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Published in the San Vieta Sun, San Vieta, California


San Vieta Ca.
September 15, 1921
Evening Edition

In a case which shows an increasing number of parallels to the death of Miss Dora August last week, the body of a second young woman has been found on the east side of this normally quiet little town. Her throat cut from ear to ear, the corpse of Miss Miranda Glynnis Karlen was found propped up against and elementary school wall, her hat tipped coquettishly over one eye. Except for the large pool of blood surrounding her, the shaken Morton Dean, Vice Principle of the Parkwood School, who discovered Miss Karlen, would have believed her to be asleep.

As in the murder last week, the victim’s purse and jewelry was intact, and except for the fatal wound, she was uninjured. In a rather odd note, the coroner found a ticket when he searched Miss Karlen. The theater ticket was dated March 1846, and was issued for the theater, which now houses the Golden West Theater. Miss Karlen’s betrothed could not explain the presence of the 75-year-old ticket in his fiancée’s purse. Nor could he offer any reason for the savage attack on the 23-year-old schoolteacher, who was reportedly well liked in the community.

AS tin the first murder, there are no leads or motives in the case. The tie of death is estimated to have been somewhere between 1:30 a.m. when the dead woman left a friends house, and 7:00 a.m. when the body was discovered. Anyone who saw or overheard any disturbance in the area of Fremont Avenue and 14th Street during that time is asked to notify Detective Gillam or Wagner immediately.