John de Lancie

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An NPC in the Star Trek Adventures game Star Trek Eclipse



Bio: Male human
Rank: Captain
Assignment: Commanding Officer, USS Eclipse NX-77001


Stress: 13 / 13
Determination: 1 / 3
Phaser Type-2 Attack: 7 Damage Dice (Charge)
Unarmed Attack: 5 Damage Dice (Knockdown, Nonlethal)

Attributes & Disciplines[edit]

Attribute Discipline
Control 9 Command 5
Daring 8 Conn 1
Fitness 9 Security 4
Insight 9 Engineering 3
Presence 10 Science 2
Reason 11 Medicine 1


Cautious: Command: Whenever you attempt a Task with Command, and you buy one or more d20s by spending Momentum, you may re-roll a single d20.
Constantly Watching: When you attempt a Task to detect danger or hidden enemies, reduce the Difficulty by 1.
Defuse the Tension: Whenever you attempt a Task to persuade someone not to resort to violence, you may add a bonus d20 to your dice pool.
Veteran: Whenever the character spends a point of Determination, roll 1[D]. If an Effect is rolled, immediately regain that spent point of Determination.


Covert Operations
Galactic Politics
Godlike Entities
Starfleet Protocol
Stealth Technologies


A Promise is a Promise
I am not Q
Leave No One Behind
Work in Darkness but Live in the Light


John had a promising career in Starfleet ahead of him. He was intelligent, charismatic, and driven. Nobody ever doubted that he would one day become an officer and eventually command a prestigious ship.

Then one day, everything went wrong.

An entity from the Q-Continuum made contact with a Federation starship. In order to facilitate contact it took on the exact form of an arbitrarily chosen Starfleet member, something that would seem trusted and familiar to the crew of that ship. That form happened to be John's.

Ever since, he's been met with horror, hostility, and doubt. (Several years later he was even assaulted by Captain Benjamin Sisko at an intelligence briefing during the Dominion War.) It become immediately apparent that any chances of a normal career had evaporated. He was forced to work behind the scenes, desk work for Starfleet Intelligence. It wasn't bad work. Not at all. In fact, he's proud of the many lives he's indirectly saved during the war. Still... he was meant for more and never could shake that feeling.

When the Eclipse-project began he signed on as a consultant for the design teams, advising on the technical needs and conditions in which the ship would have to operate. But the brass recognized talent when they saw it. Soon enough he was promoted to captain of the prototype NX vessel, taking full advantage of his officer training.

For all his talents and knowledge of the USS Eclipse though, John knows that he's never had a command position like this before. The burden of command weighs on him.

Personal Life[edit]

Captain de Lancie is married but his wife is not aboard the Eclipse, like all such civilians. He doesn't reveal much about his personal life, which has caused a flurry of rumors to circulate around the Eclipse. Some say his wife is imprisoned or held hostage. Others say she's a major celebrity, an impossible alien, or even a Q-Entity. Whatever she is, John is keeping work and private life separate.