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How to Run Game X[edit]

This is the place to put specific advice on how to run RPGs.

This project was inspired by the How to Run Game X thread on the RPG Open bboard, in which experienced GMs could pass along their expertise to new GMs. In hopes of continuing and expanding this, and incidentally hoping to increase the number of games played, which is always a good thing.

The games we currently have advice for (at this point, primarily the advice from the original thread) are listed in the Category:How_to_Run page. If you feel you have something substantial to contribute to them, such as the pitfalls and successes you've had running the game, feel free to append your advice to the end of the appropriate game page; for minor tweaks and adds, please consider the Talk: page instead.

To add a new game, simply start a new page with the name “How_to_Run:New_game”, which includes the following: [[Category:How_to_Run|Game_name]] (the last part is to make sure the page is indexed properly on the Category page—otherwise everything would be under H.)

As for what to put in, think back to when you were first starting Gming, and imagine what you'd say to your younger self. (Besides “Try not to suck”)

Game advice from the original thread[edit]

New Advice[edit]