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Jiangyin is an arid agricultural planet (mostly cattle and subsistence farming). It was settled early in the colonization, then left virtually to itself for two generations as more profitable and mineral or agriculturally rich planets were discovered. As a result the planet has become home to much isolation, and several "lost colonies," which have created their own rules and customs.

  • Parker Strip - Large mine, now also the major spaceport on Jiangyin
  • Copperhead - Mining town
  • Alkali Flats - salt mines and little else
  • Fort Jackson - Original Colonization site - now a spaceport and trading port
    • Summer 2522 - Residents of Fort Jackson requested Alliance protection after raiding parties from the outskirts increased their attacks. The Alliance sent in a small cadre of Federal Marshals to protect the city.
  • Juniper Springs - A small settlement on the Big Continent of Jiangin. It is built along a large creek, called the Red Run (for its red clay runoff). The settlement once consisted of 12 farm houses, a mill, a tavern, and a general store. It had a landing pad built on a small berm. The buildings have been destroyed and in their place, near the landing pad is a small fort constructed of sixteen cargo containers arranged in a small circle.
  • The crew of Summer's Gift helped the settlement against a group of bandits.
  • Ivan Potemkin died and is buried here.

The settlement is currently rebuilding.