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The World of Kaladua is a mostly agrarian would that has funneled most of its energy in developing civilization into the production of food. Great competitions are held where produce is compared and judged and the victors take over swaths of prime growing lands.

Land and water[edit]

Kaladua is a water rich world with large islands rather then continental masses. Approximately 40% of the surface is fresh water. 20% is green water; an element rich water from land sources. 10% is red water, an element rich fresh water from geothermal sources.

The islands are a mixture of forest rich with ample productive soils. There are few sources of stone so the cultures grew without them. There are vast sources for clay and this lead to creative and dependable bricks and ceramics.

Population and animal life[edit]

  • Regions are based on islands in proximity to each other and are overseen by "Factors." Technologically the world is preindustrial but highly efficient. *The availability of fast growing woods has made it the most common building material.
  • Baked brick of a variety of colors and composition are used in many ways.
  • Ceramics and wood are the most common Glass is common as well but is decorative more often then practical.
  • A common diet is heavy in fish proteins and grains, augmented with land and sea vegetables and fruits.
    • There is a great diversity of sea life. Fish meat animals. Red & White meat animals. Crustaceans are a big part of the diet of this world.
  • Exports
    • Crustaseans: There is a type of lobster in the 40 to 60 lbs range.

Culture''' "Every step, beauty"[edit]

  • Kaladua never developed a military tradition. The urge to compete was channeled into productive farming, art works, and athletics.
    • Large and small fairs occur with great regularity where produce is judged competitively.
      • The Great Fair is held ever 4 years with Representatives of of many Factors present representations of the commercial produce.
    • Art shows are common parts of everyday life. Artistic creativity is a strong part of the nature of people in this world. A common saying is "Every step, Beauty' If its worth making its worth making beautifully.
    • Athletics are common amongst this world's people. Having no military traditions competitions developed without a group combative nature. There are few group of team games. However races are common. Running, swimming, short and long distances.
      • Acrobatics and gymnastics have been developed to extraordinary degrees. Circus arts like juggling are common activities.