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  • Class: Psychic
  • Level: 2
  • XP: 3/6
  • Skill Points Unspent: 0


  • Strength 10
  • Dexterity 8
  • Constitution 14(+1)
  • Intelligence 14(+1)
  • Wisdom 10
  • Charisma 14(+1)


  • Background: Spacer
  • Goal:
  • Homeworld: Evergreen
  • Languages: Novesperanto, Gracious


  • Biopsionics-1
  • Fix-0
  • Pilot-0
  • Program-1
  • Sneak-0
  • Telekinesis-1


  • Hacker
    • You have a considerable fluency with digital security measures and standard encryption methods. You know how to make computerized systems obey you until their automatic failsafes come down on your control. Gain Program as a bonus skill. When attempting to hack a database or computerized system, roll 3d6 on the skill check and drop the lowest die.
    • Level 1
  • Psychic Training (Telekinesis)
    • Gain any psychic skill as a bonus. If this improves it to level-1 proficiency, choose a free level-1 technique from that discipline. Your maximum Effort increases by one.
    • Level 1


  • Effort: 4
  • Techniques:
    • Core Technique: Psychic Succor (Biopsionics.) The adept’s touch stabilizes critically-wounded organisms. More sophisticated practitioners can heal tissue injuries, though curing diseases, detoxifying poisons, and fixing congenital deformities require additional techniques. Each use of Psychic Succor adds one point of System Strain to the target, or two points if they were mortally wounded at the time. Activating Psychic Succor requires the biopsion to Commit Effort for the day. Once used, they can continue to use it for the rest of that scene without Committing Effort again.
      • Biopsionics-0: The psychic’s touch can automatically stabilize a mortally-wounded target as a Main Action. This power must be used on a target within six rounds of their collapse, and does not function on targets that have been decapitated or killed by Heavy weapons. It’s the GM’s decision as to whether a target is intact enough for this power to work.
      • Biopsionics-1: As level-0, and heal 1d6+1 hit points of damage. If used on a mortally-wounded target, they revive with the rolled hit points and can act normally on the next round.
      • Technique: Mastered Succor. The biopsion has developed a sophisticated mastery of their core ability, and they no longer need to Commit Effort to activate it, and may use it whenever they wish. The use of additional techniques that augment Psychic Succor might still require Effort to be Committed.
      • Technique: Remote Repair. Psychic Succor and other biopsionic techniques that normally require touch contact can now be applied at a distance up to 100 meters, provided the biopsion can see the target with their unaided vision. Hostile powers that normally require a hit roll will hit automatically. Each time this technique is used, Effort must be Committed for the scene.
    • Core Technique: Telekinetic Manipulation (Telekinesis.) The adept may Commit Effort for the scene as a Main Action to direct telekinetic force toward an object or person within unaided visual range or with tactile contact with the psychic. This force isn’t responsive enough to be effective as a weapon without further refinement of technique, and cannot cause damage to living or mobile targets. If used to crush or harm immobile unliving objects, it does 1d6 damage per skill level of the psychic per round of focus. Objects move at 20 meters per round when moved telekinetically. A telekinetic force can be maintained over multiple rounds without expending further actions, such as holding a metal platform in place under a group of allies, but the psychic cannot again activate this technique on a second object until they release the first.
      • Telekinesis-0: The psychic can exert force as if with one hand and their own strength.
      • Telekinesis-1: The psychic can manipulate objects as if with both hands and can lift up to two hundred kilograms with this ability.
      • Technique: Pressure Field. As an Instant action, the adept can manifest a protective force skin around their person equivalent to a vacc suit, maintaining pressure and temperature even in hard vacuum conditions. They can ignore temperatures at a range of plus or minus 100 degrees Celsius and automatically pressurize thin atmospheres for breathability, or filter particulates or airborne toxins. By Committing Effort for the scene, they can shield up to six comrades. This lasts until the user reclaims the Effort.
      • Technique: Telekinetic Armory. The adept may Commit Effort as an On Turn action to create both weapons and armor out of telekinetic force. These weapons are treated as tech level 4 and act as a rifle or any advanced melee weapon. Attack rolls can use either Dexterity, Wisdom, or Constitution modifiers, and may use the Telekinesis skill as the combat skill. Armor may be created as part of this power, granting the psychic a base Armor Class equal to 15 plus their Telekinesis skill level. This armor does not stack with conventional armor, but Dexterity or shields modify it as usual. The gear continues to exist as long as the psychic chooses to leave the Effort committed, and they may be invisible or visible at the psychic’s discretion.


  • Melee: Telekinetic Weapon (Small)
    • Attack Roll: +3
    • Damage: 1d6
    • Shock: 1 point/AC 15
    • Mods:
  • Melee: Telekinetic Weapon (Medium)
    • Attack Roll: +3
    • Damage: 1d8+1
    • Shock: 2 points/AC 13
    • Mods:
  • Melee: Telekinetic Weapon (Large)
    • Attack Roll: +3
    • Damage: 1d10+1
    • Shock: 2 points/AC 15
    • Mods:
  • Ranged: Laser Pistol
    • Attack Roll: +0
    • Damage: 1d6
    • Range: 100/300
    • Magazine: 10
    • Mods:
  • Ranged: Telekinetic Weapon (Rifle)
    • Attack Roll: +3
    • Damage: 1d10+2
    • Range: 200/400
    • Magazine: -
    • Mods:


  • Name: Secure Clothing
    • AC: 13
    • Mods:
  • Name: Telekinetic Armor
    • AC: 16
    • Mods:

Other Stats[edit]

  • HP: 10
  • System Strain: 0
  • Base AC: 10
  • Base Attack Bonus: +1
  • Saves
    • Physical: 13
    • Mental: 13
    • Evasion: 13
  • Movement Rate: 10 meters/round
  • Encumbrance: None
    • Readied: 1/5
    • Stowed: 5/10


  • Readied
    • Laser Pistol (1d6)
    • Secure Clothing (AC 13)
  • Stowed
    • Postech Toolkit
    • 2 type A cells (bundled)
    • Dataslab
    • Metatool
    • 3 units of spare parts (bundled)
  • Non-encumbering
    • 2 line shunts
    • 100 credits