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A character can carry 6 + Strength points of items. Large items are worth 4 points, Medium are worth 1 point, and Small ones are negligable.

For every point over this, they temporarily lose 1 point of Stealth.

Weapons & Armour[edit]

Weapon Speed Attack Notes
Size S.Ranged A.Ranged
Knife 1 -1 No Initiative penalty to draw or change to.
S 1 -1
Spear 1 2
M 2 2
Club 0 2
War Club 0 3
S/S 4 0
Kylie 0 1
M 4 1
M/M 3 2
Taiaha 1 3
Musket 0 2 Exotic. To Reload requires a Difficulty 17 check or takes up the entire round. Ranged attack ignores Shields.
L/S 4 3
Pistol Exotic. Cannot be reloaded in combat. Ignores shields.
M/S 4 2
Axe 2 2 Exotic.
M 2 2
Claws 1 3 Exotic. No Initiative penalty to draw or change to (always drawn).

Sheilds add 2 to Defence, but cannot be used in conjuction with a Large weapon or when casting a Spell. Medium.

Breastplates add 1 to Defence. Medium. Exotic.

Arm Guards add 1 to Defence. Medium. Exotic.


Swiftness Potion adds 2 to Speed for one combat. Small.

Power Potion adds 4 to Attack Rolls for one Spell. Small.

Healing Potion allows a Wounded character to resume fighting. Small.

Blessed Sand allow a +5 Speed +5 Attack attempt to destroy any Risen or Infernal target. Small.

Torque adds 2 to Resistance. Medium. Exotic.

Crown adds 1 to Resistance. Medium. Exotic.

Red/White Banner adds 2 to all Spell Speeds. Large. Exotic.