Is Paris Burning: CALEB

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Character Name[edit]

Patrick Finnegan, CALEB


  • Thomas Wickwiler, college roommate
  • Vaughn Albertson, CIA recruiter/ instructor
  • Kendall Glass, girlfriend


   Department:  CIA Political Action Division Officer (14I/32G Points)
   Colleges, Degrees: Boston College, Law Degree
   Birthplace: Cape Cod

Motivation: Duty Military Service: None Department: CIA Political Action Division Officer (14I/32G Points) Hit Threshold: 4



Academic Accounting: 1 Anthropology: 1 Criminology: 1 Foreign Language: 2 (French, Latin) History: 1 HUMINT: 2 Law: 3

Interpersonal Agency: 2 Cop Talk: 1 Inspiration: 1 Negotiation: 2 Tradecraft: 1

Technical Art: 1 Notice: 1

General Athletics: 8 Bureaucracy: 5 Disguise: 5 Drive: 3 (Small heavy truck, delivery style, Forklift) Firearms: 3 First Aid: 1 Health: 8 Mechanics: 2 Melee Weapons: 2 Network: 5 Pilot: 3 (Small boat <10m, Fishing style) Preparedness: 6 Psychotherapy: 3 Sanity: 10 Sense Trouble: 6 Stability: 7 Stealth: 2 Unarmed Combat: 3




Rumpled suit, trench coat, fedora

Background and Notes[edit]

Growing up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Patrick Finnegan knew his way around boats at a very young age. By the time he was 16, not only was he able to successfully pilot the small craft around the busy harbors of Wellfleet and Orleans, but he was also able to complete the minor repairs the vessels needed on a day-to-day basis. Finnegan's Fish Market was a very successful venture seeing as how four generations of the family were able to keep the business alive even during the war. Each summer Patrick became more and more familiar with the all aspects of the company, from running the forklifts to manning the delivery trucks. When Patrick graduated high school, he chose to head straight for Boston and enroll in Boston College. Working towards a law degree, Finnegan also found time to become a starting defenseman for the B.C. Eagles ice hockey team, as well as Vice President of his fraternity. An all-American kid, Patrick joined the Young Republicans club and took part in mock hearings as part of the club's activities. Following one of the hearings, a well dressed man in a suit and tie approached Patrick Finnegan and offered him a job working for the Federal Government.