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Plum is a lonely aelfir from a famous family (associated with plum trees and the color purple) who is hard to read. Being the first son from such renown, few questioned Plum's obsessions (including diseases and disorders, architecture, cultures that are considered "lowly") or tendency to fail or neglect traditions and etiquette. Although open-minded and eager to listen to and try unfamiliar things, Plum doesn't recognize the advantages he had or the harm he, his family, and the system they were in had done to others. The world around Plum is for his entertainment and consumption. Part of Plum's success in art and design when he still lived in society came from exploiting his interest in outside cultures, repurposing them for mainstream appeal.

The heartsong reached his mind during a deep slumber, and Plum latched onto the trace of warmth it promised, the new and unique wonders he'd never seen before. It was something beyond the routine and mundane and yet more a home than where he lived. Even the ugly things seemed beautiful. It slowly seeped into Plum's mind, his life, his work. Plum didn't even notice the way daily tasks and interests eventually shifted away from his job and usual social circle to delvers and hunters. Most others didn't notice either, or didn't dare bring it up, and when Plum finally ran for the heart, no one saw it coming.




Aelfir - You still cling to one luxury that keeps you centered - a habit, a style of clothing, a drug, etc. What is it? A necklace that holds a plum-blossom ring, a gift crafted for him when he was born. He hides it beneath his shirt.

Heartsong - • Which three images, symbols, people or creatures do you repeatedly see when you dream? A nautilus (or its eyes, or tentacles, or shell). A thin drow Plum is convinced he has known for centuries Beautiful/"Beautiful" buildings that should be impossible (reaching impossible heights, carrying out impossible tasks, being made of materials that shouldn't work or don't exist).

• What signs do you look for to recognize where the Heart is strongest? Shapes that form or are warped to the golden ratio. Script written in distinct handwriting, the owner's style unknown yet familiar, that only Plum understands. Pus, scabs, the smell of illness and alcohol. The sound and warmth of a fireplace (the sensation itself).

• You recently witnessed an unearthly sight with another player character. Who was it, what happened and how did they react? (Brainstorming on this)

• Your connection to the Heart has touched you in some way. How does that manifest? Horns sprouted from Plum's forehead and have started to curl in on themselves. Wounds weep for a while, even after otherwise healing fully.






Core Abilities[edit]

In The Blood The Red Feast

Major Abilities[edit]

Chimeric Strain

Minor Abilities[edit]

Darkling Eyes Horned Vessel



Active Beats[edit]

See something from your dreams in the real world Let your curiosity lead you to danger

Fulfilled Beats[edit]



Hunt Delve


Cursed Desolate


A freshly-harvested heart that still occasionally twitches(D6, Wild)


Hunting Knife (Kill, D6) Bone charms and animal-gut sutures (Mend Blood D6) Vial of orchid-oil perfume Bone-pipe and the dregs of a poppy-dust bag Bag of bitter stimulant pastilles