Jonathan "Smiling Jack" Caldwell

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Jonathan "Smiling Jack" Caldwell


+5 Drive

+4 Rapport

+3 Shoot Athletics

+2 Deceive Notice Empathy

+1 Physique Will Crafts Lore


Daredevil pilot (Invoke: Bravery, Piloting Compel:Recklessness)

Soft spot for a sob story (Invoke: Compel: Sympathy for someone with a sob story)

For King and Country (Invoke: spycraft, Compel: loyalty to his country and to British Intelligence)

Tarnished Ace (Invoke: his impressive service record, Compel: his impressive service record getting him recognised when he'd rather not be, the scandalous rumours about his past getting him into trouble)

Crack Shot (Invoke: Combat Compel)

The engine is alive, you just need to listen (Invoke: Creating, modifying or repairing machines Compel)

Winning Charm (Invoke: being charming, Compel: getting recognised by people from his past)


Barnstormer - You can squeeze your plane through places where it has no business fitting. You never need to spend a fate point to declare details relating to your plane having enough clearance space to fly or land. What’s more, if you do spend a fate point, you can fit the plane in places you absolutely should not be able to.

Listen to that engine purr - +2 to crafts rolls on any vehicle that you have driven or flown yourself

Trick Shot - Your character gains +2 on the roll for any Guns action that involves shooting an inanimate object. While this cannot be used to actually attack another character, it can be very useful for indirect effects, like shooting down a chandelier.

Disarm - If you generate at least one shifts on a Guns attack or maneuver, you can choose to forgo dealing stress or placing an aspect to instead knock the gun (or other weapon) out of your target’s hand. It lands somewhere in the same zone as the target. However, for every two additional shifts on the roll, you can cause it to fly one additional zone away

Charming Liar - +2 to Deceit to lie when in a social situation

Personal Aircraft - The Magic Carpet (name may possibly be changed)

Refresh: 4


Johnathan "Smiling Jack" Caldwell Born 1899, Jack was born to English aristocracy in the last few years before the horrors of modern warfare became a reality. At 17 he joined the Royal Flying Corps and quickly distinguished himself as an ace pilot. Jack was handsome, brave and a dab hand with a pistol when it called for it. He was popular with the ladies and though he attended many a function with a woman on his arm he was quite the gentleman and nothing untoward ever happened. Jacks tastes ran in other directions...

After the war he was young, rich, handsome and rich. He became one of the Bright young things of the 1920s, the privedged set that lived like there was no tomorrow. He became best friends and then more than friends with a fellow RAF officer. If they could have run away together they would have but alas both knew it was impossible.

Then the crash happened and the good times came to an end. Jack's family lost nearly everything. His lover was less fortunate and his wife divorced him. During the divorce she threathened blackmail against Jack with proof of the affair. Jack's family made those allegations disapear but the cost was exile. Jack was to resign his commission, leave England and never return.

Cut off from the family fortune he headed to Persia to work for the oil companies in a respectable job. He hated it. Scrapping together what funds he could muster he bought a transport plane and went into business himself as a charter pilot.

So that is Jack, he could go one of two ways. Either he's a bored former daredevil pilot looking for adventure and the love of a good man but currently drowning his boredom in whiskey and hashish or he is all those things and he is an intelligence asset in the middle east (he was forced to resign his commission but remains loyal to King and Country and seeves however he can)