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Name: Sister Fei
Age: 25 years
Gender: Cisgender female

Sister Fei.jpeg


  • High Concept: Imperial Princess Turned Bodhist Nun: Sister Fei was raised as member of the imperial family, Princess Jianyi, and has all the benefits of an imperial education and connections to the imperial family. As she grew older, however, she found she had no real interest in playing the role of an imperial princess. With her father the Emperor’s permission, she left the Imperial Palace to become a Bodhist nun, devoting herself to spiritual practice and charity.
  • Trouble: Imperial Arrogance, Trying to Learn Humility: Raised in the Imperial Palace, surrounded by submissive servants, Sister Fei falls to readily into arrogant behavior. Her Abbess, Sister Neisan, has decided Sister Fei needs to work on her humility and so has sent her to serve the people of the shanty town. Sister Fei really resents this--but knows she shouldn't and is doing her best to do the right thing in a situation she hates but knows she should embrace.
  • A Generous Heart and a Razor Tongue: Sister Fei has a sharp, cutting tongue, always ready to call someone out. She finds speaking kindly and compassionately a challenge. Underneath this, she is eager to help others.
  • Busybody Chi-Using Physician: Her kindness can be of the bossy, manipulative sort—she often thinks she knows better than others what is good for them and, as a consequence, is a busybody. To better help others, she trained in how to channel her chi to heal others. She expects to use this as well as her kung fu skills to help the people of the shanty town.
  • An Imperial Heirloom: The Flying Scimitar: Sister Fei's father, the Emperor, isn't happy about her adventuring. When she became a nun, he expected her to live in seclusion or do charitable work, not become a wandering xia. In addition to issues of respectability, he's worried about her being taken prisoner and used as a hostage against the imperial family. So he gifted her with one of the imperial family's heirloom weapons, the Flying Scimitar. Of course, this makes Sister Fei a target for people who want to steal the weapon and even more clearly marks her as a member of the imperial family.


+4: Fight
+3: Chi, Will
+2: Athletics, Physique, Provoke
+1: Contacts, Lore, Notice, Stealth


  • The Flying Scimitar Cuts Deep: +2 Weapon
  • The Flying Scimitar Soars Through the Air: When wielding the Flying Scimitar, you may make ranged Attacks with Fight instead of Shoot.
  • Physician: +2 to Overcome with Chi to heal physical Consequences

Kung Fu[edit]

Jianghu Rank: 1
Kung Fu Style: Iron Dragon: Iron Dragon stylists are some of the toughest fighters around. Eschewing fancy maneuvers for strong blows and hard blocks, the style favors taking lesser blows to open a foe up to a disabling lock or punishing strike. What the Iron Dragon lacks in subtlety, he makes up in majestic power.

  • Dragon Rules the Heavens: Use Fight instead of Athletics in rolls involving entering zones or preventing others from doing so.
  • Flesh Breaks on Iron: When you defend against a Fight attack with style, you may inflict 2 shift hit instead of taking a boost on your attacker.
  • Iron Cleaves the Stone: Ignore 2 points of Armor when making an attack to inflict physical stress.

Refresh: 2
Fate Points: 2
Physical Stress: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Mental Stress: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Active Consequences: