JJ the Mortal

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Jenny 'JJ' Jackson, the Mortal[edit]


Look: Displaced, nervous eyes

Origin: New kid in town


Hot +2

Cold -1

Volatile -1

Dark +1


True Love

Down The Rabbit Hole


Carrying Forward[edit]

+1 to earning lover's heart or fancy




"Yeah, I'm new at Sols. My old man's the chaplain now. He wasn't too happy about uprooting the family, especially not to Seattle, but he said he couldn't let me pass up the opportunities I could have at a school like this. If he only knew how right he was.

You'd think my folks would worry about werewolves and vampires and zombies. But honestly, they were too busy worrying about atheists and contraception and immigrants. Yeah, tells you a lot about my home life, doesn't it? Some of my parents' friends honestly believe rock music is the devil's work. Crazy fucks.

So when these stories started turning up about the boogeymen stepping out of the closet, my folks weren't sure whether to take it as a sign of the end times or just to pretend it wasn't happening. Not like they trusted the media much in the first place, what with it being a quote liberal socialist Jewish queer conspiracy unquote.

Not me, though. I knew since I was a kid that there were things that normal folks didn't want to face up to. I had these...well, they started out as dreams. I guess you'd call them nightmares, but they pulled me in as much as they scared me away. I knew there were things lurking in the shadows, waiting for me to step into the dark. My parents think I grew out of them, but I just figured out to stop talking about them. If things had gone on much longer, I don't know if they'd have called in a shrink or an exorcist.

But even though I kept it on the down-low, I never stopped being fascinated. I'd listen out for gossip and rumours about the Other People. I clipped stories from newspapers. I even started screwing around with tarot cards and that kind of crap. In secret, of course. My parents would freak.

Can I tell you a secret? I lost my cherry to a girl from out of town who said she was a witch. Course, looking back now, I'm pretty sure she was just some goth dyke who knew enough about Wicca to talk her way into my pants. Or, hell, maybe she really did put a charm on me. All I know is that I'd never even looked at a girl that way before her.

Anyway, I never saw her again. I guess the name she left me with wasn't the one she was born with. But I was right. The weird shit is out there, if you know where to look. And then I found someone else looking for the same thing. I'd been here for maybe a week, and I was giving up all hope of ever fitting in, and then one evening I saw him.

He's tough, but he's kind as well. He wants to help people, to protect them from what's out there. And he can't do it alone.

Oh, sure, he's got a girlfriend, but she doesn't understand him like I do. She can't give him what he needs. He'll get that soon enough."

PC Connections[edit]

JJ is utterly smitten with Caleb, to the extent of joining his crusade along with Veronika.

JJ saw Viktor's resurrection, on her first 'monsterhunt' with Caleb.

Thessaly reminds JJ of her first lover. And not in a good way.

NPC Connections[edit]

Abraham Jackson, father. Chaplain at Solsbury Prep. Something of an old-school fire-and-brimstone preacher, struggling to adapt to the softer approach needed here.

Ruth Jackson, monther. Housewife. Just as religious as her husband, but less vocal about it. And in general. Knows more about what's going on than she lets on.

Zeke Washington, football player. A little too friendly with JJ. Her parents like him.

Summer Wong. Former friend of Thessaly's. Doesn't seem to like JJ.

Yvonne, one of Veronika's cultists. Has been a friend to JJ, possibly feeling her out for recruitment.