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Michael James Watson
Random comes to the center of the room and says, "Alright, everyone take chairs. Vek, take Alvah over with Jurt and Untara. Aztilios, you and Xozla sit over there. Your wives are less likely to throw knives at you if they have to throw between Me, Bleys, and Benedict. Alcona, sit anywhere. No one seems intent on killing you.. My lady, sit with Vek and Alvah please. Alright. "
Random looks at Bleys. Bleys says, "Aztilios. As we understand you are the patron of the Jaguar cults. WHy shouldn't we throw you in a dark dungeon hole and forget to feed you after all the jaguar cults that committed murder in the city of Amber?"
Aztilios says," I gave the cults to Acoza before the cults were set lose on Amber. It was not my order"

Bleys chuckles, “It wasn't your call? Why should we believe that?
As he starts to talk, Xozla puts his hand on Azti's chest, “Its true, The ruler of the Jaguar has been Acoza for centuries and he”
Alcona laughs and stands up, “Are their no refreshments? You have a perfectly capable house Mate here can we send her for refreshments while Xozla gives a perfectly reasonable explanation that will make sense to everyone and manage to not be the truth?”
Bleys looks to Random and Benedict and back to Alcona, “And I suppose we should trust your version over theirs? Why?”
Alcona says, “ Because I am thirsty and if you insist an asking the eagle why the sparrow is the finest bird then we are all going to get very dry. You confiscated my bottle. It is a bottle of everfilling charged from the finest Blue Tequila made in Azcala; from the gardens of Tzin Tlalocan
. Get my bottle, give it to the House Mate. Let her use her powers to summon glasses and pitchers and pineapple and maybe some of that snar snake we had for breakfast and I'll cut this whole thing short.”
Random snorts, nods to Bleys. He produces the bottle. Alcona chugs heavily on it while Coatl summons pitchers and glasses that looks like they come from Margot's finest supplies for state dinners.
Xozla and Aztilios stare at Alcona.
Bleys waits then as Alcona takes a pitcher he says, “So enlighten us.”
Alcona points at Xozla,” He wants an embassy.”
He points at Aztilios, “He wants his wife back and probably hopes to convince Untara to bring Avaxala along as well. I mean, why wouldn't he?'”
Bleys, “And you?”
Alcona, “I want to stay here. To answer your question. You will be wise to bear in mind two things as you deal with my family. Half were trapped inside Azcala. Half were trapped outside. Azcala was sealed by Chaos in 438 Before the Kingdom of Amber. It was unsealed by Chaos in 5241, the 40th year of King Random's rule. During that time there was a way in and out but it wasn't easy and an army couldn't be led in or out of them. One needed a primal beast to lead one in and out. I traveled inside many times. Just to be clear. Those trapped inside were Cihalas, Quetzecatl, Aztilios, Zictalas, Zentalas, Acoza, Xolotl, and Coatlicue. Those on the outside were Xozla, Untara, Zolton,
Mixcoatl, and myself and. Tonacat and Cihuacoa were in Chaos. Toci, was in the Abyss. It is also good to bear in mind that some of us were rebels;Questzcal, Untara, and myself. Apanecatl and Cuilton were also rebels but they fell to the knife of Tonacat before the Enclosure..... ”
Bleys asks, “And the Jaguars?”
He drinks a deep quaff. “Aztilios there ruled the jaguars for over 10 thousand years. Acoza ruled them for 5000 years. But the rulership shifted back and forth for many reasons but in the end it was Zictala who said who ruled them He did not dare take Tonacat's seat because if Tonacat ever returned, as he did, Zictala and Zentalas would have gone under the final knife. Tonacat has no sentimentality. Zictalas could not rule in Tzin Tlalocan and he failed to seize Mictlan. The best he could do was play the enclosed against each other. So rulers of the Eagle and Jaguar cluts traded off frequently. They both developed factions. They was inside warfare. But both jaguar rulers fought across the realms of Tesola, Umillian-Zalpa, Ashaaza, Untola, Zictla, Zunala and Etepaq. It was a mess. I came in following my patron beast and observed the who nightmare. “
“It all changed when Tonacat returned. He gave the Jaguars to Acoza to do as he wished. He wished to purge Aztilios's followers so a hundred million followers of Aztilios, the God of War, Sports, and lust, fell to the final knives in about a week. It was only because Xozla pled for his son's life that Aztilios didn't go under the final kinfe too. So...Aztilios is probably not a fan of the new regime.”
Benedict asks, "What of the Puma cults?"
Xozla says, "THe puma have always been loyal to Tonacat. The Primal Puma was the only source of information Tonacat had in Chaos. Chaos could not keep the Puma out of Tonacat's cell. He spent much of his time in Theldane with Cihuacoa"
Alcona nods in agreement.
Aztilios stands and steps to a corner, looking angrily at the wall.
Untara grabs Alvah's hand an squeezes
Bleys says, "So all of Aztilios' followers died. Go on."
Aztilios turns, "No, Prince Bleys, one of 3 of my followers fell. One in 3 betrayed me. One in 3 hid their following"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens on the edge of her seat as the youngest within the whole Azcalan bunch she is happy to hear some more background.
Feeling Untara her hand she smiles at her .
And when Aztilios turns to speak again Alvah holds up a glass for hjm. She is sure he could use a drink now.

Michael James Watson
Random says, “Go on”
Alcona looks to Aztilios, who nods.
Acona says, “When Tonacat's returned Azcala became a reign of blood. He ordered a billion people killed just to celebrate his return. He found fast time bubbles so he could take the knife to them himself. He had already had to sacrifice an entire shadow's inhabitants to appease the old Swayvil. Terms of his imprisonment. 5 billion dead in the realm of Dundaras, of the Azcalan Sway. He let the Puma Cults slay another billion across Azcala just to remind people who was boss. He ordered his family to prove their loyalty out of their realms... and they did.
Untara screams. Even Vek pees a little in surprise.
Random looks at her as Ben and Bleys draw weapon, Aztilios makes his way across the room and quickly embraces her. Jurt looks pissed.
Random says wildly, “What the hell?”
Xozla says, “We are all connected by our Sigil, by the Stone of Azcala. All our sacrifices to Tonacat.. sent portions of life force power to him through the stone. But all of us shared in that power. Lives, memories, hopes, despairs, walnuts of power, while Tonacat devoured the trees. Inside or out, we all felt the pain of those sacrifices.. My daughter Untara was never devoted to the faith. She sacrificed enough to stay out from under Tonacat's knife, but just barely. And then the Enclosure fell, she didn't feel as much of the pain, or gain much of the power. Neither did I. I grew to love many realms outside the realms.. I wasn't pleased when he returned either.”
Bleys says, “Yet you stayed?”
Alcona says, “My uncle walks a narrow blade. Love of life and love of wife. devoted to Tonacat. As devoted as Zictalas and Zentalas. Now, may I have that heart stone back, please? I took it despite my abhorrence of the faith. Its mine”
Bleys looks to Random who nods. Bleys pitches him the red heart of Zentalas.
Fortunadus steps up, “Excuse me, Prince Xozla, you spoke of a stone? Can you describe it? “
Xozla looks at the fox tan man as if seeing him for the first time. Maybe thought him some messenger.
“It is the size of a watermelon, heavy, glowing yellow. It is magnetic to glass. Its touched by each of us to confirm our power under Tonacat.”
Fort says, “When you touch it, can you hear the thoughts of uncounted numbers across shadow? Know their minds, etc?”
Xozla nods, as do Aztilios, Untara and Alcona. Random looks to Fort, “What?”
Fort says, “Its a World Stone. Tosa has one. It creates a connection to life and death in the realms. It creates loyalty among the people of the realms. Fanatical loyalty in some. The Gods of Tosa like Alex, Jeremy, Venki, Zatonic, Geata, and the rest all got their godhead from it. It isn't really a godhead creator but the difference is minimal. That's what they have, i'd bet my crowns on it”
Bleys says ,”But Tosa doesn't have a pattern, does it?”
Fort shakes his head, “No, they aren't connected. That Azcala has a sigil and a stone is specific to the place, but they are only connected by use and faith of the rulers of it.”
Bleys says, “So...The people who touch it? Can Raise an Attribute? Take on an Aspect?”
Fort says, “I don't know. The ones in Tosa can, its just a manner of channeling the power of the stone.”
Benedict says, “And these stones, Thrice Crown Bard, how are they created?”
Fort looks to Random, “They are shadows of the Jewel of Judgment.”
Xozla steps away from the group.
He raises his hands and seems some how mightier. Visions of Tobacco and Agave come to mind. A desire to smoke and drink come over everyone, modified by their psyche. the two children, having human psyches dive for the pitchers of tequila, gulping them down.
Vek, and Jurt both pull out cigars, Alvah grabs one of Vek's
There is a sense from UNtara and Aztilios and Alcona that they slightly accessed Aspects to resist Xozla's.
"That is my Aspect. I will not raise my Attribute here"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nearly jumps as Untara screams. She quicklu eases down and places a hand on her back. Until Aztilios comes to embrace her.
Then a look of recognition as she hears about the stone. She looks at Vek whispering
"So that was the link far away."
Following Xozla with her eyes she raises an eyebrow wondering what he will do.
And then she just stares at him drinking and smoking...
Amazed... surprised... the sheer amount of power.
It makes her feel little uneasy.
And small. Well mostly small.
She just sits back and tries to be as invisible as she can next to Vek.

Michael James Watson
Vek says, "Chaos has a stone like that. Three actually that i know of. One is in Theldane. One was in Hendrake but it disappeared during the Black Road war. One is in Suhey Way. I hear there are more deeper in Chaos. They are called the Serpent's Tears. "
Bley looks at Fort, "Shadows of the Jewel of Judgment?"
Fort shakes his head, "Probably not. But the Serpent has two eyes. Only one is under Random's doublet at the moment., "

Amber Bronkhorst
Hearing talk about the eyes of the serpent , jewels of judgement and tears she silently slips from her seat. She has nothing to add to this. She knows nothing of this. She knows the link to the stone that she felt.
Letting the grown ups talk she pours another glass and deliberately stands a bit more back. Not in her seat.
Overseeing the scne better.
Ancient people discussing things beyond world problems. These are godly problems... actual godlike creatures and powers.
She leans against a wall somewhere behind where she was seated. Observing the gods talk.
A grin appears on her face thinking about that sentence.

Michael James Watson
Vek comes over, offering a Urala cig, "Well, that explains a lot. Aztilios, Cihalas, Zictlala...Makes me wonder where Chico and her husband and daughter fit in? Shall we ask?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Taking the cig with a grateful look she inhales it deeply before looking up at Vek and nods to the group.
In a hushed tone
"Ask. I am to small a pawn to add to the talk of gods."
She chuckles at herself
"Look, i don't belong here in this talk. I know nothing of the situation or the dealings or stones serpents and eyes. "
She looks up at Vek.
"If the reign of Tonacat would be stopped who would step in its place. And will corruption start again? Where ever Chico, her husband and daughter stand, they can stand up enough to have formed their own place, devoted lands and people. And their aspects help, witjout them no harvest and food. Even pumas and juguars need to eat."
She waves her hand at her ramblings and leans back against the wall again gesturing to the group.
"Ask... "

Michael James Watson
"I should tell you something. You won't like it. Not one tiny bit"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sighs.
"Well there is alot i don't like but go ahead... you offered me a cig so already scored points. What should you tell me?"

Michael James Watson
"I felt something about you after you sacrificed the tomatoes. Tiny. You danced with the kids, laughed even. and the children responded you. When i started doing my magic act i kept some of their attention but they kept looking at you. I didn't think of it at the time. But I'm afraid i have seen something like it in Chaos. And I know Fort, Venki, and a few of the other CHAD notables he mentioned. I think you have an Aspect, at least the start of one. And probably an Attribute. You tagged Aztilios a few times with kicks and punches, ones his skill out to have deflected.. I don't know for sure, or how it works, or what it means, but i'd bet goldwings to navy beans that i am right"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah pulls long on her cig all the while staring at Vek as he talks.
Exhaling the coloured smoke slowly.
From her face one could read she is working through if she should scream or just walk off.
She wants to scream. But she tries to sound hushed.. her voice might be a bit harder then intended.
"Vek, no.... just. No. This stays here between us. You might have seen it wrong... i've never been near that stone and i will never ever sacrifice a person to that thing!"
Her voice now more a hiss then a hushed tone.
She shakes her head and just angrily smokes. Downs her glass in one go and looks for the pitchers. Trying to keep her cool.

Michael James Watson
Vek nods, "Alright. I'll look into it. "
He turns, "Majesty, if I may?" Random nods.
"Alcona, where do gods like Mictlantecuhtli or Chicomecoatl fit in this whole thing?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods to Vek and smiles.
She then keeps sta ding back. Wondering about the answer to Vek his question.
But she is to overwhelmed to ask herself. And when one starts asking questions... questions might be returned.

Michael James Watson
Xozla says "There are many elements of the gods of Azcala and some. have differant rulerships ..Mictlantecuhtli is the god of the underworld where the dead go. Chicomecoatl is the god of corn, the harvest, motherhood"
Alcona says, "He asked me, Uncle. He asked whee they fit in, not who they are. What you are asking is why has Tonacat not destroyed them? That does get complicated. You would have to talk to one of the wizards to be sure but while Tonacat has the Stone each of the realms have slightly different sigils. For some reason they react differently to each other. Azcala is the most important sigil but the others are very powerful Certain gods gained enough power early on to defy Tonacat in many ways, but still serve him with conditions. Tonacat spent milennia hunting down royal lines of Azcala, and there are very few left. Mictlantecuhtli has rulled his realm since long before Tonacat was born, there is a belief he may be Tonacat's father but suggesting he has a father really pisses him off and is considered heresy. Chicomecoatl, her husband and Daughter rule a tier that produces the majority of food and everyone has to eat. Her Attribute is Plenty and Starvation. She defeated Tonacat in personal combat by starving him to death. He is quite scared of her. Xilonen, her daughter, is a strange one but her Atribute is sleep. She put Zictalas to sleep on the top of his own pyramid. He slept for 10 years. "
"Tezcatlipoca of Etepaq is the last of an ancient ruling line. One Tonacat defeated. But Tezcatlipoca is a monster in his own right and survived. He supplies troops to the armies but not the cults. Hearts are not taken there. He has touched the stone, it may have been taken from him, but he does not serve the rebel cause."
"Lastly, is Quetzalcoatl. He is the first son of Toncat's first son and some powers fell on him that make him nearly immune to Tonacat. He is the leader of the Rebel cause. His father Mixcoatl is considered neutral. Tonacat leaves him alone because there is a suggestion that in battle Mixcoatl's aspect would undo Tonacat. But no one has ever seen it. "
"There are thousands of gods, most have touched the Stone of Azcala at some point. They have local and regional sway. Each is a special case..But in the end, all are afraid of Tonacat whether they admit it or not"
Random looks to Fort, "My understanding is that you work for Julian now? How much to buy out your contract?"
Fort says, "I'm retired from CHAD. Talk to Duke Lop at the Palace Commons for all your Military and magical services. However, I'm happy to chat free of charge. What do you want?"
Random says, "I need you here in Amber."
He shakes his head, "No you don't. You need me in Adagalasck helping King Julian and Southwind Relmopator. What you need is Jeremy Fairhand researching your Azcalan problem. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah silently listening to the explanation of Alcona she then pushes off of the wall calmly pours another drink. Downs it. pours another and leans against the chair she was sitting on.
She looks a moment to Vek giving a slow nod. She gets what he means and perhaps. It is smart to work with that.
After another pull of her urala cig and a long exhale she waits for Random and Fort to be done talking.
"What would happen if a god of substantial power would die? "

Michael James Watson
Alcona looks to Alvah, "Depends which one. There are lots.. Tonacat? No idea. the universe unraveling as far as he is concerned"

Amber Bronkhorst
ALvah shrugs
"Yeah well i heard that, that he truly believes the universe will unravel. But if the stone of Azcala would hold the same principal as anything with high power, like other constructs. Azcala does not excist because of him, since it already excisted before him."
Taking a pull from her cig she then continues carefully.
"Would it not be more that if the one attuned to it and the current owner. So Tonacat would fall. It would seek a new one to be attuned to or to be controlled by?"
Tipping her glass to King Random she smiles
"DId not the same sort of thing happened with the jewel of judgement? Or i thought i read something like that in the library. So maybe the lands would be slightly in disarray as powers would shift and new links would be formed, New paths, so to say. But the universe will not end.
A vacuum of power would be created. But a vacuum of power can be filled up again. As it usually tends to do on its own.
The most crucial part is if there needs to be a certain way the vacuum should be filled, it needs to be a hands on job. If you want to make sure nothing as blood thirsty would take its place in there again."
She downs her glass again. looks at it slightly disappointed the glass is so small and turns her gaze up again.
"So basically what i'm saying is... Perhaps things can change for the better in Azcala. If certain aspects are removed from the stone."
She looks over to Random, Bleys and Benedict who are standing central in the room to see their reaction.
She then quickly adds while backing off.
"But i might be wrong. Who am i to say...."
She then moves back to the back wall smoking and drinking.

Michael James Watson
Random looks at Bley, then Fort. Something clearly passing between them mentally.
Random says, "Lord Aztilios. Your visa is approved. Good luck with your romances. There is a lovely romantic beach out on the rocky side of Osric's Reef where a retired navy chef cooks shore fish over hot rocks. Lots of secluded east facing nooks with room enough for three."
He turns, "Xozla, you are welcome to stay but I can't approve an embassy if your credentials come without backing of the state. I don't get the impression that Tonacat is all that interested in peaceful coexistence. However, i will accept you as an advocate for Azcala until Tonacat puts you under then final knife. "
He looks to Alcona, "Lord Alcona, your asylum is approved. If you require guards speak to Earnest Chantris with the Elites. If you require lodgings, speak to Dame Margot or a realtor. You are invited to the King's Military Council for Foreign affairs. "
"Lady Untara, your request for citizenship is approved. Good luck with your in laws."
"Lady Coatlxi, I grant you Arms. Meet with the heralds for unique and suitable arms. Margot wants you with her and if you are inclined, you are hired. Your citizenship, and that of your wards are approved."
"Lady Alvah, you have a talent for kicking hornets nests. Get good shoes. You didn't start the war with Azcala but you have certainly made it more interesting. Good luck with your various suitors. Give Admiral Candle my regards."
"Lord Vek, time to fish or cut bait on your citizenship issues. "
"Fort, i know you have to get back to Adagalask. Keep me informed about these Ravers. If you get a chance to talk to Alxandir, I would really like him to hand over Shieldbreaker with a minimum of fuss. I've a hand on a majority of the Blades of the Red Gale and I'd really like that one. Give me his terms. Give him my compliments on the near capitation of my brother"
"Now, unless you are musically inclined, feel free to leave. I feel a need for drums. Vek, will you handle the keys? Something from Krupa first, then ease into Coltrane, Davis, and your precious Bill Evens?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks slightly surprised the meeting is already over, but she shrugs as it is clear the king has formed his ideas.
Downing another glass she puts it down smiling softly to Vek. Turning to King Random she bows her head respectfully and turns to leave.
She turns back for a moment.
"i will hold you to that lobster Vek. " THen with a graceful twirl and prance she walks off probably just wander around.

Michael James Watson
"I hear there is a retired navy chef....."