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Bishop The Polysemous Foundation.



  • Description and Background: His name is Bishop. His family’s Egyptian but they’ve been living in London since the Blitz. Bishop went to school, did mediocre in grades, but his reflexes and height got into the RAF. After some , he became a go-to driver--he was socially invisible, polite, and could handle a vehicle. He drove politicians and VIP’s around the streets of London for four years, eventually becoming a favored driver for a member of the House of Lords.

Whatever he was into, Bishop didn’t ask, but he knew it wasn’t normal politician stuff. One night he was driving the boss home from some deal in the middle of nowhere, Scotland. The deal finished and the old man seemed a bit too happy. Two days later, the old man was dead from a sudden brain tumor that hadn't been there last year.

Bishop hasn't exactly done anything terrible in his past (at least, nothing that a solider/pilot/occasional bodyguard/help would be too ashamed of), but he's instead the guy that's always been around the people that are doing the terrible secret things. He's been smart enough to realize just how bad of a situation he's in, and still keep his head in a number of situations. This brought him to the attention of the Polysemous. He's severely hoping that he's still a good man doing bad things for good reasons, but he also understands that he doesn't really have a choice anymore...

  • Aspects:
    • Englishman in New York: Bishop has an obvious English accent, is Egyptian decent, and is frankly a bit on the short side. Invoke to seem mysterious or unique, drive on the wrong side of the road, or to get people to like the way I say “Aluminium”. Compel to stick out like a sore thumb or be memorable, draw the attention of close-minded nativists, or make him feel away from home.
    • Sex on Wheels: Bishop naturally operates vehicles like he’s got a personal soundtrack, but it’s the fact that he does his homework that really makes him a professional transport. He practices routs, reads road almanacs to go to sleep, and can wax about how the use of smartphones has altered traffic flows. Invoke to remain cool under a running gun battle at 80mph, know a back route during rush hour, or be able to talk shop about cars. Compel to require a good evening of planning routes and researching, causing more troubles during a car chase (“yes, this does require us going through a farmer’s market”), or D-Train and the other FAst and Furious crowd causing grief.
    • The Good Soldier: Bishop has been trained by both the military and the whims of the rich and powerful. He’s reliable, precise, and pays attention, and yes he does know how you like your coffee. Invoke to do grunt work fast and smart, make sure orders are followed, and be calm when someone shoves a gun in his face. Compel to piss off somebody with his tight-ass demeanor, interfere with his ability to flirt, or make sure that he sticks to the plan.
    • Aspect: TBD
    • Aspect: TBD


  • Rank 5: Pilot
  • Rank 4: Cohesion, Resolve, Athletics
  • Rank 3: Firearms, Diplomacy, Perception, Endurance
  • Rank 2: Intimidation, Assets, Strategy, Stealth
  • Rank 1: Network Underworld, Network Concierger, Engineering, Melee, Research


  • Stunt 1:
  • Stunt 2:
  • Stunt 3:


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

Stress Tracks & Consequences[edit]

  • Stress:
    • Physical: 0/X
    • Mental: 0/X
    • System: 0/X

  • Consequences:
    • Physical:
    • Mental:
    • System:


  • This won't actually be a major component of the game, don't bother filling stuff in here right now.
  • I'm basically going to assume you have the shit you absolutely would have to have for your concept
  • And then we'll check Assets if you need anything else.


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