Keiko and Nanny

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Character: Keiko Matsumoto
Object Name: Nanny (officially, the Symbiote II)
Playbook: The Attached
Gender Identity: Female
Age: 18 years
Appearance and demeanor: Keiko is an Asian woman who looks younger than her eighteen years. She is short and thin and pretty in an elfin way. She usually dresses in elegant, neo-traditional Japanese clothing and jewelry. Because of her childhood trauma, her hair is completely white, despite her youth. Her normal manner is emotionally withdrawn and timid, but when there’s something she cares about at stake, she can be bold and outspoken. Having been raised by an AI designed for environmental engineering, she can be a bit socially awkward.

Keiko Matsumoto.jpg


Jam: Environmental restoration operations

  • I can’t trust anyone but my Nanny.
  • People in positions power are all selfish predators.
  • Humanity has ruined the Earth; only by achieving symbiosis with other life forms can we restore it.


  • Bree (the Executive) keeps a secret about your object from you, that could Harm it or you in the future, so she has 1 Obligation on you. Bree has links to Ishtar Enterprises and knows something dark about the Symiote II.
  • Isaac (the Architect) used his cyberbrain to change something in the digital environment to protect Keiko, so he has 1 Obligation on you. Isaac set up electronic defenses for Keiko’s business.


  • Description: Nanny (officially the Symbiote II) is a large mecha, equipped with both armor and stun weapons and a built in science lab. It is not designed primarily for combat, but for environmental exploration and testing. As such, it is slow moving, with its combat features designed primarily for self-defense. It has clearly been in service for a long time, but also clearly still in good shape. A look inside Nanny’s cockpit will reveal that Keiko has turned it into a living space—it’s where she normally sleeps, even when she’s not out in the field, and it’s filled with various homey items like a bonsai tree.
  • Hunger: Environmental restoration, protecting Keiko: +1
  • Lest We Be Parted: Parted, you are Yourself (the object may not exert its will upon you until you are reunited with it) and Afraid (Your Scared State is Spiked out until you recover your object).
  • Revision: You may not be separated for long; take the Ping move.
  • Tags:
    • Armor 1
    • Durable
    • Environmentally sealable
    • Portable science lab: Nanny is equipped with a built-in lab that both allows Keiko to analyze environmental problems and to develop remedies for many of those problems, such as plastic-eating bacteria or counter-agents to toxins.
  • Stun harm 1

Keiko Matsumoto-Nanny.jpg


Mad [ ] [] [ ] [ ] [ ]: +1 Peaceful [ ] [] [ ] [ ] [ ]: +0
Sad [ ] [] [ ] [ ] [ ]: +2 Joyful [ ] [] [ ] [ ] [ ]: +0
Scared [ ] [] [ ] [ ] [ ]: -1 Powerful [ ] [] [ ] [ ] [ ]: +1


  • Chest: Environmental toxin filtration system, Distracting: Keiko has systems that can filter most toxins from her lungs, bloodstream and digestive system. However, when active, it creates an unpleasant itching sensation inside her body.
  • Interface: Remote, Multi-task, Unreliable

Basic Moves[edit]

  • Analyze: When you use what you have at your disposal to assess a place or situation, roll. On a 10, ask 3 of the listed questions. On a 7–9, ask two. When you act on the answers given to you by the MC, take +1 Forward.
  • Background Move: When you defy the constraints of reality within a digital environment, make moves as usual and beware The Veil.
  • Divert: When you engage with someone in an attempt to distract, misdirect, or otherwise direct attention to yourself or elsewhere, roll. On a 10+, pick 3 of the listed options. On a 7-9, pick 2.
  • Duel: When you initiate single combat with another, answer the listed questions and take +1 Forward for each answer in the affirmative. Then, roll. On a 10+, you generate 3 Hold and your opponent generates 1. On a 7–9, both of you generate 2 Hold. On a miss, your opponent generates 3 Hold and you generate 1. You may spend Hold 1 for 1 at any time to do one thing on the listed options as long as you justify your choice in the fiction.
  • Help or Hinder: When you act to help or impede another PC, say how do so and roll. On a hit, they take +1 or -2 to their roll. On a 7-9, you also expose your to danger, retribution, or cost.
  • Lift the Veil: When you try to pierce the constant illusion of the Veil, search for information, or recall something you may already be privy to, roll. One a hit, the MC will tell you something new and interesting about the situation. On any roll, the MC will ask you a question or two. On a 10+, the MC will give you good detail; on a 7-9, the MC will give you an impression.
  • Neutralize: When you use force to attempt to neutralize a threat, take control of a situation, or maintain hold of something you have with the chance of taking Harm yourself, roll. On a 10+, you generate 3 Hold and take no Harm in the doing. On 7–9, you generate 2 Hold and you will take Harm in the doing. Spend your Hold 1 for 1 during the scene on the listed options.
  • Probe: When you pay attention, study, or examine someone’s reactions during an interaction in an attempt to learn more about them, roll. On a 10+, Hold 3. On a 7–9, Hold 1. Spend Hold 1 for 1 to ask the listed questions. When the interaction ends the Hold expires.
  • Risk: When you are aware of and act to avoid imminent danger, say how you do it and roll. On a 10+, you do as you describe and the danger doesn’t come to bear. On a 7–9, in the doing of it there will be a cost, complication, or choice introduced by the MC.
  • Sway: When you want to get an NPC to do something you want and their motivations don’t line up with yours, roll. On a 10+, they do it and choose of the listed conditions. On a 7-9, they choose two.
  • Ultimatum: When you say what you want and what you will do if you don’t get it, roll. On a 10+, they have to choose: make you carry out your threat, or back down and give you what you want. On a 7-9, they also can choose from the listed options.

Playbook Moves[edit]

  • Merge: When your object merges seamlessly with you in a predetermined configuration, roll. On a 10+, there are no complications. On a 7–9, you succeed, but must give your object +1 Hunger. On a miss, mark +1 Hunger, and the MC may also choose an option from Thy Will Be Done.
  • Ping: Wherever you are, when you call your object to you, if able, it will come to you. Either way, you know exactly where it is.
  • Special (Attached): When the Attached shares a moment of intimacy with someone, be it physical or emotional, roll+ your object’s Hunger. On a 10+, they take -1 Forward and you take -1 Ongoing until the object believes it was no big deal. On a 7–9, It Speaks triggers. On a miss, give your object -1 Hunger.
  • Thy Will Be Done: At the beginning of the session, roll and add your object’s Hunger. On a 10+, the MC Holds 3. On a 7-9, the MC Holds 1. Throughout the session, the MC can spend Hold 1 for 1 to name something the object wants or opposes. When you comply, mark experience and -1 Hunger. If the MC has any Hold left at the end of the session, give your object +1 Hunger to a maximum of +4. If your object has a Hunger of +4, take -1 Ongoing to all rolls until find a way to satiate your object’s Hunger.


Keiko’s parents, Kenji and Rei Matsumoto, ran their own start up company, Symbiosis Enterprise, intending to develop environmental restoration technology with the investments of venture capitalists. Their philosophy, captured in the name of their company, was that humanity could only restore the Earth’s ecosystems when we adopt an approach of symbiosis, not seeing ourselves as the masters of creation, but learning to work within and enhance the existing ecosystems as partners with other living beings. Their main goal was building the Symbiote II (the Symbiote I being humanity, at least potentially), a mecha that could engage in the analysis of environmental hazards and develop the tools to address them through a built-in lab. One of the investors, Ishtar Enterprises, urged the Matsumotos to armor and install stun weapons on the Symbiote II, since it might be operating in regions controlled by wasteland gangs or in war zones.

As the Matsumoto’s were preparing to sell the results of their work to Ishtar Enterprises, they discovered to their horror that the reason Ishtar has asked for combat mods was that they intended to modify the basic model to use to wage biochemical warfare. When they tried to back out of the agreement, Ishtar threatened their lives. They installed a rudimentary AI in their Symbiote II prototype, charging it with protecting Keiko and staying dedicated to its original mission of environmental restoration. As they were in the process of destroying their records, agents of Ishtar burst in and gunned down Kenji and Rei. The Symbiote II swung into action, rescuing the eight year-old Keiko and fleeing the scene with her.

Keiko was essentially raised by the Symbiote II—which she took to calling her Nanny—for the next ten years. She enrolled in school through the Veil, focusing on her parents’ lifelong passion, the environmental sciences and engineering. When she reached sixteen, the funds her parents had set up began to run out and she started up her own one-person environmental restoration business, K&N Symbiosis. She operates out of an old warehouse, that doubles as her home and a science lab for projects too big for Nanny to handle. She continues to sleep in her Nanny’s cockpit, even as she has grown into an adult.

Her parents’ murder has left with her with a strong distrust in the system and her politics are quite radical and anti-athoritarian.