Jakob (Jake) Åberg

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First Episode '
Concept Reality TV Camera Man
Theme Song '
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Full Name Jakob Åberg
Legal Status No Criminal Record
Known Aliases "Jake"
Age 37
Birthplace Aesir Red Sun
Favored Weapon Rifle


Born in 2482 Jakob was engineer on the Angry Wasp, a militarized Firefly during the Unification War (he was a Browncoat). He was captured in the Battle of Sturges, and spent the rest of the war in a POW camp on Pelorum until Amnesty was granted.
He is a Free Lancer but has done a fair bit of work for Steffen Kruger. This was his first job with Hengdian Studies (a large cortex studio).


Jakob has a disarmingly relaxed and unassuming personality. He is used to fading into the background but more observant than he lets on.

Physical Description[edit]

Shortish, thin, a bit roughly cut, with dirty blond hair and a rakish mustache and goatee. He has a bit of a Swedish accent, but has been around the 'Verse enough that he is able to hide it if he wants (for voice overs for instance).

Character Sheet[edit]


  • Agility d6
  • Strength d6
  • Vitality d8
  • Alertness d12
  • Intelligence d8
  • Willpower d8

Advancement Points Earned/Spent:


  • Animal Handling d4
  • Artistic d6
    • Photography/Film d10
  • Athletics d4
  • Covert d6
    • Surveillance d10
  • Guns d6
    • Rifles d8
  • Heavy Weapons d4
  • Influence d4
  • Linguist d4
  • Knowledge d4
  • Mechanical Engineering d6
  • Perception d6
  • Performance d4
  • Survival d4
  • Technical Engineering d6.
    • Demolitions d8
  • Unarmed Combat d4


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