January 26, 1927 -- Letter To Hannalore Rhyner

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Believed to have been mailed from somewhere inside of China.

January 26, 1927

Dear Hannah,

I'm writing this in order to answer the questions you asked me in your last letter. I must apologize for my hand writing. We are in flight over China. The plane is giving us a rough ride.

Let me try and answer your questions. Henry(*) is a man of honor, he would not attempt to harm your father(**). He is very stable, do not be worried. Henry loves you very much and you must never forget that. As for your father, be careful, do what he says for now.

When I received this I informed Henry. He left then to sort things out.(***) Trust his judgement. We will be back to help you as soon as possible. We will hurry.

I just heard about the accident.(****) I must hurry to finish this, I heard that you are all right. Please be careful. I must go now.

Until then, my best
Carl R. Emerson

(*Henry Williams - Emerson's best friend)
(**A man claiming to be Hannah's father {thought to be dead} was attempting to influence her life)
(***Possibly by Gate travel or other unnatural means)
(****Hanna was attacked by Peter Fagin and infected with the Necrophage)