How she escaped a dying world

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Waking up from the rumbling of hte ground and the screaming.
I know what is going on, i've seen it in the cards, in teh stones, in the bones and in the stars. They had been fading, the stars.

From my bed i rise and put my dress on. For years now i haven't bothered with dressing up. A simple dress. Practical, i need to travel alot. The staff stands next to the door, the gems are fading as well.
The world is dying, mother had warned of this. She told me that one day this would happen. Just the natural cause of things. Entropy. The balancing out of energy.

Today i do not bother doing my morning rituals. Stepping outside i lay my hand on my friend her neck. She feels the tension in the air as well. The magic weaving snapping thread by thread. The fabric of my reality, of my world.
Ripping apart. Soon the random magic bursts will happen. That will probably set off a panic noone can control. Not even me.

Looking at my friend i gesture with my hand to the small dirt road from our cottage to the overview point. "Let us watch the fireworks, Kirova little we can do for the people now. "

Together with Kirova we reach the edge of the overhanging cliff that watches down on the town.
Fires have started, the cacophony of people screaming rises from the rumbling of stones. Walking along the edge i turn to the magical fields. The lines of the great magical circles are cracked already. Some symbols have mostly vanished.

The generations of work done in the magical circles, gone in matter of seconds. the faint glow that had been around it constantly flickers and dies out.

Rumbling only intensifying. The screaming is drowned away again in the sounds of cracking stone, tearing wood. A weird growling comes from the ground. The heat will soon become unbearable. With pain in my heart i walk to the smaller circle mother had showed me and had explained to me how to use. It would be better she had told me. That their deaths come swift. When the world is dead. The ones surviving will only suffer a cruel fate in a barren world.

With the last power i hold in the staff and with Kirova at my side i step into the black circled circle. Attuning myself with the power letting it flow through me i understand what to do.

HOlding my staff with the gem outwards towards the general area of the population, with a scream of pain, heartache and the loss of so many lives. I release the spell.

As a wave it washes over the people. when the first gropu is hit you can almost hear a sigh of relief. No more fear. no more panic or pain. The sweet release of death. And i. i will stay here waiting for my own. in a desolate barren land. One had to stay behind do the ritual. As the only one left of my family line. the only one being able to wield this power. It is my responsibility. Kirova stands next to me a soft groan comes from her and she pushes her massive furry body against me. i hadn't realized but tears were streaming down my face.

Together we stand for what seems ages. the town had been swallowed whole by a wave of magma and later a tidal wave creating a dirty cloud of steam.
After time passed i turn and only to late realise what i see. a point. Glistening in the light becoming bigger and bigger then a force that knocks wind out of me. A sharp throbbing pain. Kirova growls a low threatening growl.
My eyes move down and just barely the feathers of the arrow are still sticking out of my chest.

Some people survived... they might have already been busy with the ascendt to my little spot on the mountain. The deathwave would have missed them then. They start to shout, scream. THat this is my doing, it was foretodl my family would cause death. They should have burned us all. Ah yes. the burnings[1], there is a reason i lost my sibling. my twin brother, my mother.

I listen to them. and watch them put up another arrow on their bow. The relieved thought comes through my mind. If they kill me now, i would not have to fade away to nothing in a barren land. Living in solitude hungry and thirsty for who knows how long.

I cannot speak to them. nothing what i would say, woudl matter to them. Hodling my still moving hand out to Kirova to make sure she doesn't start mowing her big claws towards them.

Another arrow releases. It hits me in the other shoulder. i let my arm hang. my staff falling from my hands. It must have somewhere looked comical. If the feeling of death and destruction wasn't so imminent in the air. Before they put up another arrow i feel the sensation of a spell coming closer and closer. A sad smile on my lips. That clearly triggered one person who is now throwing themselves on me he stabs me. And i only pray that they kill me.
But i know they won't.

The wave hits. The one stabbing me slumps over laying on top of me. Lifeless. just a husk. ONce so filled with anger.

I lay still. Hoping the wounds will kill me. Kirova moves. pushes the young man who attacked me, or well his husk, off of me. With her antlers she picks me up as best she can, it hurts.
"Alright alright girl. i'll lean on you. "

With Kirova her help i lean against her massive body and with my staff again in hand though it is resting on her back. we walk. Slowly. so very very slowly. My body has weakened. the spell took alot out of me. But i needed to relief the peopel of their fear and pain.

Kirova and i have been walking we are truly alone. Eventually Kirova pushesme on her back. It is clear i am to weak to walk. I promise my friend that i will not leave her alone. I won't let her suffer eternity alone. We got together or we will survive together.

I keep muttering but words with meaning leave me. SLowly i fade to darkness a deep rest. Under me i feel the soothing fur and warmth of Kirova. Her muscles tensing and relaxing as she carries me through now barren, lifeless destroyed lands. Once my land. i am sorry mother. I had hoped to one day show father.