Kaban Q-9 (Celestial Illuminations)

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Mechanicus Enginseer by Ning.jpg
  • Career: Tech-Priest
  • Age: 40
  • Build: Gaunt - 1.8 meters tall, 60kg weight
  • Colouration: Fair skin, blond hair, gray eyes
  • Quirk: Long, flowing hair)
  • Divination: "A suspicious mind is a healthy mind" - +3 Perception
  • Personality: Phlegmatic


Born nearly fifty years ago on a little-known Mechanicus research outpost, Kaban Q-9 was inducted into the Adeptus Mechanicus at an early age. He spent most of his life aboard the research outpost, Skyllian 0091, until an Inquisition vessel recruited him as a replacement for one of their tech-priests who had perished in void combat. Inducted into the service of the Inquisition, Kaban Q-9 hopes for nothing more than to stamp out tech-heresy wherever he finds it. His demeanor is generally cold, but unlike the more senior members of the Mechanicus, he still has much of his humanity and tries to relate to those who don't follow the Omnissiah as best as he can.

When the Inquisition arrived at Skyllian 0091, they requested a single adept from the Mechanicus. As Kaban Q-9 was of fairly low rank and was considered expendable, he was the one chosen. Now, he is determined to prove his superiors incorrect and seeks to gain standing and prestige within the Adeptus Mechanicus to prove his worth.


Kaban Q-9 has, like many tech-priests from Skyllian 0091, a gaunt, almost emaciated build. However, it can sometimes be difficult to notice this, as he typically wears his rust red Mechanicus robes over his flak armor, disguising his build somewhat. Unusual for a tech-priest, he has left his hair long, and it can be seen hanging limply on the rare occasions he removes his hood. He has a slight bit of a stoop, as a result of the implants attached to his spine and lower body, making him look slightly older than his 40 standard years.


WS 20

BS 35 (40)

S 25

T 35 (40)

Ag 30

Int 45 (50)

Per 30 (33)

WP 30 (33)

Fel 30

Wounds: 9

Fate Points: 1

Corruption Points: 5

Insanity Points: 0


  • Point of Origin: Research Outpost
  • Forge World Skills: Common Lore (Tech) and Common Lore (Machine Cult) are Basic skills.
  • Fit For Purpose: +3 Willpower
  • Stranger to the Cult: -10 to Common Lore (Imperial Creed) tests, -5 to Fellowship tests in formal interactions with the Ecclesiarchy.
  • Credo Omnissiah: Gain the Technical Knock talent.
  • Mechanicus Implants: Electro-Graft, Electoo Inductors, Respirator Unit, Cyber-mantle, Potentia Coil, Cranial Circuitry


  • Literacy
  • Logic
  • Medicae
  • Secret Tongue (Tech)
  • Speak Language (Low Gothic)
  • Tech-Use +10
  • Trade (Scrimshawer)


  • Basic Weapon Training (Las)
  • Binary Chatter
  • Electro-Graft Use
  • Luminen Charge
  • Luminen Shock
  • Mechadendrite Use (Utility)
  • Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
  • Pistol Training (Las)
  • Technical Knock


  • Metal staff
  • Las pistol w/ 4 charge packs
  • Las carbine w/ 4 charge packs
  • Knife
  • Glow lamp
  • Data-slate
  • Mechanicus robes/vestments (Good Quality)
  • 1d10 spare parts
  • Vial of Sacred Machine Oil
  • Auspex
  • Micro-bead
  • Guard flak armor
  • Utility Mechadendrite
  • 840 thrones

Breakdown of XP Spent:[edit]

Starting Skills: Literacy, Secret Tongue (Tech), Speak Language (Low Gothic), Tech-Use, Trade (Scrimshawer)

Starting Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Las), Electro-Graft Use, Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Training (Las), Technical Knock

  • Total XP: 1,250
  • Spent XP: 1,250
  • Unspent XP: 0

Rank 1: Technographer (0-499)

250 Simple Ballistic Skill +5

100 Simple Intelligence +5

100 Logic

100 Binary Chatter

Rank 2: Mech-Wright (500-999)

100 Tech Use +10

100 Luminen Charge

200 Luminen Shock

100 Medicae

Rank 3: Electro-Priest (1,000-1,999)

100 Simple Toughness +5

100 Mechadendrite Use (Utility)