Karbash the Exile

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Karbash "the Betrayer", the Exile His crimes: Betrayed the Orcish People, vanished for many years, cavorted with unclean spirits

Look: Sad Eyes Dark Hood Concealing Cloak Tiny Frame Agendas: Be Brave, Take Risks Tell Us Of Your People Improve The World Around You Learn the Truth Stats: +2 to Wisdom Blood: +0 | Courage: +2 | Grace: -1 | Sense: +1 | Wisdom: +2

Use Tracker Armor of Light: 2/3 Uses Smith's Hammer 2/2 Uses Food, 3/3 Uses Bandages 2/2 Uses Crossbow, Ranged: 2/3 Uses Disguise Kit: 2/2

What Is An Exile?


Karbash wears a forbidden item: the Armor of Light, his finest creation and possibly the very same "Armor of Light" that figures in Orcish legends, but maybe Karbash is just being pretentious. It is a mighty suit of armor that stands as tall as a tall orc and moves with tremendous strength and precision, but not very fast. It is made of gleaming orichalcum, but finished with a steel-blue finish of Karbash's own design to make it less shiny. The Armor has three Tags: Armor, Giant, Healing 3 Uses available. Karbash can also spend 1 Use to create something out of his Forbidden Element, metal. When you Fill Your Belly, you restore 1 Use to your artifact.

Core Moves All Exiles have these moves.

A Lesson Learned When you forgive someone who did you wrong and tell them so, heal them, heal yourself, and Forge a Bond with them.

Forbidden Element You have been exiled for a reason, even if that reason isnot just. You have a gift, and this gift gives you power. Karbash can call upon the power of Metal to aid him.

Who You Were Two moves from the Orc Playbook: Daughters of Chaos

When someone attempts to enslave, control, intimidate, terrify, or command you, you can always act as you please. The Overlord cannot use the Moves Twist the Knife, Fear Me, or An Offer You Can't Refuse on you, and your people are immune to the Heir's Core Move Yes, My Liege.

Self-Orctualized: Why [strike]are[/strike] were you a champion among Orcs? Cunning as can be (2 Uses). Use this to instantly Look Closely without rolling, asking one question from the list. Strong as an ox (2 Uses). Use this to smash through a wall or door. You cannot Command Lore about Orcs , only about the crimes you have committed and other exiles like you.

Exile Custom Moves

Bleeding Heart You are never in Despair when rolling Wisdom, even if it is damaged. This Move cannot be Shared. Love and Peace When you heal someone else, you may also heal.

Gear Orichalcum Smith's Hammer (Repair), 2 Uses Food, 3 Uses Bandages (Healing, Slow) 2 Uses Crossbow, Ranged, 3 Ammo Fake ID and Disguise Kit (2 Uses) Assistant, Zabok, 1 Bond Exile's Gift: You can destroy Metal with a touch.

Karbash the Lost, Karbash the Betrayer, Karbash the Blind. Such harsh names they give me! But all I wanted was to learn all the secrets of metalsmithing, the Orcish ones and the Dwarves ones and even those pretty tricks the Elves know, hmm? In retrospect, perhaps it was naive to spend years working and studying for a patron I never met — but in my defense, the workshop was well appointed, I was free to do as I wished, and the food was superb.

In any case, when I did learn that I was serving the Empire, and what my work was being used for, I had no choice but to take my greatest creation, the Armor of Light, and try to undo the harm I’ve wrought. I wish I’d acted sooner. Perhaps I am truly Karbash the Blind.... Enough talk. Zabok, fetch my hammer, I've got work to do.

Visuals: tiny green-skinned Orc who rides in a suit of armor the size of a large man, like a small Mech. He wears a dark cloak and hood to conceal his appearance. Much stronger than he looks. His armor gives off a reassuring radiance when it is active and shines brightly when he uses its healing powers.