July 20, 1930 -- Letter To Alexi Vishnevesky

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Mailed from Washington, D.C

July 20th, 1930

Dear Alexi,

Greetings. I hope you are well. Traveling is a much quieter business when it is only Neville and myself. Say hello to Jack and Kyle, if they are with you, and wish them the best.

As you will see from the postmark, I am in Washington. I expect to be here for several days, but will most likely be gone by the time you read this. My meeting with the boy's father(*) went as well as can be expected, and he had taken me up on my offer(**) with what appears to be genuine enthusiasm. No doubt we shall be sounding each other out for some time to come.

Neville is enjoying himself in museums and on tours, but these next few days should prove of interest to both you and I. If all goes well, I should have a chance to get a good close look at Senator DeBeaumont. It will be a test of sorts, both of how much the boy's father wants my help, and how much he needs it. If things proceed according to my hopes, I shall write to you with the outcome; if not, at least you'll know where to go to ask questions.

After this business is set in motion, Neville and I are bound for New Mexico(***). As before, I shall write you the outcome, if any. Neville is eager to see the end of this, and I am too; afterwards our unfinished business(****) will be in hand, and we each shall be free to move forward once more.

I haven't much else to say, so shall close with a brief report on Jason -- or Stanton, as he now prefers. He gave us no hint of trouble during the voyage, and in fact went out of his way to be pleasant and engaging. Neville was of course delighted, but I, who know him better, see many trouble signs. He's lying through his teeth, with every waking breath; I simply cannot fathom why, or what he intends. Jack is probably correct, our Stanton's playing some deep game, and I for one am glad to be out of it.

We parted with a handshake in New York. He's never made a secret of his intent to return to Egypt, though he utterly refuses to discuss it, or to argue - something else that is normally unlike him.

Despite myself, I am concerned.


(*)Edgar Winslow, a high ranking member of the Justice Department in the U.S.Government. Lamont met him through his son Tommy.
(**)Lamont offered to contribute what information he had to help the U.S.Government defend against the Outsiders.
(***)WhereDacia Neville was teaching on an Indian Reservation.
(****)Reuniting Dacia with her father - who had been presumed dead.