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Name FP/Refresh Stress Mild Moderate Severe
Bradamante 4 / 3 P OOO M OO N/A N/A N/A
Jewels 3 / 2 P O M OO N/A N/A N/A
Karyn 3 / 2 P O M OO N/A N/A N/A
Shelly 2 / 1 P OO M OO N/A N/A N/A
Arity 2 / 2 P O M OO N/A N/A N/A


Played by Ajdynon.

High Concept: "Escaped Xengenic Soldier"
Aspects: "Enhanced Neural Link

+3: Athletics, Fight
+2: Physique, Shoot
+1: Will, Stealth

Physical Refresh: OOO
Mental Refresh: OO


  • Synaptic Prodigy. +1 to Overcome, CAA's and Defend actions when using Syn-haptics to control a vehicles.

Refresh: 3

Brad's Mecha[edit]


High Concept: Close Combat Mecha
Scale 1
Speed 3

  • Module 1 (utility/mobility stunt): .
  • Module 2 (Weapon stunt)Thermal Whip: Maximize one die when making melee fight attacks with the whip.
  • Module 3 (Open stunt)(

Mild: Moderate: Severe:

Karima "Jewels" Kajarama[edit]


Played by Muskrat.

Gender Identity: Cisgender Female
Age: 30 years
“Jewels” is a tall, elegantly thin brown-skinned woman with long black hair. Even when dressed “down,” she wears elegant clothes and extravagant jewelry (thus her call sign). Her manner is warm and kindly but not out-going—she always keeps herself cool and under control, moving and speaking elegantly.

High Concept: "Heiress to Major Engineering Firm"
Trouble:Upper Class Fish Out of Water on the Battlefield
Aspects: A Sense of Duty to Help the Less Fortunate, Fast Cars and Bikes, Elegant Clothes, and Extravagant Jewelry

+3: Craft
+2: Drive, Manipulation, Resources
+1: Contacts, Shoot, Will, Investigate

Physical Refresh: O
Mental Refresh: OO


  • Dodgy Driver: +2 to Defend with Drive when dodging ranged Attacks.
  • If I Can Build It, I Can Shoot It: Use Craft instead of Shoot to Attack when using high-tech guns, such as laser or plasma rifles and cannons.
  • Movers and Shakers: +2 to Create an Advantage with Contacts when dealing with people in positions of institutional power

Refresh: 2



High Concept Aspect: Blinged Out Engineer’s Dream
Like her personal apparel, Karima’s mecha is extravagantly decorated—plated with gold and encrusted with jewels. Despite this ostentatious display, it is designed to provide engineering support in the field.
Scale 1
Speed 3

  • Module 1 (utility/mobility stunt): Cyberwarfare System +2 to Craft to Overcome or Create Advantage when utilizing or exploiting enemy transmissions.
  • Module 2 (primary weapon/action stunt): Plasma Cannon: Weapon 3.
  • Module 3 (open stunt): A Need for Speed: You can move one zone more than usual in a conflict.

Mild: Moderate: Severe:

Karyn Novis[edit]


Played by Kittlefish.

High Concept: "Combat Medic in a Mecha"
Trouble: "Second Generation Dengarian-Tacian"
Aspects: "Hello, nurse!"

+3 Lore
+2 Notice, Drive, Presence
+1 Empathy, Will, Fight

Physical Stress: O
Mental Stress: OO


  • Cool Bedside Manner - +2 to Presence when trying to calm/soothe/de-escalate a person or situation
  • Anatomy Lessons - +2 Weapon when attacking living targets

Refresh: 2



High Concept Aspect: Rescue Mecha
The 'Hugger' is a combat search & rescue specialist, focused on getting to those in need and getting them out safe. Protective systems are focused heavily on the crew & passenger area, while the limbs sacrifice raw protection for heavy actuators that give surprising flexibility and mobility for its squat, dorpy frame

Scale 1
Speed 3

  • Module 1 (utility/mobility stunt): Wrecking Ball Parkour:+2 to Overcome with Drive/Athletics when facing a physical barrier or difficult terrain
  • Module 2 (primary weapon/action stunt): Supertensile Netting: +2 to Create an Advantage with Notice/Shoot by grabbing a target at range (note that this could be to grapple or safely retrieve...)
  • Module 3 (open stunt): Rescue Cocoon: Fuselage can carry up to 3 passengers on integrated stretchers in addition to the pilot and keep them safe with +2 armor

Mild: Moderate: Severe:

Shelly Wax[edit]

Played by Thorya.

High Concept: "Smuggler with a Heart of Gold"
Trouble: "Never tell me the Odds"
Aspects: "Professional Scoundrel"

+3 Stealth, Manipulation
+2 Drive, Notice
+1 Will, Contacts, Physique

Physical Stress: OO
Mental Stress: OO


  • Defensive Driving- +2 on Defensive driving tests to avoid collisions and avoid pursuing vehicles in a chase.
  • I Know a Guy- Contacts can be used in place of resources for create advantages rolls that involve acquiring equipment.
  • Never Kid a Kidder- +2 to all Empathy rolls made to discern or discover lies, whether they’re directed at you or someone else.
  • Lies upon Lies- +2 to create a Manipulation advantage against someone who has believed one of your lies already during this session.

Refresh: 1



High Concept: Reconnaissance Mecha

Scale 1

Speed 3

  • Module 1 (utility/mobility): Advanced Sensors: +2 to Notice to detect threats or enemies.
  • Module 2 (weapon/action): Silenced Machine Gun: This weapon makes less noise than a standard weapon, so that you don't alert other enemies in the area when using it, and gives +1 to Gunnery attack rolls.
  • Module 3 (open slot): Active camouflage: +1 to Stealth rolls to create an advantage and overcome action by being hidden.




Arity Gudbrandr[edit]

Played by Harlander.

High Concept: "Embittered Sole Survivor"
Trouble: "Revenge is Everything"
Aspects: "Battlefield Infamy" "Forward Scout"

+3: Shoot, Stealth
+2: Notice, Athletics
+1: Presence, Will, Contacts

Physical Stress: O
Mental Stress: OO


  • You Can't Hit What you Can't See. Use stealth to defend against ranged attacks when suitable cover aspects are available.
  • That was burning cold! +2 Presence when trying to convince military types to follow his lead or enact one of his pl plans.

Refresh: 2



High Concept: Drone-Linked Sniper Mecha

Size 1
Speed 3

  • Grappling Hook: +2 athletics where a grappling hook could be used
  • Gauss Rifle: Weapon III,m capacitor linked.
  • Hwacha Shoulder LRM Launcher: ZOne wide attack minimum distance 2 zones.