Jopin of Cabra

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In many ways the story of Jopin's life is the story of Amber.

The great lighthouse of Cabra is the home of an ancient of Amber. Jopin was once a squire of Osric, then one of the founders and builders of Amber's navy.

He has the scars to show he has served the realm. He is the hero of Talgwin's Deep. This was a battle fought on the borders of Amber against forces trying to destroy Amber and Rebma at a time when they might have done so. He commanded the Amber/Rebma forces at the Battle of Diega Swan against the Pirates of the Archipelago of Diaga.

The battle of the straights of Tortus was long tortuous war fought in the golden circle near Thulusia that secured its stability ever since.

As the victor of Bunny Free's Siege, well, that tale is one best told over ales.

Jopin is as ancient as any of the servants of Amber and the Lighthouse of Cabra is his retirement onus.

Recently Admiral Jopin was re-activated by King Random to assume his role as an admiral again.

A story with Jopin as the central figure. [[1]]