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A wiki for a Fate Core traditional fantasy pbp game



Grimstone the Dwarf[edit]

aka, Grimstone Elverest

High Concept: War Veteran of the Elverest Clan

Trouble: Excitable Amateur Adventurer

Aspects: I Will Uphold Our Ancient Debts, Strangers in a Strange Land

First Adventure: Grimstone's first hurdle in his presumed quest was information. Many of the books and journals written before the dwarves retreat underground had not made it with them, leaving Grimstone with only half-remembered stories of past alliances, exploits, and crimes. Riverside was the most connected trading hub in the land so Grimstone head there in hopes of hearing word of any Elverest books or journals.

Krystal the Blacksmith[edit]

High Concept: Blacksmith caught up in great events

Trouble: They say I have a Destiny

Aspects: What am I doing here? Sucker for a Pretty Face; Measured Hammer Blows

First Adventure: Krystal gets a request to work for a time in another city, and joins a caravan to get there. When the caravan is attacked by bandits, she successfully defends herself, but is driven away from the caravan. Now she's wandering in an unknown land by herself. She meets Grimstone who is also

Malkin the Finder[edit]

Aspects: I Owe You One

First Adventure: By candlelight, he poured over the mansion maps. There was something odd about these maps (maps that Rok would kill him for if he saw him with them). Something about the structure of the place didn't make sense. But the "treasure" that they were after was in an easy enough place to get to.

"You might like to use that shoot poker," The Rat said, "But if you don't have us covered like a true throatcutter then I'll make sure the boss has your head."

They were moving through the second floor of the mansion, easily bypassing the owner's personal guards on the first floor and the single guard snoozing (more soundly with the sleep toxin) on the second.

The Rat tilted the painting in the reading room and an audible click! was heard. The wall panel slid easily aside now that it was unlocked and inside... "Nothing!" the Rat hissed. Whisper who hardly ever talked also sighed in disappointment.

Malkin, remembering his study of the map looked around the small room which had a table with a single book on it. The book's writing was shadowy in the gas lamp light of the room. The book was an old tale of wizards and other magical folk. Malkin passed the book to Whisper, knowing that the Rat couldn't read and would only hit him for suggesting he does. "Read the first word. Loudly." Malkin did.

"Fire," Whisper said at a normal tone which was loud for her.

The fire reached out from the lamps and burned a perfectly round hole in the back of the small alcove. Behind it, the corridors that were hidden in the mansion's walls...which would lead them to the true treasure room.

The Rat suddenly grabbed Malkin by the hair on the top of his head, erasing the smile he had at his discovery.

"I found this," the Rat growled, pushing Malkin's head hard against the wall.

"Of course you did," Malkin groaned through the pain. He didn't care who took credit, he was happy to have discovered a penchant for finding his way to things...hidden things...

Game World[edit]

Somewhat grim bogstandard fantasy world of fragmented, corrupt petty kingdoms ruled by crime lords.

The world of Highphantasia* has grown complacent in the time of peace. A few thousand years since the BIGBADTHINGY* had almost thrown the world into permanent shadow and despair and now the peoples of the world are concerned with themselves. The elves keep an iron hold on their wooded kingdom, making such places inhospitable, the dwarves have long disappeared into their mine kingdoms, so that other races begin to wonder if they ever existed at all. The gnomes live by greed and trade, their inventions more and more geared (pun intended) towards the whims, laziness, and pure naiveté of others.

Humans have spread across the world, conquering one another and building the largest cities and kingdoms ever seen in history. They have become a lot seen as nearly insane by the other races. Either driven by greed and power or the polar opposite, ideals that do not waiver or compromise. Both types equally dangerous. But now the Circle, a mysterious organization that has guarded the world and watched for signs of evil's return, has discovered something..."

Dwarf Sightings: Dwarves on the surface are uncommon but not rare, Grimstone is mostly unique in that he's one of the few upper class dwarves to head outside their mountain holds. Even rarer than dwarves is knowledge of dwarf politics, most dwarves are good at keeping mum about what happens in the mountains.

There's probably a small organized crime element at the base of the mountain that tries to control the traffic of surface goods, but I figure most surface dwarves are commoners who had to move to the surface. They tend to be farmers and lumberjacks and other jobs where they can send their produce beneath the mountain.

Ancient Debts: This is involved. The Elverest Clan suffer a reputation of ruthlessness and brutality both in the dwarf holds and on the surface. Some of this changed in Grimstone's youth, when he and his four siblings overthrew their father and established a council of elders. That said, there are still things to answer for in the surface world and Grimstone's freed up his schedule. Some of these debts are alliances and promises that weren't fulfilled when the dwarves retreated to their holds. Some of it are crimes that he wants to make up for (Like when one ancestor flooded a goblin settlement).

/* subject to change


A Thousand Kingdoms, No King[edit]

Faces & Places[edit]


River-Adjacent Trading Hub ruled by a council of merchant-princes/princesses. Issue: The Merchants Can Be Worse than the Criminals

The Circle[edit]

Secret alliance trying to restore order.

The Duchy of Aladros[edit]

The Duke / Duchess (undecided, willing to leave it in GMs hands) is working along the lines of Klaus in Girl Genius. Peace will reign - if necessary, when everyone else is under my boot.

Rules Hacks[edit]

Link to expansion of Races & Professions from the Fate System Toolkit. Still haven't decided whether this will be used or not.