage Like Razors: When invoking a situation aspect or environment-based advantage in a Fight attack, you add +2 Weapon Rating to that attack.

Cat Waits in Shadow: When making a Fight Attack action, gain a +1 bonus and +1 Weapon Rating if the character’s action last turn was not an Attack. Free normal Defend actions do not count for determining their last action, but Full Defense does.

Everything Hides the Beast: A tie on a Fight or Athletics-based defense action grants no boost to your attacker.