Husbaleve: Goblins

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Goblins of the North Side[edit]

  • Bresh, shaman of the northern alliance
  • Krarth, client chieftain of the northern alliance
  •  ???, former chief in the Farmer's Quarter
  • Tharbunk, former sub-chief in the Farmer's Quarter
  •  ???, emissary of the southern goblins to the north

Party Retainers[edit]

  • Kerrash, Barstuhl's retainer
  • Kralbunk, squad leader, sworn to Barstuhl

Goblin Porters[edit]

  • Squad A: Gark, Hark, Iark, Jark
  • Squad B: Kark, Lark, Mark, Nark

Goblins of the South Side[edit]

  • Bugak, a chieftain, made a temporary peace with the party
  • Fryggork, a chieftain
  • Sharog, a chieftain
  • Snog, a chieftain
  • Xakog, a chieftain
  • Xuag the Great, a chieftain, most powerful, and instigator of an invasion of the north