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Somewhere on a shadowworld, an earth like place within the Dresden universe.[edit]


Sitting on the balcony of her luxurious room in her father's estate the black and white snake curls and slithers around her arms. The night sky is cloudless and the city lights below look like colorful stars.
Alvah yawns into the darkness of night as the bells at St Gregory's Catholic Church ring Matins, meaning its 2 am.. The glass of wine at her hand is nearly empty but the bottle is near by so a trip to the wine cellars won't be needed. Her father had returned from business long enough for dinner, the shower, then lock himself in the library. The library was empty now so he left again without saying good bye. Typical.
A bright red bird lands on the table. The size of a crow it dances on one leg as the other tugs a note free. It waves the parchment and drops it. Hopping over it leans its head in the glass and drinks the dregs of the wine glass with pleasure. Afterwards it stars, as if waiting.
The note lays near her hand. Cicero leans and runs a tongue against it and then snaps back in warning. He slithers off and down the leg of the table across the balcony into her room and his terrarium.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just stares at the bird as it does it little dance. Then a little annoyed it drinks from her glass, she grabs a coaster and tips the remains of the bottom of her glass on it. Filling her own glass with wine again.
Seeing the reaction from Cicero she calls after him "If you go away in a hissyfit don't forget to turn your heatlamp on please."
She looks back at the bird. "See what i did there? Hissyfit?" Staring for moment "eh though crowd"
Alvah then picks up the note and opens it to read it with a full glass in hand.
Michael James Watson
The note of some type of parchment reads
"I check the deck daily. Today you were in it. The fates will break the egg you live in soon. I sent this bird of desire to deliver my regards and an invitation. When the egg brakes, don't let Delwin keep you in hiding. Seek me in Amber, cousin. Arloxedra, Son of Eric"
Nigel, the chief butler, knocks and enters the room. Formal, he was always polite and almost a father figure in the years of Sir Kendel's absence.
"m'lady, you've received a message."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah frowns as she reads the note, she then looks at the bird "So i assume it is a figurative egg, and not one you are going to lay right?" Alvah flips the note to look at the back slightly confused.
Thoughts are racing through her head. Only to be startled as Nigel enters she crumples the note in her hand out of sight of Nigel.
"Yes? A message you say? From whom?"
Michael James Watson
Nigel, "The letterhead says its from the office of the deputy mayor, Charles Baldwin. Thats the neighborhood deputy, isn't it? Neighborhood Deputy...funny.... He's the one on the White Council isn't he?
The one your father dislikes. Why he would send an envelope i certainly don't know, and at this hour. I heard the matins bells chime. Daisy thought we were being robbed. The local toughs know better after the last time.
Anyway, here is the letter. I'm off to bed if you don't need me, dear?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah her frown deepens more.
"What would he want? And yes he is. " she takes the letter from Nigel and smiles not wanting him to worry
"no i am fine please get some sleep. I see what this man wants " she waves with the envelope
" and then i will be off to bed to. "Thank you."
Alvah waits till Nigel leaves and opens the envelope while walking to Cicero his terrarium to make sure his light is on.
Michael James Watson
Opening the envelope a letter written on what is clearly flash paper follows,
"Hello Whisper...Yes, I know that's what they call you down by Duple Drews. And I know Sir Kendel has told you to avoid me...I have a problem and I can't take it to the Warden without things getting messy.
Its not tricky, just embarrassing.. I'll pay well for your help and discretion. Come to the Birchwood Club immediately.
If you aren't here in an hour then it will just have to get messy"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah calmly reads the note raising an eyebrow. She folds open the other note and lays it flat next to eachother.
Alvah then looks at Cicero.
"So i have no clue what is going. Who Delwin is what is referred with Amber or who Arloxedra is. But lets earn some money. That is something i do know."
She changes clothing grabs her bag and holds her hand out to Cicero.
"Lets see what they want."
Thinking it is better to sneak away from home then go through the front door she plans her route to her motorcycle to get to the Birchwood Club.
Hesitating she considers leaving a note but decides against it. She will be back before anyone notices.
Michael James Watson
Arriving at the club it seems quiet, closed. But a cop steps from the bushes, nods, waves to o the left.
Driving in she sees Baldwin leaning against a town car. He straightens up. Talks on a cell phone as she stops beside him.
"I don't have a lot of time and the more people who know about this the messier it gets. The mayor and his....secretary...are in bungalow 3. They are screwing like rabbits on viagra. I've two problems. The first is that the two of them are bewitched somehow. They wont stop, can't finish. I yelled at them, slapped them, dumped water on them. I did everything I could to stop them except shoot them. However, I'm no wizard. So stopping is issue one. "
He takes out a cig, offers one, then lights his own, offers to light hers if she took one.
"Second, whoever's did this to them also stole the mayor's second favorite pen. The one that's a key to the mayor's office's private safe...the very private one. The magical one. There are documents in there concerning the city government and its dealing with the white council, files likes on magical crimes, deal, and debts. Those going public would be a disaster. Those in the hand of a magical blackmailer ; even worse."
He looks around, seeing no one. Handing a card over.
"That's a Get Out of Jail, No Questions Asked card with my signature. 2 grand on finding the key pen, the culprits, and for the love of Discordia, stopping those two. I want the pen. Whatever else you pick up is your business. Savy?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens calmly to the situation.
She takes the card and smiles.
"Sounds good" she flips the card between her fingers.
"Stop them from boinking, find the favorite pen, make sure stuff didn't get stolen."
Alvah looks around and then nods.
"So in that order or has something your priority? Cause sounds those two are having fun. Albeit they be sore tomorrow."
She gestures with her head to the bungalows.
"Still have to start my search there though, so was that all? Then i'll start."
Michael James Watson
he nods, "ya, that's all but I'm sure there is more we don't know. The force doesn't keep wizards on staff so you are getting the first magical look."

Amber Bronkhorst
"Alright then. How do you want me to contact you when i am done? " Alvah steps from her motorcycle and parks it.
She checks the time and opens a button on her sleeve that Cicero can slither more freely along her arm.
Michael James Watson
"by phone is fine. I hate thinking what other ways you put might use!"
Finding the room she enters to find the two as described. Her first impression is the look of fear in both their eyes. It is clear they are not in control. Her psyche, always sensitive, sences residual magic and something like a magical aura around them. Further she feels the two auras as separate, perhaps intelligent ones. Looking around a third entity is in a corner and it seems angry, starring at to two in torment.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah raises an eyebrow. "Well i was hoping to send a selfdetonating turtle your way with a message." She rolls her eyes "i meant what number. since you want to keep it hidden and not to messy."
When she checks the room, the magic, the aura's. She is not subtle in looking around.
If she finds clothing she checks the clothing for anything that could have been used as a magical catalyst. She looks over the bodies of the two maybe with a bit more difficulty with the action going on, but she checks for symbols, weird spots jewelry they kept on.
Then she turns her attention to the entity in the corner. Stepping towards it seeing if it reacts to her presence in the room she lets Cicero sense around as well.
"Are you doing this?" she asks to the entity.
Michael James Watson
The entity doesn't seem to regard Alvah in anyway, keeping focused on the pair. As she examines it she thinks it may be someone projecting their spirit to watch. Looking to the two she senses that the bodies behaving like rabbits might be possesed by ghosts. That suggests an Ectomancer might be involved. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stands back for a bit considering the situation. She could try and banish the ghosts out, sever the link with the ectomancer. Or keep the ectomancer in the understanding all is going according to plan to see if someone is in the office of the mayor.
Alvah decides to see if she can help the poor sods before they die of exhaustion.
Alvah grabs a piece of chalk from her bag and starts to drag a circle around the two rabbits. Willing the circle to power with a effort of will.
She whispers to Cicero to keep an eye on the creepy peeping entity and warn her when something changes.
Stepping into the circle she lays her hands on the two busy bodies. With a disgusted look on her face as the bodies must be sweaty and stinky by now. Trying to sense with her psyche the two ghosts possessing them and with a more brute force she tries to push them out.
Michael James Watson
The effort seems strong and the spirits waver. But something about the way the ectomancer wove the spell seems tricky, too powerful almost. She thinks it might be time to try one of the powerful phrases she has been reading from the book in her fathers private study. She has said the word a few times and it always gives her a bit of a buzz, but the name of it is Burst of Psyche and that sounds promising. Mixed with the protective circle it might work.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah keeps her focus on the ghosts, as she remembers the phrase she speaks it. Anything that would help now is welcome.
Michael James Watson
Her head explodes.
Her vision feels bright as the sun and dark as a cavern.
Her body shakes and feels suddenly exhausted like a long drunken week or a long orgasmic night.
The entity in the corner finally notices Alvah as it screams and disappears. The rabbits fall apart.. She to the ground and him flat on the bed.. They both start screaming and crying, but separately.
Alvah's head clears and she realizes she is on her knees. Never before has so much power run through her. Her father and Ryba had been teaching her to move coins and tell the weather when THIS was possible? They both had something to answer for...
What of the other words? None of them had seemed to do much but now it was almost like she understood why. Something hadn't allowed her to generate the focus..Now it had..She had broken through.
Broken an egg shell...
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shouts some profanities to get the shock, the pain and frustration out. She holds one of her hands on the floor and calls Cicero to her.
She then grabs the phone in the bungalow diala the number of Baldwin. Waiting for someone to pick up or voicemail she just says. "They stopped. I am done you can do the rest yourself. "
Alvah feels mostly angry and confused but that fuels her anger even more.
She walks to her motorcycle and in the meantime tries to reach her father.
Michael James Watson
If she starts to ride she feels her phone buzzing in her pocket as she rides. Ignoring it a minute later it buzzes again.
Tries to reach him how? Phone? Yelling?
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah tries to reach him by phone.
As she feels her phone buzzing she stops along the road look who called.
Michael James Watson
The Caller ID says Charles Baldwin
Amber Bronkhorst
she then calls him back. Eventho she is angry and wants a word with her father she did just free the mayor from possession and left him there.
Michael James Watson
"Look, I wanted the Mayor freed but I really need his pen more. He never let it out if sight and had it with him when he left the office. I looked and its not there. I need that pen before someone raids the safe. I can't open it without it. I could plant a squad of goons in front of it and someone able to do that the them could just zoink them out of the way...We had a deal. There will be a bonus if you get it back fast! "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sigh "yes you are right we have a deal. Alright post your goons near his office if they come to open the safe i will be there to. Heading there now."
Before she drives off she sends her father a message via phone. "We really need to talk A.S.A.P."
Alvah then starta her motorcycle again and drives to the mayors office.
Michael James Watson
Arriving at the Mayor's office and being ushered in she finds the staff behaving normally. When she asks after Baldwin she is directed to his office.
When she enters she is immediately aware something is wrong. Baldwin is on the phone looking casual. He looks up and frowns, covering the bottom of the phone he says, "Miss Chambers? Did you need something? "
Amber Bronkhorst
As Alvha was hurrying she then stops stands absolute still closes her eyes and breaths.
She smiles slightly casually trying to feel if something is off here.
Looking at Baldwin she holds up her hand
"No sir, sorry for the interuption." She then turns and tries to walk away casually. She walks to the exit and tries to remind herself if she saw any strange behaviour of Baldwin when they met near the club.
Michael James Watson
He seemed rattled at the club. But she only saw him and two others cops. Thinking back he might have been shaking. A normal witnessesing undeniable magic. yet his job meant he was used to seeing it, dealing with it. Strange as it was he shouldn't have been so scared.
Glancing back, she thinks to peek again. She sense a presence. Like the rabbits but not frantic...watching, his head moves and for an instant she sees the possessing spirit.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stops turns fully and enters the office again. She puts up her best smile.
She closes the office door and waits till Baldwin is finnished with the call.
As she watches him she tries to get a focus on the spirit possessing.
Calculating the risks of attacking it here and planning an escape route.
Alvah waits for Baldwin to finish his phonecall.
Michael James Watson
He looks up," miss chambers? Did your father need me downstairs? ".
He stands steps in steadily shaking his head.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods "yes, yes he needs you downstairs." She smiles slightly.
Gesturing to the office door "if you would please."
Alvah her thoughts going like a whirwind now teying to keep up qith wjat is going on, knowing she probably only knows a percent of what is happening.
Alvah tries to keep her composure though and hopes Baldwin will lead the way to downstairs.
Michael James Watson
He steps out, a little unsteady, but a determined man even a possessing spirit can't completely control.
He walks to an elevator, with Alvah following. Stepping in he presses a button for the parking basement. As it falls he removes a pen and slips it into an almost invisible port.
Something seems edgy about him. Like slightly shaking in eagerness. But his proper attire does not show it.
The elevator passes below Parking B. Going deeper.
The door opens. A long hall with a door at the end, He walks to it and the door opens automatically, beyond it a bank vault door, that opens as he approaches. 4 more security doors open. As he passes each his psychic presence seems more excited.
At the end it opens into a large room with torches lighting it. It looks like a open chamber. Within is a group of people involved in greater high magic then she has ever witnessed. Robed figures around a series of interlocked circles.
Alvah sees her father, in robes, leading the whole affair. When she does the Baldwin ghost leaps up to visibly look around the room
Summoners fall to the ground. Sir Kendal breaks from the circle and storms across raising his arms. A bright glowing symbol fills the area in front of him. He runs his hands into it and a series of powerful spells exchange between him and the ghost leaving Baldwin.
Baldwin falls to the ground.
He walks over, symbol before him. "Alvah, do not move.."
He lets the glowing symbol flow over her.,
A woman in red, with bright red hair walks up, "Well, Delwin, has she been compromised?"
"No...Thats Baldwin over there, a functionary. He deals with the magicians of this shadow for the muggle government. He was inhabited by some kind of spirit. Dufiroism I think.. So, Alvah, why are you here? damn....first things first.. Fiona, this is my daughter Alvah. Alvah, dear, this is my sister Fiona"
Amber Bronkhorst
While following Baldwin and going down she repeats the things that happened today in her head.
What a strange night. Would that bird still be on her balcony?
She shakes her head as the elevatordoors open.
Seeing the whole ordeal in front of her she does as her father tells her, stand still.
Even after he introduces her.
Her eyes snap to her father. "Delwin? " she inhales looks over to Fiona and nods as a greeting.
"I was aaked to do a job for him." She points at Baldwin.
'Something with the mayor and secretary who were possessed." She looks as she talks behind her father to the circles and again to Fiona.
Then in a firmer tone hinted with anger "We need to talk."
Michael James Watson
Fiona chuckles, "I bet. Lady Alvah, you said this functionary hired you to deal with a possessed mayor? Was he possessed as well at the time?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah does her silent stare to Fiona, then slowly turns her gaze back to her father.
"So, Delwin hm? Anything else i need to know?"
Then slowly turning back to Fiona she shrugs "i do not know ma'am. I only noticed i was dealing with a possession when i was inspecting the mayor and secretary boning eachother. And i saw the three entities." She gestures to Baldwin "he already left by then."
Michael James Watson
She says, "Three entities? Del, I think you are right. A Dufiro of some kind is playing in your world. Or a ritualist summoning one.
Spirits rarely are undirected so you are probably looking at either a Avasa Dufiro of Conflict, maybe Knowledge.
A Masoja Dufiro would be far more splashy and I would have known one was lose on the world the moment I arrived..
But your Baldwin Spirit and these other two, were cast out easily enough so if they were spirits, probably Spirits of Combat.
They make good spies. I can't sense a Masoja. Seeking an Avasa would be hard. So many creatures on this world are in their power category and I'm not an expert in them.
Hmmmm....Your Alvah here is in their power category ....oh my Del, she's exquisite now that I look. She's glowing....She had a burst."
Delwin nods, "oh...Oh! Yes.. well, the cats well and truly out of the bag it seems. Fiona, will you wrap this up. I better handle this matter first. Trump me when you are done. "
She says, "I shall. They will be delighted to see the work complete. Does Vance know about her?" He scowls at her and shakes his head. Fiona chuckles and walks the the recovering ritualists.
Delwin pulls a card from a deck, a tall deck of tarots by the appearance. Staring at it a portal opens. beyond it is the library at the North Shore estate.
"Yes, Dear. There is much you need to know now." He guides her through the portal and follows after.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Fiona as she talks about apparently different type of entities. Her face emotionless.
Alvah scowls a bit after the burst remark. She mutters a bit "i have a splitting headache not much glowing there."
Alvah then silently steps through her face again in a state of stormclouds. She turns to face her father crosses her arms.
"You have been hiding things from me. Important things about myself." She then steps a bit closer and lifts her chin up.
"I am no little girl who is dying to impress you, and i trusted you everything. Never questioned a thing about you... " she inhales deeply nostrils flaring a bit.
"This better be a bloody good story or explanation.... dad"
Michael James Watson
Delwin walks to the globe and spins it, then opens the top. Alvah has never seen it open before and is surprised to see it open now.
He pulls a leather covered bottle out, and a book, and a deck of tarot.
"Oh, its a pretty good story. And you are at the beginning of your part of the story."
He walks to the regular bar and picks two four glasses up and takes them to the sofa. Pour, he slides a glass over on the coffee table.
"Sit and try this. Its as fine a brandy as any to be found on any world. Its made at the Bayle's estate north of the City of Amber."
"Fiona will be here in a moment. So I'll be brief. We can go into details once she and her apprentice are here"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stands and follows her father with her eyes.
She is not used being angry at her father but this day was weird, and she felt a bit betrayed.
"Hmm." A short and angry tone she sits and takes the glass. She slowly takes a sip really tasting it good things need to be appreciated, even if you are angry.
Hearing about Amber she remembers the note from Arloxedra. "You are not going to hide from me right? Or keep me hidden? "
Alvah lets Cicero slither over her arm, moving her fingers and handnalong with his flowing movements.
She looks her father in the eyes "Then be brief. "
Michael James Watson
"I will rarely hide things from you but there are many things I may not tell you. Not out of malice, nor worry, just that there are 3000 years of my life in the years of Amber and well over 50,000 years of my life in the years of the Shadow Lands. And you have just 40. Your childhood ended tonight."
He takes out the tarot and separates it into three piles. Setting one aside she sees the suits; Coins, Cups, Swords, Staves. Brilliantly executed. A second pile he sets down and spreads out to the left. It is topped by a lighthouse, followed by a castle, and various place images on successive cards. He holds the final group in his hand.
He pulls a card from the place trumps and sets it in first position. It says 2-Castle Amber
“All Roads Lead to Amber. I wish they didn't but in the end they do.”
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stares blankly at her father wanting to say something but hearing the number of years she closes her mouth again and looks at the tarot her father lays down.
She stares at the card of Amber. "so it is place. If all roads lead there, why have i never been there?"
Michael James Watson
A voice from behind the room says, "A road has two ends, so All Roads Lead to Chaos would be fair as well."
Fiona walks in, looking around the room. "Just as I remember... You are such a collector.. Remind's me of Gerard's hunting lodge.. only cleaner.."
With her is a thin frail looking girl, with long bright white hair, part in braids, and extremely white albino skin. Seeing her eyes Alvah is surprised by the red pupils and the pale blue eyes
She says, "Dwynwen, this is my brother Delwin, and his daughter Alvah. This is Dwynwen, daughter of Hagalta and Satura. " She seems fey somehow, and a bit distracted but she nods to Delwin and Alvah"
Michael James Watson
Delwin says, "Its a pleasure to meet you, Cousin Dwynwen. Please, be seated. Have some brandy.
She sits, but quietly declines the drink.
"Yes, "Delwin says, "All roads lead to Chaos but i am speaking of Amber for the moment. The reason, dear, that you have not been to Amber yet is that it is a dangerous place, no matter how safe it may seem. I am not a familiar face there either. I've had poor relations with my family in the past. I suspect you'll be angry about the fact I never told you about them but I have my reasons. First off, lets clear up this. I will not speak of your mother at this time. There is too much else going on with my side of the family to bring her into it. Secondly, names... Names are important as you know and one of the reasons I have been hard to nail by my enemies here is that I rarely speak my own name in this world. Too many ways it can be stolen. So I shall write it down, for you to read, silently.”
He writes on a card, and pushes it over, “ I am Prince Delwin of Amber. King of Taligar.”
He says, “ Call me father or Delwin in private but in public on this world, I remain Sir Kendel Chambers. I've lived on this world for the better part of a hundred years, under a few aliases, because it has a very rich layer of magical possibilities and because I enjoy the music. Once I was Kenneth Delmir. You might recognize the name if you followed classical musicians from early in the last century.”
“These are not tarot, exactly. Our family calls them trumps. Here is mine.”
He places one on the table showing him painting, as usual, in a Renaissance like doublet. A woman peeks over his shoulder. His tarot is not placed to be part of the tarot spread he lays out.
He looks through the deck and pulls out a couple more, then inhales suddenly, pulling out a final one.
“Damn.....Look at that. Well that will be Random's doing.” He pulls a card and hands it to Fiona who looks, nods, “Your painting I see. Its the one you gave Random to use. He showed me. But he did jump the gun a little.”
In the position to the left, for past influences, he places a card of a powerful man in green and gold with a crown. “This is Oberon, my father. He is currently mostly dead. He married my mother, Harla, who bore him two children; myself, and my sister Sand. He treated my mother, a good and devout woman terribly. He took her to Amber, the great city, where my siblings treated her poorly for the most part. In time my mother created a nunnery and went into it. In a place called the Far Isles. Her tower is still there and another retired queens lives there. On her deathbed she made my sister an I promise not to make war on Amber and we did not.”
He places a card above, a position for influence, “This is Vance, my son. He and I are mostly estranged because he choses to dedicate himself to Amber's service since King Oberon no longer rules there. He does not know of you and I suspect he will be very angry at me yet again. Anger at one's family is a trademark of the Royal House of Bariman. You are in mighty company in your anger at me.”
He places a card below, a place for current events, “This is Fiona, one of the three redheads. She is a mighty sorceress. I asked for her help because in a world with many magical creatures and powers, connected to many nearby worlds, I felt something not of these worlds and wasn't sure what it was. Now we have an idea at least.“
Fiona chuckles, glancing at the card in her hand. “This isn't cold, Del....So she hasn't...” Del shakes his head.
He places a card in the last space of the cross, for the future influences. “This is Random. My younger brother. He is King of Amber. You will hear the story of the war with Chaos and the Battle of Patternfall soon enough, but in the end, the Unicorn of Amber, my grandmother, picked Random to replace King Oberon who mostly died saving Amber. Soon I will have to admit to him that I broke one of his decrees by hiding you. I might be lashed, verbally to be sure, but its not an uncommon crime,”
He finished his brandy and pours another.
“I didn't want to take you to Amber till you were ready.”
Fiona chuckles and places a card in front of Alvah.
“And apparently, King Random thinks you are ready.”
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah snaps her head around as she hears a voice behind her. She looks at Fiona giving her the silent judging look.
She then turns her silent gaze towards Dwynwen. A silent nod in greeting.
Slowly she moves her eyes to her father eyebrows raised waiting for what he has to say.
When her father talks about the reason of anger she raises an eyebrow and shakes her head. But for now she lets him speak. Seeing the note she carefully reads it, nods, turns it over and pushes it back to her father. Understanding the importance of secrecy around names.
Hearing about the music Alvah can't help but smile thinking about the lessons in mouthharp from Ryba, which annoyed her father.
Alvah sits a bit on the edge of the seat to look at the trumps her father lays on the table.
She then blinks “a brother?”
But then she shuts her mouth again letting her father continue with his explanation.
Alvah is curious what the card pictures as it is handed by her father to Fiona but she continues listening to her father.
When Fiona speaks up she looks at her again. Her eyes squinting a bit as she suddenly stops her sentence.
She looks with suspicion to her father.
Taking another drink from her glass she gives herself the time to consider all she heard.
Alvah points to her trump “So you hid me away from the family, but still my liking is found in these cards? You are not the first to tell me of this. “
She then sits back and smiles “Father I am not angry with you that you hid me away or that you even didn’t tell me about all this” and she gestures to the tarot cards on the table and her father himself.
“I am still shocked of what I did and the way I found out. That I did not hear this from you first.”
Alvah frowns then a bit “if you are hiding me from King Random, then how did he reveal me?”
She then looks cautious to Fiona “and what did you mean with something I have not? When you were holding my portret?”
“And is Eric someone in the family to?”
Michael James Watson
Delwin says, "The cards are Family Trumps. Magic. Touch any of those cards and you will feel coolness, coldness in them. When you learn to focus on portrait cards you will be able to speak to them. You'll be taught how to use them. If you focus on a place card you can open a portal like the one that we went through from City Hall to here. I know how to create them. The deck is called King Random's Deck. It has a card to nearly everyone in the family. Over 100 of them. It has 100 place trumps. The range from the gates of the Castle Amber, the Sea View gardens on the 6ths floor balcony to Mandalay all the way to the Fane of Zilla, crossing the vast infinite worlds of the shadow lands. You be able to travel in another way too. Walking among the shadows."
He drinks again, then continues. "I would have had to tell you soon. Your powers have been growing and it was obvious to me that soon they would manifest. Your little magics, your use of the will and the way, cantrips, eventually one would crack the forces holding them in. "
"There is no easy way to explain this, so I shall lay it out quickly. In the beginning was unchallenged Chaos. In it were creatures of unlimited forms. Among them great houses and families arose. To tell everything would take centuries. But one rose, Swayvil, and he raised Theldane, a royal place in Chaos. He ruled Chaos as High Lord for eons but even he died. His children fought. High Lords rose and fell. Eventually one had children who formed great houses. Among them was Dworkin Bariman. He and the Primal Beast the Unicorn conspired and by blood, lyre and lust, using the Jewel of Judgment he forged a construct, the Pattern of Amber. This is a creation that is in the very makeup of his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond. His son Oberon founded a kingdom above the chamber of the Pattern. He had children; Princess, princesses, and monsters. "
Fiona snickers. Dwynan looks with interest on Delwin.
"Between the Courts of Chaos and the Kingdom of Amber lay an infinity of worlds. All things possible.
Worlds without end. Our world is just one of them. Many things occurred in the years since the foundation of the kingdom. Family squabbles, wars, duels, deaths. treacheries, treasons, cruelty."
Fiona says, "Pardons for treasons...."
Delwin nods, "Yes, that's an important one, isn't it?"
Delwin says, "In time there was a war, a bad one. The Black Road War that ended with the Battle of Patternfall. Oberon mostly died. His choice for a successor turned the throne down. The Unicorn picked his replacement and that was Random. And odd choice, but one turning out to be a wise one. I would not serve Oberon after how he treated my mother. But Random came to me after he met Vance. We spoke at length and I returned to Amber. Since then i have served officially. Done many things. Including painting portraits and landscapes used in the cards. I had painted yours and it was in my private study. The process by which the trumps are created automatically took the image. Random saw it. He clearly approved it. So we can not avoid speaking to him soon. After that, he will probably allow you to assay the Pattern. Once you do that your powers will come easier to hand. You will be able to use the trumps. Learn full sorcery. Walk in Shadow"
Fiona says, "What you do not have is the power inscribed in you that only happens when one of our blood walks the Pattern. Delwin and I both have. Dwynan has. You will soon."
Dwynan says, "And Eric?"
Delwin scowls, "I cruel, narcissistic, charming, bastard. He was King of Amber for 5 years before he died at the foot of Kolvir, in battle below the Castle Amber. His son haunts the Library of Amber these days, the Once Princely Arloxedra."
Fiona smiles, "Not one of our favorites, is he?"
Dwynana, "He's dreamy....."
They look at her.
Fiona says, "ya...ok...dreamy.... but dangerous. I told you, Dwy, stay away from him."
Delwin says, "You will learn of my brothers. Benedict, the Marshal of Amber commands the military. Gerard is master of the Navy. Bleys rules the wine cellar. ok, Fi, Bleys is a bit of everything. Soldier, Sailor, Tinker, Spy. My sister Fiona you know. Florimel, Llewella, Corwin, and others. 47 children of Oberon. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens again quietly to all the information. Bit by bit she takes it in.
“Alright so I will eventually meet that king Random, whom you eventually decided to be okey with and serve.”
Alvah then stands up gras her glass fills it and starts to move around a bit
“then I have to walk somesort of pattern? And get power inscribed? Because as the note said my ‘egg broke ‘ “ she says this with airqouting. She then grabs the crumpled note from her pocket and tosses it on the table near her father.
“A red bird brought this by before I accepted the job from Baldwin. Mister dreamy send it to me.“ Alvah winks at Dwynen
“The bird might still be on my balcony have not checked.”
She looks between Fiona and her father “has Oberon ever heard of prophylactics? Just you know.. if the family is so ‘nice’ to eachother maybe putting a cork in it would have been an option.”
She then continues with her pacing around with the glass
“So these entities that were in Baldwin, the mayor and his secretary what were they? And if I did not force myself to put so much power in it would I have managed to banish the three of them?”
Alvah then suddenly turns and looks at her father.
“please tell me at least Ryba was honest with me?”
Michael James Watson
Fiona looks upward, makes a little whistle noise.. Moments later the red bird fly s i nthe room landing on Alvah's shoulder.
Fiona says, "Interesting... A Bird of Desire. One with substance. Yes, Delwin before you ask, it has Arlo's power signature. And it seems protective.. Sometimes i want to slap Eric."
Delwin says, "As for Oberon, he has 47 children in a lust life of millions of years so far. Its actually a pretty low.. what is it Vance like to say?? a Low batting average"
Fiona looks to Delwin, "Ryba?"
Delwin says, "Fisk."
Fiona's eyes widen, "FISK? no.?... really? You've had Fisk training your daughter? In what? Mugging? Shaving coins? Cheating at cards? Bribery, forgery, skullduggery?"
Del says, "Fi, he's a friend. A disreputable one, but a friend. You are the expert of Dufiro...If you don't mind?"
She nods, "The Dufiro are a race of beings out near Chaos. Millions of worlds. Being so close to Chaos their forms are variable, negotiable, not permanent. They are born either Ari, Water, Fire, or Earth elementals, then trade their powers for treasure and new powers. Some are dumb as rocks..some are actually rocks... others are creatures of great power. Wizards from countless worlds summon them. Deal for their services. The usually trade fairly. Their are 4 levels of them; Elementals, Spirits, Avasa Dufiro, Masoja Dufiro. They have races in each level and they shift among the races often. Life, War, Combat, Conflict, Guard, Colors, Illusion, Paper, and a lot of others., some races have a few members, some have zillions. Millions of worlds. Being so close to Chaos they are most often summoned by wizards at that end of the universe but not always. Wizards in the Tosa/York universes summon them frequently. Speaking of which, Delwin, it occurs to me that Fortunandus might be a good source for Dufiro."
Delwin, "I don't know any of the Tosian/Yorkists. " Fiona shrugs, "I do. We will talk about that later"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at the bird with a scowl on her face.
"you already drank my wine and my snake doesn't like you."
She then turns her attention away from the bird eventho it is still on her shoulder.
Hearing a different name for Ryba she sighs "alright Fisk then, sure he lied to. is he family? or only a friend?"
Alvah looks a bit weary at Fiona "he thaught me great many skills. and i am good at those skills." the last she says with a bit of pride in her voice.
Then to Fiona she nods "alright so these were weak ones right? else i would not have managed to push them out. "
Alvah then walks to her father "so what is the plan now? "
Michael James Watson
She isn't sure but she think the bird chirping sounded like laughter.
Delwin says, "Fisk is the son of my brother Osric. So he's your cousin."
Dwy says,"Is he my cousin too?"
Fiona crosses her eyes, thinking, "First cousins once removed or second cousin...I think. Hagalta and Satura are Oberon's brother and Sister. So you are Delwin, Osric, and my cousin. Fisk is Osric's son. Cousin once removed!" She looks suddenly pleased.
"As for the Dufiro, as I said back there. The once inhabing the bodies were probably spirits. weak creatures, but a Avasa Dufiro must have been controling them"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah raises an eyebrow to the bird and mutters "you can also become drumsticks or desire."
Alvah then looks at Fiona as she puzzles the family lines for Dwynwen. She nods "seriously is someone keeping track of this?" Looking at her father "If that brother of mine, uhm Vance right? Is talking about batting averages..."
Alvah just shrugs "so they were summoned the Dufiro and they were controlled by somwthing don't know if the third entity in the bungalow controlled them or not."
Alvah then pokes the bird "can i send it back or do i have to feed it now?"
Michael James Watson
Delwin says, "To be honest we were not aware of a Dufiro issue and were working on other magics. More local matters. But when you entered with a malicious spirit in Mr. Baldwin, everything went to pieces.. Not sure if they are connected but i wouldn't put it past whoever summoned them"
Michael James Watson
Delwin says, "I suggest putting a note on its foot. Good chance it will fly back to Arlo. "
Amber Bronkhorst
"I am sorry that whatever you were doing was mucked up because if me entering with Baldwin. But figured that that was the only way. And hey he asked if you send me. And since you were not reacting to my calls i figured to just roll with it "
Alvah thinks for a moment.
"What were you doing then? "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods grabs a piece of paper and a pen and starts scribbling something on the paper.
'Thank you for the warning and invitation. But mind your own please.
Alvah." She then ties the note to the birds feet.
Michael James Watson
Delwin says, "There was a slaying in Kansas City. It had all the hallmarks of the supernatural. Our circle was attempting to find the source. It wasn't anything local, so I figured it must be something strong. An Outsider of some kind. We hadn't been having any luck so i summoned backup in the form of a sorceresses supreme. "
Fiona says, "And you were right. An Avasa of any type is a creature of great power. And i'm betting you have one here and a person who summoned it. I might be a coincidence if it wasn't for the fact that i don't trust coincidences. Alvah, are you close friends with this functionary? Enugh that he would call you out of the blue for personal services?"
Michael James Watson
The bird flaps to the far side of the room and starts squawking loudly. It then flies up and shifts shadow away.
Fiona frowns, "Not a normal bird of desire i think."
Delwin, "A spy bird" Fiona nods. "Arlo's"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods as she listens to her father. She then turns to Fiona.
"No, we are not close and personal friends. I was infact a bit surprised he contacted me."
Alvah searches her pockets and finds the other note from Baldwin. She lays it on the table if anyone would want to read it.
Looking at the bird leave she frowns. "So family spies on eachother?
I assume it is not to figure out who their secret santa is."
Alvah points to the note from Arloxedra "So he wanted to establish doubt or a bit of a wedge between us i think?"
Alvah then squats down next to Dwynwen "should i have written something for you on that note?" Alvah winks and stands up again.
Michael James Watson
Fiona looks to Delwin, seeing if he will comment.
She says, "You have attended fine private schools and a fine college I assume? Is history filled with royal families that kill each other in dynastic wars? As in Amber, so in shadow. They mocked Delwin's mother for her simply piety. Caine and he nearly killed each other. Sand slit Julian's throat. Bleys, Brand and I engineered the imprisonment of Oberon which included Brand trying to kill Martin on the Pattern and started the Black Road War that ended with Oberon's mostly death. Eric had Corwin's eyes burned out with hot irons during his coronation. Random tried to assassinate King Eric with a crossbow, stuck a quarrel through his throat and only Arloxedra kept his father from executing him. Caine shot an arrow through Brand's heart and he fell into the Abyss dragging Dierdre with him. Violence is not unknown among our family."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens to Fiona and nods.
"Well obviously royal families are at eachother their throats."
She turns to her father, "so when are we going to Amber and when meeting with the king what is expected of me. And i mean that day but also in the future. You serve the crown yes?"
Alvah turns to Fiona "and you as well?" Looking then to the silent girl. "You?"
When finnished with the round she turns back to her father. "The training that i got was that merely for my own survival so to say, or also to be useful? Oh and Ryba? Is he in Amber?"
Michael James Watson
Delwin says, "Ryba may be in Amber...He has an understanding with Random. You'll have to speak with him about that..."
Fiona produces a thin cigar, and lights it with a cantrip. The smoke coming out is multicolorful. "Survival is useful, don't you think?"
She makes a few smoke rings then continues. "Dywn is a lady in waiting to Queen Vialle. Though proximity in her case was to keep her safe. He father is a problem. Del, do you want to..."
He nods, "I serve the crown. By choice now. Patternfall was very hard on the universe.. It was before your time but many will speak of it. It was a crucible. What we have paid prices, all of us. Once you walk the pattern it will be your choice where to go. What to do. Its my hope that you will serve Amber. But, if you wish, there are other places I could take you. Wonderful places. Tagawir is your birthright as much as Amber. Perhaps we could take a hundred year before going to Random."
Fi says, "Random knows she is here. Arlo does. Certainly Dworkin will. Dead Oberon is probably watching now, the bastard. Vance will be furious she lived 4 decades unknown to him but his ego is a bit out of control after he created Vulsara. Alvah, once you reach Amber, its just the beginnings of your studies. There is the University of Fantalin Random will want you to attend. Dame Margot will want you for some time. Hard to avoid Flora. Brother Benedict will want to be sure you can handle yourself with a blade. But it is unlikely Random will need your service soon. Once you start travelling, there are many places, many schools, many initiations. Many experiences.. Those of us elders learned the hard way that to serve Amber is better then to try and conquer it. Delwin might try to keep you from Amber. He kept Vance for several hundred years before telling him these things and in the end it cost them. Vance did not come to Amber until after Patternfall but he fought the Black Road War in shadow. He resents Delwin holding him back. If Delwin won't bring you, I will. "
She produces a trump. "This is a card of my creation. I can't bring you through it yet but If you use it, i will come to you and bring you to Amber."
Delwin scowls.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah her eyes widen. "That is alot of people wanting something from me. But it is good to know there is littls pressure from the crown. "
Alvah then shrugs " i will see where my interest lies. Appearantly i got time enough."
Alvah grins when hearing Fiona her offer "Thank you if my father decides not to bring me i will take you up on that. Or try to reach mister dreamy and danger."
Turning to her father she nods "Well i think it is prudent you learn from your past, you have already one kid disliking you. " her face shows a cheeky grin.
"I think we should not take a hundred years. Do not know how you kept it that long from Vance, but apparently pushing your will out in a burst did it for me and maybe it is a sign to just roll with what comes on our path right? " She steps closer to her father "and i hope you trust me enough now to make okey and decent decisions. I have always, mostly listened to you. "
Alvah then smiles "and i rather go with you, but you know, i have apparently offers standing." She winks
Michael James Watson
Alvah grins when hearing Fiona her offer "Thank you if my father decides not to bring me i will take you up on that. Or try to reach mister dreamy and danger."
Dwyn says, "Prince Dreamy....he's son of King Eric. A prince..." she nods knowingly, glad to have helped.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just blinks "well if his daddy was king or not, since we are all of the royal family yeah he would be a prince. " she tilts her head with an inquisitive look to Dwynwen. "Do you have a crush on that fellow?"
Michael James Watson
Delwin nods. Looking to Fiona. "You hungry?". She nods," I could eat. Why?"
He says, "Alvah, go change. We will be visiting Sea View Gardens."
Fiona nods,"What's the time ratio here? "
Delwin responds with,"10 to 1 to 10. "looking to Alvah. "10 days here is one in Amber when I am here. 10 days in Amber is 1 day here when I am not on planet. We can take a couple days in Amber and only lose an afternoon here."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at her black leather pants shirt and jacket.
" what is wrong with this?"
Then remembering the trumps she picks up the one of her father.
"Don't tell me that is normal attire."
She looks at Fiona for a feminine view
"What is proper there for me to wear?"
Michael James Watson
Fionna says in flawless French,"considering her life experiences, I encourage her crushes. It keeps her mind off how much her daughter is misbehaving."

Michael James Watson
Delwin says," Here your title is college graduate. But you are heir to the title Princess in Tagiwar. Countless in the land of my mother. And Lady in Amber. Perhaps you will attend Tweak and gain a knighthood. Speak with Dame Margot for the details of everyone's ranks"
Fiona laughs.
"Attire is a personal choice. It varies wildly. But what you wear for first impressions will be a guideline for the future. People will comment on future attire in re!action to first impressions. You come from an earth world. Dress better then usual."
She winks, "Delwin was always a fancy clothes horse"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just nods when Fiona speaaks in French.
Turning slowly to her father she nods and then gives a little shrug.
"We'll see, with titles comw responsibility and expectations. Do not know how i want to mingle in that.
Alvah nods to Fiona. "Thank you then i will go change into something fancier."
She then laughs "yes perhaps that is why he isn't always happy with my choices. "
Alvah walks to her room to get changed in something fancier but not over the top gala like. Making sure there is room for Cicero to hide.
Michael James Watson
Dwynt asks, "Can I come with you?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah turns " with me? Yeah sure. " walking further to her room.
Michael James Watson
She follows and watches your clothes choices. Looking in the closet she find what Allah might call vampire formal.. "Is this nice?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs "Well that is a bit on the dark and gothic side of things but it actually is nice. "She turns and smiles. "Want to change as well?"
Michael James Watson
She nods. In moments her outfit shifts shape to match the other one.. She looks in the mirror and the outfit shifts color to light blue, matching her eyes.
"How is that?"
As the clothes changed Alvah felt something prodding her senses. Magical...Dwyn did it effortless with little concentration. Something about it is concerning.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles " that is lovely on you. And neat trick." She continues to put her oan clothing on the old fashioned way. Nodding to her makeup table. " if you want i have make up and such there. Some nice necklaces in the little box to the right.
Alvah does make note of what Dwyn did but decides not to speak about it now.
Slight worry comes up in her mind. If all are so powerful there, then she herself won't stand a chance.
Michael James Watson
Dwy twists her head. "makeup? Ah..
Coloring.. Like this." Her skin darkens, eyebrows lengthen. Colors appear over eyelids. Her lips go dark purple. Her face goes through many changes. "You have not walked the Patten... But can you shift your shape even a tiny bit? Knowing you can is the key.. I don't think Fiona would be mad if I showed you..A bit... Eye color is easiest"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah now just looks amazed stepping closer to Dwyn.
"That is brilliant, yes please show me. I don't know if i can, never shifted anything really, but what you said, didn't know it was possible. "
Michael James Watson
"oh lots is possible.". Her face flies to that of an orc. Green, wrinkled, scared,smelly, bad teeth.
" See? I'm good at it color!? Green? How about Adask eyes like mine?"
she returns to normal. Pale skin. Light blue eyes, red pupils.
She takes you head in her hands."think on my eyes. Harder then on anything in your life.. You did magic today, Fiona says. Think on that too. Hard. I will feel you... Help guide. Think of the magic and my eyes"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah lets out a small laugh seeing the orc. "Fantastic, then to think dad wanted to keep this hidden."
Alvah then listens to the instructions and focusses as intense as she can. Recalling the feeling of magic of today, focussing on the image of the eyes.
Michael James Watson
Dwyn claps."Look at you! You got the eyes and your skin color matched mine as well! Wonderful! " (30 psyche and all...)
Dwy shows you a mirror and Alvah's eye ball is pale blue, the pupil bright red, and the facial skin nearly alabaster.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah lets out slight cheer.
"Awesome thank you! I can now choose to have the same coloured eyes. So changing back is the same way? Picturing it and focusing till you nearly shit yourself?"
She laughs again looking to herself in the mirror.
Michael James Watson
Dwy looks worried, then a bit nervous....
"Well, yes.. And it gets technical. Anything in your body you control. So....if you are very drunk....shift so you have nothing to throw up....if you must...shift so you need not...oh. You mean to focus very hard! Yes. Focus is everything....I can become a man.....but... I don't think Arloxedra would like that..."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grins
"Yes i mean concentrating really hard.. sorry about that. I am not always that eloquent in my choice of words.
She turns to Dwyn. "Why are you worried what Arlo likes or not. Most important is do as you feel comfortable. If he likes you back he wouldn't mind."
Alvah then turns back tomthe mirror thinking about how she wants to look, picturing it in her head. The only things she tries to change is that this time her eyes are the same colour matching her outfit and her hair turns a shade of purple in the ends.
Breathing, concentrating and focusing on the magic.
Michael James Watson
when she tries shifting hair it all falls out. Leaving her head bald.
Dwy laughs,"Hair is hard. Coloring I mean. Its dead cells. So coloring it means letting it fall out, and growing it new the color you want. And.. The more you shift the hungrier you get."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah clasps her hands for her mouth in shock but then laughs
"Well less maintenance like this, "
she rubs her bald head.
" Guess this is a hubris before the fall thing right?"
She then looks at Dwynwen,
"could you help me again, clearly there is alot to learn."
She tries to hold her laugh
" and i think my father will blow a casket if he sees this. I'll stick to eyecolour for now to practice. Do not want him to rethink the taking me to Amber thing."
She grins
" and apparently my father is taking us to eat somewhere so guess the whole hungry thing will be covered for now. "
Michael James Watson
She thinks for a bit then says,". It might be safer if Fiona did this...Don't think of fancy colors. Think of the way you have had it the most. Clean. Natural. "
She picks a handful of the fallen hair and expertly braids a bundle several inches long. Feeling it, staring at the color, texture. Closing her eyes Alvah feels a tingly sense in her aura.
"Now think hard. With everything you have. I will as well."
She puts hands on both sides of Alvah's head, whispering,"and think joyfully. Think of how happy your hair makes you. "
Moments pass and a warm feeling surrounds the pair. Memories flood briefly between them. Running.running, dancing. Allah sees a man with white hair and features similar to hers fighting a powerfully built man with gray skin, A heavy brow,facial scars, pink tightly braided hair. Throwing the man down the white haired man grabs her and a teen looking girl with bright blue skin, long braided purple hair. Both look horribly dirty, bruised, heated, starved, possibly tortured. Creating a portal he pulls them through, the blue one struggling yells,"Father!!!!!!!!". The portal collapses, and the three are in a vast library. A disheveled man with dark hair and a cigarette and a man in white scale armor put the girls on tables. White haired man and disheveled man use magic to clean them. Fiona steps into view running a yellow glow over the now sleeping girls.
" oh.....oh.....stop....." She laughs....."Well, at least its back...we can cut it..."
Alvah awakes and sees the hair has reached the floor.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"I leave the fancy colours for another time. Thank you."
When Alvah wakes up she just looks at Dwynwen. Silent for a while she lays her hands over Dwynwen her hands. Soft smile on her face as she squeezes them.
"Thank you Dwynwen, are you okey?"
Then noticing her way to long hair Alvah laughs
"Ah well i am happy it is back. "

Michael James Watson
"Oh I'm fine.. .Strong happy emotions.. you love running.. and dancing.. and you saw my brother Realmer rescue me and my daughter from my father, ....her father....Hagalta....Hard, but happy... safe.. and Prince Arloxedra and Prince Julian, now king Julian, helping Fiona heal us..My first day in Amber....."
Amber Bronkhorst
"That was intense, but i understand that at a point it feels happy."
Alvah runs her fingers through her way to long strands of hair.
"Lets find a scissor before the two are wondering where we are."
Alvah finds a pair of scissors and looks in the mirror to cut it a bit straight.
Michael James Watson
She says, "Fiona will be wroth with me.. Do we cut it or braid it. My people braid, i can do many designs. But cutting it would be faster..."
Amber Bronkhorst
"Why would she be? And i did it, not you."
Alvah winks.
"And yes running dancing the thrill of running and jumping over roofs the freedom. It makes me feel alive."
After she cut her hair to a decent length she turns to Dwynwen.
"You ready to go out?"
Alvah does a twirl "i am ready for my first impression."
Michael James Watson
while cutting her hair she finds a tiny thin braid against the head. WHe she cut it a smal patch near it braided up. Dwy looks at it and says, ooops...."
"Fiona is teaching me sorcery and how to use pattern powers... I have the imprint of Adagalasck as well and she is teaching me how to access each seperatly. My home imprint is tricky....I think it put that braid in.. I'm sorry..." Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah touches her hair and shrugs
"No sorry needed. Never apologize for small things, if people fall over such a small thing they got issues with themselves."
Alvah laughs
"Hear me talk, giving you advice, while i am the one apparently needing to learn tons of things. "
Alvah sighs
"Well we'll see what happens next. It mostly depends on my father i think. "
Alvah brushes her clothing of and holds out her hand to Dwynwen.
"Shall we?"
Michael James Watson
"Shall we go to Amber without them? I have a deck and the card for Sea View gardens is in it.." She smiles mischievously. SHe pulls out a deck and shows the card.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah her eyes grow wide with a twinkle
"Yes lets go."
Saying it in a hushed tone.
She steps back deeper into her room. Closing the door slightly
"What do i need to do?"
Looking at Dwynwen with expectation.
Michael James Watson
Dwy Shrugs.. "Just walk." She holds the card up, concentrates, and the portal opens . Beyond it is a huge veranda under a bright sunny sky.
Stepping through delivers one to the entrance of a large balcony with many steps creating nestled booths and table spaces. Flowers grow wildly but with a sense of great care. to one side is a massive buffet like a brunch.
A man steps up, "Lady Dwynen, good to see you again.. Would you like a rim table again? You prefer Chocla, I believe, Ill have a samovar sent over.. M' Lady, I am Kylen, what can i have sent to the table? I can send a waiter over or you can pass the buffet, or both.."
Dwy says, "We will both have Chocla. A plate of muffins to start.. I need a table for 6 and yes, by the rim.. We want the best view! Ah... is Prince Arlo here? "
He says, "He just left. Currently Prince Gerard and Lady Doria are here. Shall i let them know you are here?"
SHe shakes her head, "Doria? Gods of War, no thank you. The table will do."
He leads them to a table looking out over a vast ocean.
SHe says, "The Harbor of Amber..East lays shadow."
Amber Bronkhorst
When stepping through she makes sure Cicero is close to her.
When Dwynen is talking and ordering things Alvah is just looking around. Hearing names that doesn't say much yet.
Walking to the table she just stands and looks.
"That is something absolutly different then home."
She then looks at Dwynen.
"So shadow actually has a starting point then."
Slowly she lets Cicero slither over her arm to her hand so he can sniff/taste the air.
Michael James Watson
She nods, "Arlo says the start of Shadow is the Mountain Kolvir, the real one with the Primal Pattern on it. From there is the First Shadow, the realm we see around us, Amber. And it ends at the Abyss before Chaos. In the center is Mandalay. and between them is the Jeweled Road. A 100 meter wide road of colorful patterned stone that starts at the Gates of Castle Amber and ends at the Fane of Zilla, next to the Abyyss, where the battle of PAtternfall happened. I've never been there...Arlo says he will take me there someday.. But that ..bitch...Elayne wants to go if he takes me there..."
A samovar is brought with a strong chocolate smell. Dwy pours cups of a tea consistancy chocolate drink.
"Chola, a drink of Adagalasck and Azcala. Part chocolate, part black tea... Lovely..."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens to the explanation of Dwynen.
Then she laughs hearin Dwy her anger over this Elayne.
"Alright don't know who she is but you are clearly not a fan. "
Alvah smells and smiles
"That smells lovely!"
She looks around again and then leans in towards Dwy
"So how long do we have before the wrath of Fiona and my father comes this way? I while right? Time there is slower?"
Michael James Watson
She rolls her eyes, "Flora's daughter. She says she and Prince Arlo are not a couple but they do travel a lot together and they were together during the Repair and attended Queen Margot's coronation and court together. She just seems to show up whenever I see Arlo.. 😕'
She thinks, "Let see. He said 10 to 1 to 10. He is there so its 10 to 1 here. We were playing with hair for 30 minutes or so.. I suspect they won't look for us for an hour there. 30 minute there. 3 minutes . I suspect I'll be hearing from Fiona shortly..Kylen! "
he comes over, "Miss?"
"Bagels, lox, cream cheese, the harbor fish sausage, coffee, brandy. oh....and a pot of honey and a pot of the Calrabon pepper sauce men like. I am expecting Princess Fiona, Prince Delwin, and probably King Random.. I have run off with Prince Delwin's daughter, Alvah here, taking her away to be cruelly treated by your chefs..and...can you send a note to Prince Arlo that i am here and have fresh Chocla...?"
He nods and leaves..
"Food distracts amberites.. Calrabon pepper sauce distracts men like little else in shadow"
Three butters with the muffins are heavy creamy butter, honey butter, and herb butter. The muffin tray, like bread sticks in a Italian restaurant or salsa in Mexican resteraunts, re put on the table with drinks, are a poppy muffin, wheat muffin, and honey muffin.
Dwy digs in..
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods hearing about Elayne.
"So she is giving you a hard time. Where is she usually? Here in Amber? "
Alvah gets a grin.
She then looks up.
"Wait what, oh i wished we had more time."
Alvah looks down at the harbour seeing of there are big crowds there.
Alvah then takes her cup and sips and grabs a muffin and starts plucking it.
"So what type of person is that king Random?"
Michael James Watson
She looks down where Alvah is looking, "That's Caine's Dive down there. A thin strip of land below the caste. The city is on the other side of the castle.. To the right is Cabel's Neck and the Signal Fire of Amber. You can't see it from the Gardens... I come here a lot.. At night it as dark as a cavern, the stars are bright.. the Gardens light up with glowing floral displays.. Very romantic.. I can't get Arlo to come to dinner at night. He says its too romantic....oh.. but he'll eat here with Elyane..."
She nibbles," The king.....I have only spoken with him a few dozen time. I'm considered something of a problem.. The Verna line is new to Amber. Revealed when Realmapator was brought here by Dworkin. So Random keeps his distance from me, Drixta. But i am a Lady in Waiting to Vialle and she is simply wonderful. Insightful. Blind, but with great wisdom. Funny..Random...he was once cruel.. Like all the elders it seems. Fathered a child and abandoned him.. But as I understand Patternfall matured him. He's clever. Smart, Funny. A card player and a musician. He has a small group of musicians he has ah....jam? sessions.. meansing they play together... Vance, Arlo, a chaosian Amberite Vek. A few others.. Golden Circle kingdoms send diplomats here and all are picked because they play music in the hopes to ah...jam? with Random.. He's tricky. What he did to make Benedict accept being Marshal of Amber and how he convinced Dalt to give up assault Amber are legendary for his trickiness. Arlo tells me he won't force anyone to do anything. He will make them want to force themselves to do what he wants.. Playing to thier strengths...Arlo admires him so much,....oh damn."
She puts her head down. mumbling, "no one home....not listening... home is empty....walls are thick...When Arlo was swimming that time...when we almost... not answering"
She looks up. "They will be here in a minute...I just refused Fiona's trump call..ah, do you mind if i blame us coming here on you?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens to Dwynen smiling, plucking her muffin and sipping the beverage.
"A tricky king then. Fine good to know before hand."
Alvah looks around. "Well if you are going to blame me. could you please direct me then towards a crowded place with buildings?
before i will get into trouble i at least want to have some fun before my father probably locks me away again. "
she laughs
"would he be able to make me forget things?"
Alvah stands up and stretches a bit ready to just go for a sweet little run.
"So yes blame the whole thing on me. " a defiant grin appears "see it as a small payback to my father."