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This contains information for use by Silence during the campaign.


Confirmed facts Silence knows about Ptolus.

Longfingers Guild[edit]

This thieves’ guild has enjoyed a long tradition in the city, but many say its day has passed in light of the growing power of other, broader criminal organizations. Its headquarters is said to lie deep below the city. Anyone thinking about joining the Longfingers Guild first must find the guild headquarters. The role that the guild plays is that of a school for young and upcoming thieves. Most of the skilled burglars, pickpockets, muggers, and cutpurses in the city were members of the guild when they were younger, even if they no longer belong to it.

Killraven Crime League[edit]

Kevris Killraven arrived in the city only recently, but in that short time this mysterious woman has created the second most powerful criminal organization in Ptolus. The league deals in extortion, prostitution, and illegal drugs. A number of nonhumans work for Killraven—troglodytes, ogres, and many other creatures.


Called the "pleasant poison" or "black sea-powder," shivvel is a newer narcotic that comes from a black seaweed that grows near the shoreline of certain islands in the Whitewind Sea.


Unconfirmed rumors Silence has heard about Ptolus.

Kevris Killraven[edit]

It’s fairly well accepted that Kevris Killraven is not a member of one of the major races. But as to what she really is, opinions vary widely. Folks presume her to be perhaps a medusa, a particularly intelligent harpy, or even a female giant.


Rumor has it that the secret of creating shivvel was passed on to humans by a demon. The Balacazars (noble family) are believed to control virtually all of the shivvel traffic in Ptolus. Most people consider it to be the most commonly used illegal drug.