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  • Class: Warrior/Psychic (Precognitive)
  • Level: 3
  • XP: 8/12
  • Skill Points Unspent: 0


  • Strength 14 (+1)
  • Dexterity 14 (+1)
  • Constitution 8 (0)
  • Intelligence 11
  • Wisdom 15 (+1)
  • Charisma 6 (-1)


  • Background: Thug (VIPER rogue agent)
  • Goal: Prove to myself that I can fight to protect, and not just to kill
  • Homeworld: Itamaraty
  • Languages: Novesperanto, Itamarataino


  • Skill-0: Exert, Fix, Notice, Stab, Shoot
  • Skill-1: Sneak
  • Skill-2: Precognition


  • Psychic Training.
    • Effect: : Gain any psychic skill as a bonus. If this improves it to level-1 proficiency, choose a free level-1 technique from that discipline. Your maximum Effort increases by one.
    • Level 1
  • Assasin.
    • Effect: Gain Sneak as a bonus skill. You can conceal an object no larger than a knife or pistol from anything less invasive than a strip search, including normal TL4 weapon detection devices. You can draw or produce this object as an On Turn action, and your point-blank ranged attacks made from surprise with it cannot miss the target.
    • Level 1
  • Psychic Training.
    • Effect: When you advance a level, the bonus psychic skill you chose for the first level of the focus automatically gets one skill point put toward increasing it or purchasing a technique from it. You may save these points for later, if more are required to raise the skill or buy a particular technique. These points are awarded retroactively if you take this focus level later in the game.
    • Level 2


  • Effort: 5/5
  • Techniques:
    • Core technique: Oracle: The precog gains a progressively-greater intuitive understanding of their own future. Each invocation of the Oracle technique requires a Main Action and that the user Commit Effort for the day. Once triggered, the adept gets a single brief vision related to the question about the future that they’re asking. This vision is always from their own personal vantage point and never reveals more than a minute of insight, though the psychic processes it almost instantly as part of the power’s use. The GM should answer the question as if the PC were about to perform the act or engage in the investigation pertinent to the question. Thus, if the adept wanted to know what pressing a button would do and the GM knows that it’s connected to a bomb, the psychic might get a vision of sudden death. If the bomb were on a time delay that extended past the time horizon of the oracle, however, the psychic might just see a vision of herself waiting patiently, with nothing happening. Visions should relate to actions and events, not abstract facts. Oracle couldn’t tell a psychic who the crime boss of a slum neighborhood is, for example, but it could give a vision of the psychic caught in the next bloody riot and the gang boss who’s directing the myriad thugs. It couldn’t reveal the name of a security guard, but it could show the seer the impending moment that the next guard patrol will enter the area the psychic plans to infiltrate. Only the most important or significant information is conveyed by the technique, even if multiple events of interest might transpire during the time horizon. Oracle can only be used on a given question or topic once until the situation changes substantially or a week goes by. The maximum time horizon of the Oracle increases as the adept’s Precognition skill improves.
      • Precognition-0: 1 minute into the future.
      • Precognition-1: 1 day into the future.
      • Precognition-2: 1 week into the future.
    • Intuitive Response: As an Instant action, the precog can Commit Effort for the scene just before they roll initiative. Their initiative score is treated as one better than anyone else’s involved in the scene. If another participant has this power or some other ability that grants automatic initiative success, roll initiative normally to determine which of them goes first, and then the rest of the combatants act. This ability cannot be used if the precog has been surprised.
    • Terminal Reflection: The psychic’s Oracle power automatically triggers as an Instant action moments before some unexpected danger or ambush, giving the precog a brief vision of the impending hazard. This warning comes just in time to avoid springing a trap or to negate combat surprise for the precog and their companions. If the psychic does not immediately Commit Effort for the day, this sense goes numb and this technique cannot be used for the rest of the day.
    • Alternate Outcome: The precog can sense impending failure and attempt to salvage the action. As an Instant action, the precog can target a visible ally or their own self and Commit Effort for the day to allow the target to reroll a failed hit roll, saving throw, or skill check, taking the better of the two rolls. This power disrupts delicate lines of probability, however, and cannot be used on any given target more than once a day.

Cybernetics and Innate Abilities[edit]

  • Name
    • Effect


  • Monoblade Knife
    • Attack Roll: +3
    • Damage: 1d6+1
    • Shock: 2 damage / 15 AC
    • Mods: none
  • Semi-Auto Pistol
    • Attack Roll: +3
    • Damage: 1d6+2
    • Range: 30/100 (15/50 with silencer)
    • Magazine: 6/12
    • Mods: equipped silencer
  • Mag. Pistol
    • Attack Roll: +3
    • Damage: 2d6+3
    • Range: 100/300 (50/150 with silencer)
    • Magazine: 2/6
    • Mods: none


  • Combat Uniform (currently equipped)
    • AC: 17 (16 base)
    • Mods: none
  • Armored Undersuit
    • AC: 14 (13 base)
    • Mods: none

Other Stats[edit]

  • HP: 10
  • System Strain: 0
  • Base AC: 11
  • Base Attack Bonus: +2
  • Saves
    • Physical: 13
    • Mental: 13
    • Evasion: 13
  • Movement Rate: 10 meters/round
  • Encumbrance: None
    • Readied: 6/7
    • Stowed: 4/14


  • Readied
    • Monoblade Knife, Semi-Auto Pistol, Combat Uniform, Backpack(TL0), Mag. Pistol, 3xSemi-Auto Pistol Magazine
  • Stowed
    • 5xSemi-Auto Pistol Magazines, 2xMag. Pistol Magazines
  • Non-encumbering
    • 100 Credits, Compad, Armored Undersuit

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