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2000 - Crane’s mausoleum begins glowing at night. It’s a soft glow, but easily visible, even in the light pollution of the city. The Society of Justice has another runin with Megaera, this time accompanied by two others, also taking the names of the greek Furies, Tisiphone and Alecto. Before the three are defeated, Minuteman VI has to step in, though even then it’s close. Again, the three are gone before Citadel can arrive.

Firestar’s funeral is held, attended by Minuteman VI, Lady Liberty VI and many others. Sorceress takes the opportunity to announce her retirement. Gaia’s Fist and Dragon recruit additional help in the form of Cold War, Totem and Beastgirl.

The new Bay Guardians fight Undertow and his two minions. Undertow is handily defeated by Cold War, and the other two flee. Undertow is sent to Citadel.

2001 - A cult forms around the mausoleum of Crane, which is still glowing softly. The cult believes that Crane will reappear at the hour of Earth’s greatest need.

The Society of Justice disbands, no reasons given, though rumors abound that Catgirl and Electra were threatening to reveal some secret.

The World Trade Center is destroyed. While many Parahumans and Mysteries aid, to good effect, the political atmosphere turns unpleasant for them, and the US PATRIOT act includes provisions for the creation of the Bureau of Parahuman Affairs, and the registration of all Parahumans who wish to work with the Government. There are hints that the wording was different in a previous draft, but the reality is bad enough for many.

Minuteman VI refuses to register, as does the new Lady Liberty VI. As neither has been terribly friendly to the government anyway, there's little effect to them. Nonetheless, Minuteman VI officially retires.

Super Star is seen several times, before finally coming down to talk to the press. He tells the interviewer that he lost his powers for some time, and only barely survived, but that – in time – he healed, and came back.

2002 - A new prison opens in South Dakota. Called Northpoint Parahuman Correctional Facility, it takes in all the female Parahumans who had previously resided at Citadel. No one finds out about this until after the move is complete.

The Dragon, claiming to have evidence of massive corruption and abuse, both of power and direct abuse upon individuals, starts attacking members of the government in California. A previously unknown BPA/FBI team tries to capture him, As they’re starting to win, he transforms into a real dragon, nearly 80’ long. He kills all five, only to succumb to his wounds immediately after.

The Detective is released on parole, conditioned that he avoid any parahuman activity, if humanly possible.

2003 - Witnesses see a huge fight over the Pacific Ocean. The next day, Undertow’s dead body washes onshore. The damage to his body is consistent with what was known of Star’s strength level.

Crane’s mausoleum explodes. Several terrorist organisations take credit for the explosion, though eyewitnesses dispute their claims, saying that the mausoleum glowed bright blue for a time just prior to the explosion. In addition, despite the total destruction of the mausoleum, there were no casualties at all.

An investigative reporter tracks down Star Sapphire, with the intent of discovering what occurred when she’d been captured by the Doom Convergence. She sends him on his way, but the damage is done, and he publishes pictures of her and her teenage daughter, forcing them to go into hiding yet again.

2005 - Star appears above Washington, D. C., calling herself Star Seraph, and attempts to destroy the Capitol Building and the White House. Minuteman VI comes out of retirement to stop her, and she beats him severely, but stops and flees unexpectedly.

2006 - Star Seraph clashes with Minuteman VI and Lady Liberty VII. The addition of the new Lady Liberty keeps the battle on a more even keel, and it’s inconclusive. Again, Star Seraph flees without apparent reason.

2008 - Star Seraph attacks The Detective. The battle is incredibly fierce, and The Detective is seen to take damage that laid out Minuteman VI, but Star Seraph seems equally invulnerable to The Detective’s attacks. Finally, Star Seraph flies high into the sky, blasting an area nearly half a mile wide, apparently destroying The Detective, though the effort tires her sufficiently that she leaves as Parahumans show up from all over.