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Ylluan #42-6-11, Deep Apiarist (Drow)

Ylluan was a poor drow from Derelictus, where his family farmed Corpsefruit. When Ylluan was taken for his durance, his family wasn't able to make ends meet, and wound up disastrously in debt. Ylluan had heard of riches to be found deeper down, so he ventured there, looking for anything he could use or sell. Instead he found the Hive. The hive promised him wealth, if he agreed to be made into their agent. He refused, broke off some pieces of the crystal "statues" littering the cave, and fled. But when he tried to sell the crystals, he was attacked by the cannibal bandits and forced to reveal the location of the hive's cave, then left for dead. He crawled back to the cave to see what had happened - the cannibals had all been turned to crystal, but many of the beehives had been destroyed. The lone surviving queen came to him and promised him that his family would be kept safe, but only if he would make right for his crime against the hive. He accepted, and the hive has begun turning him into a weapon to destroy the Heart.

Or, at least, he's pretty sure that's the right story. He doesn't remember his family anymore - the bees have taken a lot of his memories actually. But they patched up his dying body, so that trade's probably in his favor. And hey, the bees promise that his family is doing alright anyway, which is the really important thing, he figures.


Deep Apiarist














• You were born in the City Above and served a durance – four years of indentured servitude – under the rule of the cruel aelfir. What were you forced to do? Farm labor in the Garden district.

• What marks your order out from others like it? The Hive? • What evidence of your failings is visible in the City Beneath? Ylluan is quite obviously a Deep Apiarist. The bees keep a wound over his heart (or heart facsimile) open in memory of his crime - it sometimes leaks honey.

• Pick one of the other player characters; they were present at your betrayal. How were they involved?

• Pick one of the other player characters; you look up to them as an example of how to live one’s life. What inspired this?

Active Beats[edit]

• Take minor Blood fallout (minor)

• Save a Landmark dedicated to your order (major)

Fulfilled Beats[edit]


Calling Ability[edit]

Collateral You have a knack for getting behind someone else when things kick off. Once per session, allocate stress to the nearest friendly target (PC or NPC) instead of marking it yourself.

Core Abilities[edit]

The Hive The sweetlings nest within your body. Some of your organs are replaced with complex copies made from wax by industrious bees. They live within you – a few at first, but as you grow in power, great swarms. Their curious buzzing aligns your mind with the Hive. At the beginning of each situation, clear all Mind stress as incipient madness flows through you and into the Hive. You can never benefit from Mind protection or remove stress from Mind, aside from using this ability.

Release the Swarm You send out a swarm of bees, eager to defend you. Gain access to the following weapon: (Kill D4 (upgraded to D6, Spread, Ranged; See Delirium Spike).

Major Abilities[edit]

Sacred Geometry when I roll a 6 while inflicting stress, roll an additional D6 and inflict that much stress also. (Multiple futures swim about your head, and you pick that which is most advantageous; to an outside observer, you move unopposed and uncanny.)

Minor Abilities[edit]

Majestic: once per situation, when I roll to resolve an action and get a 6, treat it as though I rolled a 10. (Under Sacred Geometry)

Hunter of the Damned: Hunt skill & refresh D6 when I kill a Heartsblood creature (You bring order to the Heart with sword and shot.)

A Perfect Machine: Technology domain & ability to extrude wax & bone (Given time, you can repair technological devices even if you don’t have the right parts you synthesise them from wax and extruded bone.)

Apisambulation: Delve skill & once per session can let the bees take over while on a delve to Refresh D6 from a resistance (Once per session, while on a delve, you can opt to fall asleep and let the bees inside your body steer you. In this state, the bees speak for you and perform actions on your behalf – roleplay accordingly (the GM can use Fortune fallout to represent your inhuman pilots). Assuming you get a few hours’ rest and progress on the delve, refresh D6 from any of your resistances.)


  • Mend (Repair something or someone that is broken; build something new)
  • Hunt (Track down someone or something that’s trying to get away from you)
  • Delve (Progress into dangerous or unknown territory)


  • Occult (Hidden knowledge and black magic)
  • Technology (Machines, buildings and devices)


Heartsbloom rose in a glass jar (D6 Occult, Fragile)


Hive Tool (Kill D4, Brutal)

Hunting Rifle (Kill D6, Reload, Extreme Range)

Locket depicting a beautiful one-eyed drow

Portable triptych shrine to the Moon Goddess, incense, candles

Brightly-coloured headscarf and dark glasses