Jake the Gunlugger

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The Gunlugger

A man. Probably. Possibly a bear, but you're not going to ask! Standing closer to seven foot than six, face weather-worn and scruffy, hair unkempt and uninteresting brown, he is the result of a life of conflict. He wears a mis-matched collection of pre-world armor taken from one enemy or another, disdaining anything homemade other than his battle-mask. Despite his size and heavy trappings he moves casually. He usually has a book somewhere on his person.

Cool +1, Hard +3*, Hot -1, Sharp +1*, Weird +0

Gunlugger Moves:

Insano like Drano: +1 Hard* (+3 Max)

Bloodcrazed: +1Harm inflicted

NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH: Count as Gang while in battle (3-Harm gang small)


Machine-gun (3-Harm, Close/Far, Area, Messy)

Grenade Tube (4-Harm, Close, Area, Reload, Messy)

AP Ammo (Add AP to all your guns)

Machete (3-Harm, Hand, Messy)

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