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1990 - Despite widespread public calls against it, The Detective is placed on trial and pleads guilty to the 2nd Degree Murder of Seraph. He’s remanded to the custody of Citadel, a parahuman prison he helped to design. There is a great deal of debate regarding this – and the punishment itself – but it’s the only place anyone can conceive might actually hold him. With the loss of The Detective and Star, the Society of Justice continues, though much diminished. They don’t even try to recruit replacements.

In New York and Manhattan, another group of parahumans appears, arrogantly calling themselves the Star Sentinels. Their members are Super Star, Dark Star, Star Sapphire, and Firestar.

1992 – The Society of Justice regains their former glory, aiding the Star Sentinels in a battle against a re-formed Doom Convergence, led by someone calling himself Dark Seraph. Sorceress is outed as a lesbian. While this has little effect on the coasts, middle American is another matter, as is the government. The security clearance she’d received is revoked. She leaves the team, heading for the West Coast, where she’s welcomed. Immortus and Lady Liberty VI announce that they’re getting married. Dark Seraph appears alone in Washington, D.C., fighting Minuteman VI to a standstill.

1993 – The wedding of Immortus and Lady Liberty VI is held in an undisclosed location, to avoid trouble. Somehow, the Doom Convergence learns the location, and attacks. They’re driven off, but manage to capture Star Sapphire, who was acting as Lady Liberty VI’s maid of honor.

The Society of Justice and the Star Sentinels team up, looking for the Doom Convergence and Sapphire. They find them, eventually, on an island in international waters, but cannot defeat them, even with Minuteman VI’s help, as the island defenses are too well meshed with the Convergence’s. Dark Star calls Crane, who shows up to assist. With her help, they’re able to rescue Star Sapphire.

Crane immediately takes her away, and the watching press are not allowed to take any pictures. One eyewitness is quoted as saying ‘She looked like she’d been through a meat grinder’ The combined teams shatter the island into rubble. Only Dark Seraph is seen to rise from the destruction. Given his reaction and the sheer devastation, the rest of the Doom Convergence are presumed dead.

The U.S. Attorney General refuses to press charges against either the Star Sentinels or the Society of Justice, and refuses to comment on why. Inside sources surprisingly refuse to go into specifics, merely stating that, if Dark Seraph were ever captured, the charges stemming from Star Sapphire’s abduction would likely result in a several hundred year sentence, if not death. Star Sapphire is not seen, though late in the year, she makes a radio broadcast – from an undisclosed location – informing the nation that she’s retiring. Rumours as to the reason fly, but no one can get even enough to go to press with.

1994 – The Star Sentinels disband, each going their own way. Dark Star is seen overseas several times, apparently hunting Dark Seraph. Super Star remains active as a hero, generally assisting the Society of Justice, but often patrolling alone. Firestar is seen in Oakland, CA, in the company of Sorceress, patrolling the Bay Area.

The Society of Justice, now consisting of Immortus, Lady Liberty VI, Streak and – occasionally – Super Star, continues operating out of New York. Near the end of the year, they run across Dark Seraph again, this time fronting a group calling themselves Bitter Monday. The Society defeats this new group except – again – for Dark Seraph.

Lady Liberty VI and Immortus announce their retirement. Lady Liberty VI is visibly pregnant in the TV spots. Streak, attempting to keep the Society functional, recruits several new members; The Bat, Vario, Catgirl and Electra join. Pundits refer to them as ‘The B-Team’.

1995 - Dark Star is seen fighting Dark Seraph over France. Observers lose track of the battle, and nothing more is known until Dark Star’s body washes ashore in England. Medical examiners determine that she died much as Star did, from a single blast. Dark Seraph, visibly wounded but apparently unaffected by the wounds, lures Crane out of retirement with a false request for help. Crane nearly destroys him, and he flees as Minuteman VI, Super Star and the new Society show up.

Firestar and Sorceress form a group in the SF/Bay Area, calling themselves the Bay Guardians. In addition to the two founders, members are Monolith, Flamer, Gaia’s Fist and Dragon. In their first six months, they get into nearly as many verbal confrontations with the police and politicians as they do physical conflicts with parahuman criminals. The police of the Bay Area seem to take it all in stride.

1997 - Dark Seraph teams up with In’Shallah and the remains of Bitter Monday and stages a raid on the isolated home of Crane. Her response is powerful, but in the end she’s defeated and killed. Minuteman VI arrives only after they’ve left. They drop her mutilated body on the steps of Capitol Hill, mere minutes ahead of Minuteman VI. They elude him. He goes into semi-retirement, vowing to bring them to justice.

The Detective, proving all the naysayers right, walks out of Citadel upon hearing about Crane, then he disappears. The new Society of Justice tries to locate The Detective, to no avail. Crane is buried on an artificial island nearby the Statue of Liberty. Vario, hailed as a positive role-model for hispanics, is attacked in the press with rumors that he's involved with a 15 year old girl. No evidence to the contrary silences the rumors, and he leaves the Society of Justice. There's no evidence strong enough for an arrest, and he drops out of sight.

1998 - Members of In'Shallah and Bitter Monday are found dead - all by a single heart blow. As some of them were national 'heroes', there is a brief call to treat The Detective as a terrorist, but cooler heads prevail.

The Bay Guardians fight Dark Seraph and barely drive him off.

Sorceress and Firestar admit publicly that they’re lovers. This has little effect in California, though it makes them persona non grata elsewhere in the country.

1999 – The Detective reappears in Washington, D.C., dropping Dark Seraph’s dead body on the steps where Crane was dropped. He then walks back into Citadel as if he’d never left. After standing trial for the new murders, he’s placed on a small island with food dropped to him from planes.

The Bay Guardians and the Society of Justice team up against a new parahuman criminal calling himself Undertow, and manage to prevent his plan to flood the U. S.

Undertow attacks The Detective on his island prison. Undertow is soon seen to retreat.

Star’s body is stolen from the mausoleum in Central Park. The Society of Justice tracks down the thief, a geneticist named Alberta Waunder, who had planned to clone Star. Although nearly ten years after her death, the people of New York are so incensed that Dr. Waunder requires parahuman guards to prevent her from being lynched.

A terrorist group attempts to hold the Empire State Building hostage with a briefcase nuke. Super Star removes the nuke from them, allowing the police and FBI to storm the building. The nuke goes off somewhere over the Atlantic, and Super Star isn’t seen again.

The Bay Guardians battle Undertow again, and Firestar is killed. Monolith and Flamer turn to his side. Gaia’s Fist and Dragon are both knocked out, leaving Sorceress standing against all three enemies. She somehow drives all three away before collapsing herself. The Society of Justice meets up with a new, massively powerful parahuman calling herself Magaera, who tortures people mentally. Although she claims that her tortures are nothing more than justice, the Society fights and defeats her. Before Citadel can take her into custody, she escapes.