Is Paris Burning: CRISPIN

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Character Name[edit]

Archibald "Wink" Winkworth

Short description:[edit]

How about a WW 1 Officer returned home but restless after seeing Paris and meeting Hemingway? Educated but just smart enough to know he's not that smart.


   Investigator Name: 

"Wink" Winkworth

   Occupation:  Private Eye
   Colleges, Degrees: U Mass, English Degree
   Birthplace: Martha's Vineyard
   Mental Disorders: None Yet
   Sex: Male Age: 28
   Family & Friends: Father Gerald Winkworth
   Wounds & Injuries: Nothing significant
   Marks & Scars: A shrapnel scar or two


   STR 15
   CON 12
   SIZ 12
   INT 11
   POW 12
   DEX 14
   APP 16
   EDU 14
   HP: 12
   Damage bonus +1d4
   Idea: 55%
   Know: 70%
   Luck: 60%
   SAN: 60


   Accounting 10%
   Anthropology 0%
   Archaeology 0%
   Astronomy 0%
   Bargain 75%
   Biology 0%
   Chemistry 0%
   Climb 0%
   Conceal 25%
   Credit Rating 15%
   Cthulhu Mythos 0%
   Disguise 20%
   Drive Auto 50%
   Electrical Repair 0%
   Fast Talk 55%
   First Aid 30%
   Geology 0%
   Hide 40%
   History 25%
   Jump 25%
   Law 55%
   Library Use 25%
   Listen 25%
   Locksmith 40%
   Mechanical Repair 30%
   Medicine 05%
   Melee Weapon 10%
   Natural History 15%
   Navigate 0%
   Occult 0%
   Operate Hvy. Machine 0%
   Other Language French 05%
   Other Language 0%
   Persuade 35%
   Pharmacy 0%
   Photography 45%
   Physics 0%
   Pilot 0%
   Psychoanalysis 0%
   Psychology 45%
   Ride 05%
   Sneak 40%
   Spot Hidden xx%
   Swim 40%
   Throw 05%
   Track 20% 
   Fist/Punch 60%
   Head Butt xx%
   Kick xx%
   Grapple xx%
   Martial Arts xx%
   Dodge xx% 
   Machine Gun 05
   Rifle 25%

English, a little French




Rumpled suit, trench coat, fedora


Background and Notes[edit]

Wink's father is a local politician who pulled a few strings when Wink signed up, and got him a job behind the trenches driving a general around. Not one of the famous generals, and he got shot at and shelled more than you'd think, but he came through unscathed, except for a touch of jumpiness and a haunting feeling that his best days are behind him at the age of 28. Unfit for any respectable profession, he got his PI license, mostly in order to do dirty business and what later generations would call opposition research on behalf of his dad, who made a bundle off the War. He'd jump at the chance to investigate something more interesting than a philandering alderman.