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Donkey Zhen.png
Name: "Donkey" Zhen
High Concept: Failed Tiger Stance Assassin
Trouble: The Guizou Donkey has no more tricks
Aspect: Letting people live doesn't make them like you
Aspect: Don't know how to be in the light
Aspect: 狡兔三窟 Jiǎo tù sān kū [jiao tu san ku] crafty hare three burrows - A crafty rabbit has three burrows
Player: Timon
Refresh: 1

Zhen was brilliant, deadly, able to strike invisibly at the weak spot as if guided by a silken cord of fate. Until he saw the donkey, until it talked to him and threw his life completely out of balance. He can no longer do his job, the one thing for which he was supremely qualified and goes wandering through life seeking a meaning, the path that Heaven has cryptically decreed must be his now that he is not allowed to kill people for money. Killing them for free might still be an option though. Killing that damn donkey that only he can see would be a good start.


+4 Stealth
+3 Fight Chi
+2 Athletics Burglary Notice
+1 Physique Empathy Will Deceive


Physical [1] [2] [3]

Mental [1] [2] [3]


Dangerous minds

Zheng can make a Chi roll to sense a person that means him harm, against their Stealth or Chi roll.

In plain sight

Zheng suffers no environment-based difficulty increases when using Stealth. This means that even when he’s out in the open and wouldn’t normally be able to justify using Stealth he may disappear. If he gets a raise on his roll he can also move.

The Hidden hand

If Zhen has successfully created advantage using Stealth and uses an invocation in an attack, he can attack with his Stealth skill.

Kung Fu: Ghost Tiger Form[edit]

Jianghu Rank: 1

Exalted Ghost Body When using Full Defense,you do not use up an invocation to use Chi Armor if the attack against you still succeeds.
Tiger Moves With Purpose Move at least 1 zone and make an attack using Athletics or make an Athletics attack on a target that just moved into your zone on their last action. Add 2 shifts to any stress you deal with this attack.
Ghost Haunts the Shadow You may use Chi instead of Stealth to create an advantage based on moving silently or remaining unseen. Apply a +2 bonus instead if both Chi and the selected Stealth are the same rank or Stealth is greater
Tiger Rends the Flesh When you tie on an attack using Fight for defence you can inflict a 2 point shift physical attack instead of taking a boost.
Ghost Strikes the Spirit Ignore 1 point of Armor when making Fight attacks and add +1 Weapon Rating to any Fight attack against opponents with a lower Chi skill than the attacker.

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