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  • A letter arives consisting only of the word "BEWARE", a crude sketch of a beetle, and the caption "The Siberian Beetle". It is followed by others with captions saying things like "The Siberian Beetle Can Talk" and similar - each one postmarked slightly closer to the character receiving them. (This one courtesy of the FBI, which never actually implemented the plan to send folks these.)
  • A book develops an inexplicable stain while sitting on the shelf. The stain looks and smells an awful lot like blood... (Ironically, the book this really happened to was my copy of Cthulhu Live. - Teucer.)
  • Just off of I-84, about 40 or so miles west of Portland, there's a little campground in the forest there. As you enter the campground, to your left there's a big opening in the treeline, on the other side of which you can see the ghostly image of a broken railroad bridge, part of it dangling down. You can often even hear what sounds like the squeals of brakes. The disturbing part of course, being that there is no such brige on the other side of those trees, and there never has been. --J Arcane 16:37, 21 May 2005 (PDT)
  • After getting some pictures developed, several opaque orbs are noticed hovering above a certain area within the picture. Different lighting conditions and points of view of the same area produce the same photographic phenomenon. As time goes on, the number of orbs slowly increases. Those with a family history of preternatural abilities state that they are now experiencing the sensation that something is present and trying to make contact. (My wife an I chickened out and dropped our investigation of the orbs in our backyard after she woke one evening and saw a man standing at the end of the bed. She turned on the lamp and he was gone. She also spoke to a child that was in our room and only later realized that it wasn't one of our own.) - Trip'T.
  • A group of friends decide to go out to woods to drink and hang out. Upon arriving at their destination they encounter a black cat standing in a field near the woods. With not a house for miles around, the friends decide that it would be best to rescue the cat and try and find it's owner. As they attempt to capture the cat however, it moves closer and closer to the woods. Each time the friends stop following the cat it turns and meows back to them, seemingly encouraging them to follow. When they near the woods, the cats demeanor suddenly changes and it starts hissing wildly directly at the darkened woods. The friends, overcome with a spine chilling sensation, run back to the car and race back to town. Not a word is spoken, no one looks back. Later at the local coffee shop, each describes to the other what made them run and each seems to finish the other's sentence. They each sensed a large, loping, feline shape made up of impossible curves. They each sensed the same sinister aura that desired to possess them. They each moved away from the small town that this happened in, and now I'm the only one who seems to remember their experience. - Trip'T.
  • Upon approaching a infrared sensing automatic door, you have to wait in front of it. A moment or two later it notices you and opens. When anyone else uses the same door however, it operates as intended and opens well before they reach the door. This effect seems consistent with all infrared sensing automatic doors. - Trip'T.