Jake and Kirgor

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Jake D Whitetail & Kirgor the Red


This potent pair of warriors will be found where the blood flows fastest and the battle is thickest.

In the realms of Tosa/York was a region called Paradox though the name in the language of the world did not mean what it meant elsewhere, quite.

In this land of barbarous splendor was a region that bore both centaurs and men. They often bonded as warrior companions, called Sword Banded or Banded wariors; One riding the other into battle as a devastating cavalry force. In this realm the pinnacle of this practice was Jake Whitetail and Kirgor the Red.

These mighty warriors were deadly on the field using bow weapons, pole weapons, wide bladed falcions and heavy mauls. In time and with inter-world travel they packed .357s and assault riffles as well.

Jake Whitetail is the current First Force Commander of CHAD, having enthusiastically endorsed the acceptance of the whole organization in a single contract to King Random of Amber as well as their establishment of residences in the City of Amber. Jake holds 4 Saints of Battle

Kirgor the Red is of human stock but after many years of traveleing with and fighting beside various dwarven units has come to somewhat appear dwarvish in hair styling and armor choices. Kirgor holds Three Saints of Battle.