Kale Arkham

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A burglar and petty sorcerer, first mate and mechanic of The Owl

A character in the Lady Blackbird : And a star to steer her by PBP game.


XP :

Dice Pool :



Quiet, Sneak, Hide, Dextrous, Locks, Perceptive, Traps, Darkness, [Alarms] , [Distractions]


Quick, Dirty Fighting, Tumbler, Escape, Contortionist, [Sleight of Hand], [Acrobatics], [Dagger]

Petty Magic[edit]

(use one spell tag at a time)

Light spell, Dark spell, Jump spell, Shatter Spell, [Channeling], [Spellcaster]


Repair, Engines, Efficiency, Spare Parts, Sabotage, [Enhancements], [Ship Weapons]


Key of Greed[edit]

You like the shiny things. Hit your key when you steal something cool or score a big payoff. Buyoff: Swear off stealing forever.

Key of the Mission[edit]

You must safely deliver Lady Blackbird to the Pirate King Uriah Flint, so she can marry him. Hit your key when you take action to complete the mission.

Buyoff: Give up the mission.

Key of Fraternity[edit]

You are sworn to Captain Vance in a bond of brotherhood. Hit your key when your character is influenced by Vance or when you show how deep your bond is. Buyoff: Sever the relationship


Secret of Concealment[edit]

No matter how thoroughly you’re searched, you always have a few key items with you. You can produce any common, simple item at a moment’s notice.

Secret of Reflexes[edit]

Once per session, you can re-roll a failure when doing anything involving grace, dexterity, or quick reflexes.