Kenzie (the Werewolf)

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Kenzie Sheriden the Werewolf

The Sheriden clan has born the wolf blood for as long as anyone can remember, but only a few in each generation are blessed enough to be full Werewolves. Kenzie is the only one in her immediate family so blessed, and its made her feel like an outsider ever since she first changed two years ago. Supposedly her father was a werewolf as well, but he left when she was five, and she'd never seen him since. And thus, she's had to figure out her powers and her life mostly on her own.

All while still trying to navigate high school.

Life sucks.

Looks: Wiry, with fierce eyes

Origin: Ancestral power

Stats: Hot*: 1 Cold*: -1 Volatile: 2 Dark: -1

Moves: Heightened Senses - When you rely on your animal instincts to make sense of a charged situation, roll with dark. On a 10 up ask the MC three questions. If you act on one of the MC's answers and 1 to your first roll. On 7-9 ask one: What's my best escape route or way in? Which enemy is the most vulnerable to me? What's their secret weakness? What poses the biggest threat to me? Who's in control here?

Howl at the Moon - When basked in moonlight, add 2 to your Dark score

Strings 1 string on Chloe 1 string on Joshua 2 strings on Thessaly