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Gladius-class Frigate: In Silence[edit]

Crew: 26,000

Speed: 10

Maneuverability: 20

Detection: 15

Hull: 40

Armor: 18

Turret: 2

Ship Points: 50

Mounts: 2 Dorsal

Space: 39/40

Power: 39/40

Background: Reaver of the Unbeholden Reaches (2sp)

Crew Rating: 65 (Elite)


Cypra Pattern Class 2 Drive (+40 power, 12 space, 2sp)

Strelov 1 Warp Engine (10 power, 10 space)

Warpsbane Hull (1 power, 1sp)

Single Void Shield Array (5 power, 1 space)

Command Bridge (2 power, 1 space, 1sp)

Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer (4 power, 2 space)

Clan-kin Quarters (1 power, 4 space, 1sp)

M-100 Auger Array (3 power)

2x Sunsear Laser Batteries (6 power, 4 space, 1sp)

Teleportarium (1 power, 1 space, 1sp)

Astartes Drop Pod Bays (1 power, 3 space 2sp)


  • Sunsear Laser Battery: 1d10+2 Str4 Crit4 Rng9 Dorsal
  • Sunsear Laser Battery: 1d10+2 Str4 Crit4 Rng9 Dorsal


Best Crew Improvements

Best Stormtrooper Detachment

Best Turboweapon batteries (x2)


-Due to the varied needs of the Deathwatch half the Drop Pod Bays are modified to allow the launching and retrieval of small craft. This limits drop pod capacity to half (10 stored, 5 launched per turn) but also allows for the storage of 2 Massive vehicles and 6 Enormous. Up to 5 attack craft can be launched per turn, massive size vehicles count as 2.


  • 1 Thunderhawk Gunship (Quietus)
  • 1 Thunderhawk Annihilator (Dispassionate)
  • 2 Stormraven Gunships
  • 2 Stormtalon Gunships
  • 2 Lightning Superiority Fighters
  • 10 Deathwind- pattern Drop Pods

Ground Vehicles[edit]

2 Rhino APCs 2 Razorback APCs 2 Landspeeder Storm 2 Landspeeder 10 Combat Bikes 2 Attack Bikes


Many weapons of war are locked in the vaults of In Silence where they wait for the most dire missions to require their use.