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In a Wicked Toronto[edit]

This is the place where the Indie RPG Group of Toronto will keep all its info for a recurring In a Wicked Age game.

Note that much of the content here is copyrighted by Vincent Baker of Lumpley Games.


  • Always put a summary in for any changes you make.
  • Don't put in things just because you think they are cool. By this, I mean don't change or create new descriptions, names, endeavours, masteries, whatever willy nilly but do correct mistakes. Save your creative energies for the game sessions.
  • The exception is the "Highlights" section of the chapter descriptions, feel free to put anything you want in there.
  • Hans is the secretary and will record, to the best of his ability, exactly what is written down by the players during the sessions. So if you want more detail on the site, make sure to write it down during the session.
  • Use the talk pages to send Hans a message about something on the site, or to, like, talk, you know? Sign your entries on the talk pages with four tildes in a row, which adds your name and the time of the entry.

Annotated Rules

Annotated Oracle





The "We Owe" List