Ivan Potemkin

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Ivan "The Terrible" Potemkin is a large man with thick jowls, heavy eyebrows and muttonchops.


He wears an ill-fitting uniform custom designed for the MakeMake. It was designed when Ivan was in somewhat leaner times, but he refuses to have it retailored. Potemkin, is captain and co-owner of the MakeMake and takes some pleasure at the authority that allows him. His relationship with his brother is not always convivial as his brother is better about finances and budgeting.

Ivan is "Terrible" on occasion, bellowing orders, often impossible, or impractical ones, with an air of command, but he frequently forgets what his orders were and lets his crew do what they need to do. He isn't an idiot, and can be very shrewd with business deals, or ship management. He is prone to punitive measures against the disobedient crew, cleaning the "tanks", or cutting rations when confronted with insubordination. He can be generous after successful missions, and unintentionally generous be giving vague instructions when securing goods ("Here's some cash, get us some fuel")