June 5, 1928 - Letter To Carl Ellis

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Mailed From Cambridge, England

June 5,1928

Dear Carl,

I hope this letter find you happy, healthy & and a little more "enlightened". I have been forwarding your correspondence as it arrives. I hope it reaches you intact. How is Julian now? Happy, and as full of bubbles as French champagne I expect. Give her my affection & salutations.

Arc and I had an interesting time tracking down Albina. Nothing difficult mind you - but Arc had a bit of a fall and had the wind knocked out of him. Gravity is not Arc Rand's friend. We didn't get to talk to Albina, but she did leave some correspondence for us. It seems she's an old friend - in fact I met her in Spain last year on an archeological dig - you remember the one, very icy weather, a bitch of a day you might say. She was looking for a book then (the one you remember), the one you found so prophetic.

It seems that she's gone to America & Arc hopes to find her and say hello. On another note, you may find Albina's studies at Cambridge very interesting. It seems she was studying archeology - of the recent past; primarily the late middle ages to the renaissance period in Spain and France. This is very unusual as most archeologists look to the ancient periods for fodder for their studies.

Her primary focus is covered in a paper she did at Cambridge. It concerned a group of monks in Spain in the 13th century - a sort of proto-inquisition. They operated out of a monastery in Spain near Trujillo and were actually very enlightened. In fact, they actually acquitted many from charges of heresy, etc. The monks had a great love of learning, but were suppressed by their overlords in the church. Their leader was a fellow named Gotthard Isilie, and their prayer leader was Luke of Fairtown. Others noted were Ewin of Valesquez; Henry son of Silversmith; Leed; Mark.

Some excerpts from their philosophy:

  • "All men are linked by a universal bond"
  • "All men are equal"
  • "All men may become greater than themselves"
  • "All men through the path of God, may bespeak him by usage of the universal bond"
  • "The devil's works are physical reality, and his temptations must be resisted."

All very interesting to this man, and perhaps to you as well.

You may also find Albina's modern studies intriguing. It seems she did a sociological study of certain U of Chicago grads from 1880's - 1900's, among them David Roberthorm, Alexandria Durrell & Nolan Jonathan Colbert. Albina was also interested in the work of a University of California surveyor who worked in Spain - Michael Redman.

That's all the news on this front. I'm going to be in America in June to investigate the claims of a few purported psychics in America for a British scientific journal. Among them a Mr. Eliot Pembroke. I'll be in NYC on the 23rd, and will check in at a poste residonte in NY from time to time. Empire Hotel, box # 23, NY, NY. Again, I hope you and Julian are well and happy, please feel free to reach me if you have news or a need.

Till then, I remain -

Enlightenedly Yours - Andrew Scott.