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Name: Kaito Miwa
Gender: Cisgender Female
Age: 18 years
Appearance and Demeanor: Miwa is a slender, willowy young woman with a pretty, expressive face, large eyes, and just the hint of a tan. Her long hair is bound up properly, but a few loose strands nonetheless dance around her face. When on the road, she sometimes favors traveling clothes over her sanctified robes, both to keep them clean and not make peasants nervous about the presence of a priestly person.

Twenty Questions[edit]

1. Clan: Phoenix (+1 Void, + 1 Theology, Status: 30)
2. Family: Kaito (+ 1 Air, +1 Fitness, +1 Theology, Glory: 40, wealth: 4 koku)
3. School: Kaito Shrine Keeper, monk (+1 Air, +1 Water, +1 Fitness, +1 Martial Arts (Ranged) +1 Meditation, +1 Theology, Honor: 45)
4. How does your character stand out?: Adaptability (+1 Water)
5. Giri: Miwa serves her daimyo, Kaito Hironori, who has tasked her to protect the sacred places of the clan, as her school has been charged.
6. Ninjo: Miwa wishes to travel the world, especially by ship, and protect people from supernatural dangers.
7. Relationship with Clan: Miwa does respect the Phoenix in most aspects, and tries her hardest to live up to those ideals. (+5 Glory)
8. Views on Bushido: Unorthodox. Miwa's uncle has on more than one occasion suggested to her that sometimes one must be less than sincere to serve the Emperor faithfully. (+1 Seafaring)
9. Greatest Accomplishment: Miwa once saved her parents' lives by slipping free of her bonds when her uncle's ship was boarded by rival pirates. (Distinction: Flexibility)
10. What holds your character back?: Miwa has never been good with money, and often gets bilked by merchants. (Adversity: Daikoku's Curse)
11. What brings your character peace? Miwa loves to visit new places, see new things and meet new people. (Passion: Travel)
12. Trouble: Young Miwa may have spent too many evenings in the company of Mantis sailors, thrilled to watch them play games of chance. (Addiction: Gambling)
13. Mentor: Miwa's uncle Aito taught her the value of moving like water, which passes over all obstacles and always seeks its level. (Distinction: Keen Balance)
14. Personality, Quirks and Habits: Miwa's clothing never seems to fit quite right; the cut seems too loose, but the sleeves nonetheless too short. She often sits in somewhat odd positions that would appear to be uncomfortable, but never seem to bother her. When in court or in a temple, her steps are small and proper, but on the open road, she has a somewhat rolling gait
15. Personality, Quirks and Habits: Miwa will let out a high-pitched yelp if her emotions get the best of her.
16. Relationships: Miwa’s grandmother, Kaito Mio, was a much sought after bride from the Doji family. Despairing over her granddaughter's awkward appearance, she sought out a Crane artisan to make her a magnificent set of robes in Phoenix colors. It's the one garment she owns that fits perfectly. (Equipment: Ceremonial Robe)
17. Relationships: Miwa’s parents would describe her as both spirited and capable. Her father, Kaito Kuro, admires her courage and devotion to the Kami, but worries she spent too much time listening to her uncle's pirate tales. Her mother Sora realizes she may have been too indulgent of a parent, but is very proud of Miwa resourcefulness. To further improve her skills as a Shrine Keeper, Miwa has practiced diligently with her yumi. (+1 Martial Arts [Ranged])
18. Heritage: Sora told her young daughter proudly about her ancestor Miwa, a feared pirate captain who ruled the Imperial coast. However, she didn't share all the details with her husband, who was somewhat dismayed after the naming ceremony. Ruthless Victor, Miwa of the Mantis (-5 Honor, +1 Martial Arts)
19. Personal Name: Miwa
20. Death: Drowning at sea while saving another's life.


Air (Grace/ Cunning): 3
Earth (Resilience): 1
Fire (Quickness/Passion): 1
Void (Flow/ Wisdom): 2
Water (Adaptability/ Flexibility): 3

Derived Stats[edit]

Endurance: 4
Composure: 8
Focus: 4
Vigilance: 3


Fitness: 2
Martial Arts (Melee): 1
Martial Arts (Ranged): 2
Meditation: 1
Seafaring: 1
Theology: 3

Social Standing[edit]

Glory: 45
Honor: 40
Status: 30


• Distinction: Flexibility (Water): Can fit into tight spaces.
• Passion: Travel (Water): Comfortable in nearly any location.
• Adversity: Daikoku's Curse (Water): Always comes out worse when trying to make deals or gamble.
• Anxiety: Addiction to Gambling (Earth): Going more than three days without playing a game of chance leads to physical discomfort.


• Kata
o Hawk's Precision (Ranged, Rank 1): Extends the range of a missile weapon.
• Invocations
o Howl of Isora [Tempest of Air] (Air, Rank 1): A blast of wind strikes several targets.
• Rituals
o Cleansing Rite: Remove spiritual contamination
o Threshold Barrier: Blocks an entryway to intruders
• School Ability
o Sacred Arrows: As an action, you may augment one of your arrows with a prayer to the kami. An invocation you know is placed in it, and it takes on the Sacred property.


Sanctified Robes
Traveling Clothes
Quiver of Arrows
Bo staff
Scroll Satchel
Traveling Pack
• Blanket
• Bowl
• Calligraphy set
• Chopsticks
• Dice and cup
• Flint and tinder
• Four days' rations
• Pillow book of pirate tales
• Sake cup
• Tent (small)


Kaito Miwa was born into the Phoenix Clan, the daughter of Kaito Kuro and his wife, Sora of the Mantis. Like most marriages in Rokugan, it was an arranged one, and not a particularly favorable one, but both samurai knew their duties and accepted their fates without question. The lively and headstrong Mantis struggled to maintain a land-locked household in the quiet and contemplative Phoenix lands, and as a result young Miwa had an unusual amount of freedom. Of even more concern were the frequent visits from her brother Auto, a rough and tumble sailor of dubious repute, who frequently played with his impish niece, as well as telling her tall tales of his adventures at sea.

Shortly before she began her temple training, Miwa travelled with her parents on her uncle's ship to visit the Mantis isles. During the voyage, the ship was attacked and boarded by a rival captain's ship, and all the samurai captives were tied up on the deck, waiting for execution. Lithe little Miwa managed to slip out of her bonds, stealthily free her parents and the crew, allowing them to retake the vessel.

Saying good-bye to her free-spirited kin, young Miwa entered the Kaito temple to begin her training, but her heart still wanders the sea..