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2010 - Minuteman VI retires again, after another encounter with Star Seraph. No blows are exchanged, they just talk and fly away from each other. She's not seen for some time.

Lady Liberty VII tries to form a new team in the San Francisco Bay Area. Only three other heroes join her, Maiden, Guardian and Professor Shade. San Francisco blatantly overlooks the fact that Lady Liberty isn't registered.

The Furies escape from Northpoint, and begin accusing the staff of horrific abuses. No evidence of such can be found. The Furies go to ground for a time.

Someone claiming to be Gaia's Fist walks out of the ocean into San Diego and begins attacking people randomly. After being defeated, she morphs into a young woman barely out of her teens. The press call her Mannequin. She's sent to Northpoint, but they manage to hold her no longer than a month.

2011 - Star Seraph returns, and is faced by Paladin, Chinook, and November Witch over Seattle. As soon as Paladin makes his appearance, Star Seraph flees, leaving behind only a shadow - a shadow that thickens, forming into the shape, then the image, then the form of Dark Seraph.

Dark Seraph battles Paladin to a standstill, virtually ignoring Chinook and November Witch. Then a brilliant blue blast of energy strikes Dark Seraph, and he fades away again. The energy came from Star Sapphire II. She joins the other three and they guard the Pacific Northwest.

A re-formed Bitter Monday tries to cause Mt. Ranier to erupt, but are stopped by the Seattle Sentinels. Chinook is apparently killed in the battle.

2012 Sightings of Star Seraph continue, but she doesn't attack anyone, and doesn't seem to even be aware on the few occasions that a local hero attacks her.

Star Sapphire II gets into a fight alone against The Furies. They wake up back inside Northpoint.

Sightings of The Detective rule the tabloids.

2013 Chinook re-appears, this time leading Bitter Monday. While Star Sapphire and Paladin battle the rest, The November Witch battles Chinook. The battle takes on the aspect of a tightly localized hurricane. When the winds die down, Chinook is gone. The November Witch bids farewell to her teammates and flies away faster than even Star Sapphire II can manage.

Paladin drops out of sight. Star Sapphire II keeps watch over Seattle by herself.