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Igliim (Steel) real name Sharik Polygrafovich, from Tsarina/Glisten. An Amber Zone of TL 6.

Field Agent, Commando Trooper, Marine Corporal 34yo male 79A665 (+1 DEX, +1 END, -1 SOC)

Zero G Wpns 2, Zero G Cbt 2, Recon 2, Slug Rifle 1, Gunnery Turret 1, Sensors 1, Battle Dress 1, Streetwise 1, Deception 1, Stealth 1, Tactics 1, Melee Blade 1,

Pilot Ships Boat 1, Electronics 1 Survival 0, Mechanic 0, Carouse 0, Athletics (Dex) 0, Hvy Weapons 0, Explosives 0

Ally from the Marines, an Officer. (8-12 years ago) Connections with Sayaka and Aleksander Berg Acquaintances with Bridin and John? Rivals Scout Service Intelligence Agents… Enemies from Pirate Ship 'Hour Record' Family two sisters on Tsarina, Natalya and Katarina Polygrafovich. (His real name is Sharik)

TL11 Combat Armour, Wafer Jack Comp 2, Database of Glisten Subsector Spacecraft, Expert program___________, Neural Comms TL10

10mm Snub Pistol with silencer, x-ray laser sight and secure lock (24 rounds), Blade - Custom, IR/LI Goggles with adaptor mount for Cbt Armour

9mm Accel Rifle with x-ray las, silencer, secure (7x 15 round magazines), Anti-Laser Aerosol, Smoke Grenades

shipsuit, workvest, multitools, tool satchel shower kit, assorted clothing, drug paraphernalia, stims, duffel bag, slippers, boots, PT gear


Igliim is a bit of a hard boiled character. 8 years in the Star Marines made him completely at home in microgravity and spacecraft. 8 years of working undercover has given him sharp eyes and a few tics. (Yes, I believe he does know of the Belters Freedom Alliance, ahem…someone might recognise him, but he will insist that it wasn’t him.) He drinks a lot and even smokes. His ungroomed appearance and rude slang belies a professional behaviour. Though when sober he can be seen to have a few twitches and tics. He can dress up when needed, in fact he can put together a costume for many different places. But, working with the ‘scum’ around the Glisten subsector has definitely rubbed off on him. In the card games he likes (spades, which he cheats at), to the holovids (raunchy dramas), and transport (no car). While he hasn’t visited Tsarina in a couple years, he does stay in touch with his sisters.

Much of this tiny world’s terrain is dusty desert plains, swept by the thin winds that result from a short rotational period. The populace are insular to the point of being downright surly, and resent even the traders who bring them luxury items for trade. Maybe they are hiding something? Maybe they have cooler stuff than just the exquisitely embroidered cloaks and sandals. Perhaps there are ruins that they contemplate while drinking their "blood-chai" and smoking? Perhaps there are massive subterranean caverns concealing signs of early settlements including preserved spacecraft? But, we may never know, as their own dogma restricts this knowledge. Maybe Igliim knows but thinks nothing of it. Or when he does, he remembers some initiations, and he drinks...

"Protected Forces Training" means training while wearing protective suits. So in the Marines that would fit in with practicing microgravity ops around a Battleship being refitted. Sayaka being a small craft pilot works well. Igliim's first term, he was a wannabe tough guy learning the ropes. He would have appeared a bit of a hayseed, though from a famously scary place.

Sayaka at this time is probably enjoying anything that gets her away from paperwork - in particular if she's assigned to transport marines around and allowed/encouraged to do various wacky manoeuvres normally not recommended. Definitely a bit more excitement than making sure all of the 63 mm bolts are accounted for. Sayaka is quite relaxed at this stage and more approachable than the 'typical' naval pilot. She will listen with interest to youthful brashness and the exploits of marines, seemingly enjoying their company more than her fellow officers. Before the arrest, she kept a deliberate distance, but the lines got more blurry after. Sayaka, is probably more than a little worried about him. Igliim is probably wondering why Sayaka would even return his holo calls. But, stay in touch they do, at least intermittently. That's a potential context that they could hang out, the fencing gym.

During his early time as a mercenary Commando with the Varangian Guard he was used in a lot of short duration gigs and was used as a reconnaisance specialist for special ops. Later though, they got a few contracts to take out pirate crews, which he had practiced before in the Sword Worlds particularly. (With Darian on some ops in fact.) I was imagining Bridin seeing Igliim a couple years before the war, when he was trying to get out of Tirem with several wounded team members, no uniforms, and a lot of expensive kit. Then again more recently, spotted him as part of a group of radical BFA/ pirates, covered in tattoos/ paint, drug use etc. (Ciaran) He was referred to as a "bad penny" or a "spiker", someone who boards ships as a saboteur for pirate crews. His connections and work took him into the orbit of Bridin’s ex-husband. A few of those mutual connections might have gone missing over the last eight years (prison or air lock).

After this time he became enamoured of a cause. In fact it was the belters that he had come into contact with on Tirem. Though, when he mentioned that he wanted to help out they were suspicious. Frustrated, Iggy continued his poor life decisions. Then he met an old acquantance in a pub. This person was in fact an Imperial Navy Intelligence officer who put the screws onto him. Sign up or you're small fish and we'll throw you back to help someone else's cover. Reluctantly he agreed. Thus the deeper association with the 'belter' or 'spacer' community of the Glisten subsector. While it was useful for the anti-piracy campaign he was recruited under. It was also useful for the anti-Zhodani and anti-Sword Worlder campaigns that started up duing the Fifth Frontier War. He is just coming out of four years undercover, with a large amount off blood on his hands.

More recently Igliim was sent on a covert extraction mission. A mission that teamed him up with his old friend Sayaka. They were rescuing none other than Aleksander Berg! His part of the plot was the actual physical contact bit of course. It involved portraying arms dealing pirates with no qualms about Sword World money. It was a very dangerous gig, but it’s shaming the Scout Service Intelligence apparatus made it all worth it. He did have to sabotage their efforts a little bit, but they did start the rivalry (or did they?).

Since mustering out, Igliim, or Iggy to his short list of friends, has been dealing with disconcerting levels of stim, sleeping pill and alcohol addictions. He is essentially self-medicating his PTSD. Another one of his issues is trying to save money to get his tattoo collection removed, which the Agency was supposed to pay for. He also habitually cheats at cards, but he is good enough at it that he doesn’t get caught too often…