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This is a space opera for GURPS. To use the terminology from the Ultra Tech book, this is a TL 10 New Space Opera (but with some technologies omitted/changed), at medium progression. The idea is for it to be a sandbox for GMs to play in. The primary purpose of these pages will be listing the systems, which will be randomly generated using a hybrid of the steps found in 4e GURPS Space and 3e GURPS Traveller: First In (other book suggestions for deeper world building will be appreciated). I've found that interesting things can appear when using random generation.

Comments are welcome, as is anybody playing in the world saying what they did.


In 2120, four tiny wormholes were discovered at the edge of the Solar System. They were micrometeres across, but shooting energy at them allowed them to expand large enough for a ship to pass through. They were dubbed 'keyholes', and have opened up the galaxy to humanity.

It was proposed among the nations of the world that imperalism was an old evil that should not be allowed to resurface. Each new colony would be its own state to make up for themselves, and they would all be joined in an alliance called the Terran Coalition, structured very much like the early EU.