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A two hundred hydrogen displacement ton Imperial Merchant Star Ship. Of an ancient Far Trader Design, Scant Regard has a paper trail going back 200 years and it was used (salvage) even then. Most major components have been replaced in the last 40 years. Scant Regard has just been completely overhauled by Blisten Yards of the Glisten outer belt. The Scant Regard is armed. There are mirrored twin turrets, each with a laser and a sandblaster installed.

Ships core Integrated Spaceflight System ("Computer") has been upgraded to a Model 4. It has an Expert Personality Module, currently set to Florance.

There are 3 Cryoberths with a total capacity of 12 adult human eqiv. installed and certified. Of course, the logs also indicate they're a hundred years old, and no people have used them for at least 20 years...

Per GURPS Traveller Core: Far Traders earn their name with their jump-2 capability. With “longer legs” than the somewhat more common Free Trader, the Far Traders can service routes their brethren can’t reach. The increased jump and fuel requirements mean that cargo capacity and stateroom numbers must suffer, but in some areas, no other vessel will do the job as well.

One such place is Glisten, which is not on a major Spinward Main (Jump 1) route.

Standard Crew: Captain /pilot, navigator, sensor/commo operator, steward, and two engineers. One of the crew doubles as air/raft pilot.

Actual Crew Per Captain Arak

"Looks like we're all here. You all probably want to know more, but we'll start with the basics. We're not quite a normal crew, and none of us are rookies. But that doesn't mean we aren't going to do things properly. I'm making Bridin XO. She knows ships like this inside and out, and I trust her to keep everything working, ship and crew. Sayaka, it's a bit smaller than your used to but I'd like to to pilot. Éadaoin, I think you could open a lot of doors for us if you're willing to be our purser. Darion, I'd like as navigator, and I think you're probably the best sensor operator we have too. Iiglim, I hope we don't need a marine, but if there's trouble on board or on ground I hope you're prepared to take point. John, think you can handle being ships medic? With luck, there won't be much work for you, but I know accidents happen. And Aeyht, I hear you're a handy mechanic. We're a big crew for aship of this class, but there's always going to be more jobs than hands, so everyone will have to pitch in, whether it's loading cargo or peeling potatoes. But we're all partners in this. Everyone gets a say in decisions, and everyone gets a fair cut regardless. Any objections so far?"

Design: 200-ton SL Hull. Basic Bridge, 1 Engineering, Maneuver, Jump, 40 Fuel, 3 Low Berths (capacity 12), SpaceDock(holds up to 250 cf air/raft), 10 Staterooms, 1 Utility, 2 Turrets, 1 Fuel Processor, 49 cargo

Performance: Accel 1.1 Gs, Jump 2, AirSpeed 1,646.