Jerry Raymond

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Level: 1
Effort: 2
XP: 2
Influence: 2
Available Dominion: 1
Spent Dominion: 0
Wealth: 0

Goal: Secure and stabilize commerce and trade.


Escaped from Coal Country in West Virginia
Not a Stereotype, I'm a Party Animal
Accountant for Sony All Fortune Flows from Me


Strength 8 (-1) [Check: 13+]
Dexterity 13 (+1) [Check: 8+]
Constitution 10 (+0) [Check: 11+]
Intelligence 16 (+2) [Check: 5+]
Wisdom 14 (+1) [Check: 7+]
Charisma 13 (+1) [Check: 8+]

Saving Throws[edit]

Hardiness 15+
Evasion 13+
Spirit 14+

Combat Info[edit]

HP: 8
AC: 2
Fray Die: 1d8
Attack: Knife +2 [Damage 1d6+1]

Words & Gifts[edit]

Cities: Godbound of Cities can move anywhere within a city, passing through walls and other constructions as if they were nonexistent. They can blend in perfectly with local inhabitants, speaking their language and knowing whatever is known about the city by an ordinary occupant. Once they have visited the city, this knowledge remains even after they go elsewhere, and is updated with current major events. Only worthy foes have any chance of piercing this citizen imposture, and that only after interaction at close range with a successful Spirit save. Many of these powers apply only to or within cities. For purposes of this Word, a "city" is any self-identified, contiguous community consisting of more than 999 people, with its boundaries stretching as far as the furthest structures which are inhabited by people who consider themselves citizens of the city. Nomad camps do not count as cities barring persistent, regular occupation. Mundus Wards may also increase the cost of these powers if they are targeted at a person sheltering within a warded building.

One of the Many: You have an intuitive connection with the common citizenry of a city when you are within its boundaries. Citizens who are lesser foes will never initiate violence unless vigorously provoked and will always provide such favors or assistance as do not significantly inconvenience them. You automatically sense the major figures of the city, their location, and their general role: guildmasters of thieves, secret kingmakers, mayors and known officials, and much-beloved pillars of the community.

Luck: Heroes gifted in the Luck Word may roll 1d20 once a day. At any time during that day, they may replace their own or someone else’s 1d20 roll with the one in reserve. They can only replace a roll once per day.

Salting Away the Luck: Commit Effort after the hero rolls a die while doing something consequential. The die is rerolled, but the initial result is saved. When the Effort is reclaimed the result can be given to anyone else in the hero’s presence, provided a die with the same number of sides is being rolled. Unwilling worthy foes can make a Spirit save to resist the donation. This gift can preserve only one roll at a time.

Unmarred Beneficence: The hero has a natural AC of 3, luckily avoiding perils. If a misfortune lands randomly on a member of their group, they’re never the victim of it. This base AC isn't improved by armor or shields.

Wealth: Heroes with the Wealth Word are never short of money, and can always afford anything that costs 1 Wealth or less. They always have sufficient food, drink, and clothing for themselves and their companions, drawing it from nothingness if necessary.

Ever-Sufficient Providence: Commit Effort. You can produce any mundane objects or domesticated animals you need as long as the Effort remains committed, enough to outfit or horse one hundred people per level. The objects and creatures vanish once the Effort is reclaimed. The objects must be no larger than a horse, and the animals are docile and unfit for war, though they can be butchered or put to other normal uses. If the Effort is left committed long enough for them to be eaten, they will still nourish their consumers after the Effort is reclaimed.

Thieves' Bane: Lesser foes are utterly unable to successfully rob you or your companions by stealth or fraudulent bargaining. Whenever any worthy foe attempts to steal from or monetarily defraud you or your companions, you catch an immediate vision of the attempt and can take a single action against the thief as if you were standing next to them, though they can do nothing against you in return. If multiple thieves are involved, you get one action against each. Thieves who are worthy foes can make a Spirit saving throw to escape your notice.


Swiss Army Knife, Pocket Calculator, Pen
City-Globe (Emblem of Cities)
Four-Leaf Clover Pendant (Emblem of Luck)
Coin (Emblem of Wealth)