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A character in the Plundered Vaults PBP WHFRP game.


Hugo was born to farming stock of the fertile flood valley of the upper Aver. Being more of an age with his nephews rather than his significantly elder brother, there was little place for him on the farm and so he took service at the manor outside the local market town, as manservant to the young noble there. He served the young master for a few years, covering for many of his scrapes - arranging the Lord's funds to subtly cover gambling debts and paying off local farmers to deal with their daughter's pregnancies quietly.

But then there an incident that could not be covered up. All involved were too drunk to remember who was to blame for the court house burning down, but unless there was a scapegoat the militia would soon find reports of Gustav's inebriated attempts at fire juggling. So, leaving evidence of his own blame behind and shaking the young master farewell he left the service of the Liebknecht family.

Employ was soon to be had with the Four Season Coach Company. They had recently refitted one of their coaches for their better class of customer. This coach was to travel with a servant to see to the needs of the clientele – to arrange rooms, to shave, to fetch and to carry. So, Hugo has been travelling for some months now, alongside Edmund Brauer, servicing his customers as needs.

However, without his servant to cover his misdemeanours, his old master did not last too long. It is with some surprise that Hugo recognises the livery of the lone horse now riding towards him.

Where are you from?[edit]

The Upper Aver

What is your family like?[edit]

Hardworking and traditional farming family who rent land from the local lord of the manor.

What is your social class?[edit]

Originally of the farming classes, Hugo has risen through hard work to fairly high in service.

What did you do before you became an adventurer?[edit]

Worked as a valet to Gustav Liebknecht and then to the clientele of the Four Season Coach Company.

Why did you become an adventurer?[edit]


How religious are you?[edit]

Hugo followed the traditions of giving harvest to Taal and Rhya. He offers praise to Shallya and appeases Nurgle at times of illness. He crosses his fingers to Ranald for luck or to cover a white lie. He attends the temples of Sigmar for festivals.

So, much the same as the rest of the Empire. He is neither particularly religious, nor irreligious.

Who are your best friends and worst enemies?[edit]

Hugo has no great enemies, but is wanted for the destructions of an Averland courthouse. He would always look to his family to support or provide it should the need arise. His relationship with his old master, Gustav, was always that of master and valet, but it bordered on friendship.

What are your prized possessions?[edit]

Hugo has had little time to care for his own possessions but cares for those of his master(s) with the utmost care and diligence.

Who are you loyal to?[edit]

Hugo is still loyal to the Liebknecht family.

Who do you love/hate?[edit]

Hugo loves his master and hates the split between himself and the lord of the manor.



Current Valet


WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel A W M FP
Starting 27 32 (31) 31 30 33 36 38 1 11 4 3
Talents 5 1
Advanced +5
Valet +10 +10 +5 +10 +2
Current 27 32 31 31 30 38 36 38 1 12 4 3



Personal Details[edit]

Height 5'11"
Weight 145lb
Hair Long (mid back) black
Eyes Black
Marks Missing nail (from childhood farm accident)
Siblings 1
Sign Vobist the Faint
Age 29
Birthplace Arable Farm in Averland


Acute Hearing, Hardy, Sixth Sense, Very Resilient


Academic Knowledge (Genealogy), Blather, Common Knowledge (the Empire), Evaluate, Gossip * 2, Haggle, Perception, Search, Read/Write, Speak Language (Reikspiel)


Purse (and spare)


Small sword

Wooden cutlery set
Wooden tankard

Tattered cloak
Worn boots

Good Craftsmanship Clothing
Other Good Craftsmanship Clothing
Four Seasons Uniform


GC 11 -/-